I love at&t in are area we have no cell service but now we have full bars, because of at&t.

The Best phone service ever! I switched from verizon a year ago and at&t 3g was 5x faster and now that they are buying t mobile, their 4G will be 5x faster then verizon!

I had t-mobile and the reception was absolutely horrible. Where I worked, whenever I go in the elevator, there would be no signal. In my opinion AT&T is way better.

You can't use any other cell phone service out where I live. I've had friends use Verizon, T-Mobile, and others. None were clear when you made a call. Only AT&T.

Verizon better than AT&T? T mobile better than AT&T?
No AT&T is the fastest and better working out of all
Maybe except the prices. This should be first!

I love my at&t service.. i can get service where most people can't ... i have fewer dropped calls. and it is fairly cheap with a family of four..

I have AT&T, and have seen myself get reception in the strangest places. Like in a cave. Verizon could never do that.

I love at&t I'm only 13 and it works great for my iphone 5 and I text a lot to my boyfriend and friends try it way better then verizon glad I switched verizon is to slow

AT&T hasn't put me down yet it has the best service, I think everyone should switch to AT&T because it is the best out if the rest

I love at&t they have really nice phones and you can talk on the phone and surf the web at the same time which is awesome!

Here in Canada we have far inferior cell phone services to the States. I've known a number of people who have worked at Canadian call centres (all of which provide services for American AT&T customers) and do AT&T's prices rock. Rogers, Bell, and Telus all seriously stink. - BKAllmighty

AT&T Is the best service! It is very quick even without wifi (and sometimes faster) they offer great help and warranty.

I had T-Mobile and wasn't happy with it at all. Even though Att is more expansive it is worth every penny

Not saying its like the best in the world but I have never had any problems with it and the data lasts a long time!

I had sprint and it was dreadful. Also had Verizon and it was less dreadful but still not as good as this

I don't understand why verision is/was first, they claimed we can get great wifi out here ( in the outskirts of our town but before Verizon I had AT&T and I was able to watch perfect YouTube videos now I can barely even text

I hate verizon. AT&T is the best ever. - Goatworlds

if you want the most bang for your buck, switch to at&t!

I love AT&T! It doesn't drop calls at all (iPhone 4)

I have never been with out coverage and travel extensively through the US.

My dad works for att and it is the best network ever

I have lots of service way out in the country. Verizon only covers cities.

AT&T is great I had service everyware then I switched to T-mobile:( - 7beach77

Even though it is expensive it is really good faster than t mobile

Att is best no lag but it has billing problems KINDA SUCKS