I've been with T-Mobile for about 13 years now. I have been grandfathered in because I have a cheap plan that hasn't been offered for several years. I get unlimited calls plus texting now and have only had one complaint and that was because they wanted to charge me for texting when they were offering it free. They finally gave it to me under a grandfather clause. I don't use my phone very much so they aren't out much and have kept a customer for a long time.

Well T-mobile has gone a long way... people team mobile has faster speeds then Verizon and att. I just say if you need coverage its Verizon. Didn't you guys realize that the commercials that Verizon proclaimed them self as the fastest network Stopped.. Cheap Prices-Speed-Good coverage What else you need?

I don't know why people say it doesn't have good reception. My phone often works better than those with other carriers in most of the places. I do admit that if I go to a super rural place, my friends who have Verizon have better reception. And it is cheaper than Verizon that is known for awesome signals.

They have "4G" that is really 3G but its just as fast and faster than Sprint's 4G and faster than what Verizon and AT&T's 4G will be starting out..... Samsung Vibrant is the best phone ever and coverage is decent.... definitely worth the awesome prices !

On Sunday 3/20/2011 T-Mobile USA & AT&T announced their agreement of T-Mobile USA by AT&T... It could take 12 months de adquisition, but once completed, AT&T will honor T-Mobile USA contracts, after that... we will need to look for another company probably...

By the end of 2014 T-mobile will be king. They have better customer service, plans, pricing, and overall satisfaction from me. I had more dropped calls on Verizon than I do now with T Mobile. They are rapidly catching up in coverage and beat them in every other category already.

Att stinks they would not let me out of my contract even though they send me a lemon phone. So I pay them AT&T $300 to get out of the contract and switch to T-Mobile. Even with a $300 to pay to AT&T I still save $300 a year by switching to T-Mobile and no more horrible customer service from AT&T.

I like how the AT&T commercials are like "We are cheaper than Verizon" and I'm like "T-MOBILE IS CHEAPER AND SO MUCH BETTER! " My dad usually hates pretty much every company in the world, but then we he saw T-Mobile, he said "This is BY FAR, one of the best companies on Earth. " It's amazing! Get T-Mobile! NOW!

Tmobile is the best of the best! I've been in this phone company for years and their phones are just fantastic! All the people who work there are so helpful by showing you the different phones that might fit your lifestyle! I gotta say that this phone company is absolutely the BEST!

I love T-mobile, and have been with them for 8 years. they have excellent service and options. I wouldn't think of going any where else, but now it seams I may be forced to. I am beyond sad to see them go. at&t will not get a penny of my money!

T-Mobile is great overall. Their prices may get a little steep once you add on several things, but overall they have great prices. Also, their phones are very good and they have sine if the best selections out there!

In our family, We pay $50 for the first line $30 for the second line and $10 each for the subsequent four lines.

That's $120 a month for six lines, includes unlimited talk, text, and Internet. works perfectly.

Had every service at one time or another until I signed onto T-Mobile 13 YEARS AGO! Had plenty of opportunities to leave while upgrading, but TMobile has ALWAYS been good to me, like a LOW MAINTENANCE LOVER! I can't believe the HELL that some people go through with other popular "leading" service providers. Don't put up with the ABUSE for 1 more second!

I would go with T-Mobile in a heartbeat if they just had more coverage. My sister has them in tx and loves them. I live in Ar and there just isn't much availability. Please expand into this region!

T-Mobile is actually even more competitive in its pricing now, with unlimited data, talk, text and the JUMP program (to upgrade to a new phone and insure the current one) and no more contracts!

Verizon and AT&T are in it for the money. Sprint sucks. T-Mobile is the best major phone company. Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint are losing customers to T-Mobile, I have T-Mobile.

But - But - Verizon wireless can make a picture of AMERICA with their service! Laugh out loud. I agree though. Verizon is pretty full of its self. - username34

This may not be as reliable as Verizon but its way cheaper like your paying with Verizon to be able to text from a mile under water or in a jungle.I just wanna text from a reasonable area

T-Mobile is boss! They have awesome plans at dirt cheap price. I get awesome reception in Southern California!

t-mobile is outstanding they have amazing plans and cell phones. I've been with them for years and got 100%. I got great connection and web. t-mobile is unbeatable!!!!!!!

best prices ever, especially for the service.. but then again since it got bought out by at&t I wouldn't mind at&t service for the t mobile price

Best prices, and best phones! I have used it for 10 years its very cheap and reliable it's the BEST! I can't live without it! It is amazing, I love the service!

We had sprint it was lousy then when we switched to Verizon it mas not much more reliable but T mobile give us really good deals

If you did not know they're T-mobile1 plan is 26 gigabytes that is HUGE for mobile but LOW for home internet

Verizon brags about how much coverage they have on their phones, and they're right, they DO have more! T-mobile wins for everything else though.