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21 Boost Mobile

Boost mobile and virgin mobile should be at least#5&6. Great phones prices, great phones, and good plans. At&t, Verizon, sprint, and t-mobile are too pricey but are great as well.

I've loved having Boost Mobile. I've had it for 4 years now and have not problems with service and only mild expected problems with my phone. Plus its only 30 bucks a month! Kidding me that is so cheap!

I have no complaints about the service or the plans that's good. It the constant being the last in keeping up with the better providers - KRAKEN3K

I've been with Boost for about 3 years now. I never have problems, the service is great.

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22 Appalachian Wireless

Is this the only company that provides service to the people in the Appalachian

Better services in the Eastern Kentucky Area there can be with 4g LTE services covering wide spread.

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23 Ting

My wife and I are part of a 6 phone plan. Our total for the two of us averages about $37 a month.

I am satisfied Ting customer. I pay $12 / month for the same quality as Sprint. Good customer service too.

Best service because you get sprint but you only pay for what you use so it's cheaper. My bill is normally $10 to $20 which is pretty cheap.

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24 Telus

Best in Canada that's all not a rogers or bell guy. Telus customer service is way better than rogers or bell

25 EE

I use EE and I think it's one of the best, I get service in most places and they care about new and long customers.

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26 Ooma

I had my Ooma phone for six years at NO monthly cost! Today if purchased, there is a low monthly cost due to 911 calling feature. It is still well worth it,.

27 Altyn Asyr (TM CELL)

Always everywhere.. no match in India

Everywhere network available

Connecting each and every part

Cheap and a bit faster in India

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29 Bell

Why is this so low? It's the fastest service provider in Canada - Ledjam17

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30 O2

You get a whole lot of stuff with Priority

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31 Turkcell

It's a Turkish phone services and oldest.

It's the fastest internet provider in Turkey. Might even be faster that some of the European countries

Really good services, Turkcell have faster internet than US, UK and Germany

They have 4.5G mobile internet. And speed is way better than US, UK or any other EU countries.

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32 Helio Visit Website
33 Jitterbug

Jitterbug just jitters my bugs

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34 Republic Wireless

Absolutely unbeatable carrier. 25 dollars a month gets you 5 gigs of data, and unlimited calling and texting. Plus 5 and 10 dollar plans if you're on wifi all the time.

With the additions of the Moto G and Moto X phones, this carrier is undoubtedly the best.

I've had Republic Wireless for 6 months now and it's been the best decision. They have great options for phones, reliable service with cell towers, and the use of wi-fi is amazing. The call quality is great and the wi-fi to cell handover is so smooth, it's unnoticeable! I could never have afforded a smartphone until Republic Wireless made it SO CHEAP!

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35 Free Mobile

Free is not free, but nearly. The company is leaded by X. Niel (10 Billions $ of private fortune - 2015) only because of free. I'm using it in Europe, works fine for peanuts.

Free is not free, but nearly. The company is leaded by X. Niel (10 Billions $ of private fortune - 2015) only because of free. I'm using it in Europe, works fine for peanuts.

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36 Cellular One
37 Ultra Mobile

Very good company for a cheap price

38 Tesco Mobile

This service is cheap and very good.
You get more than enough for your money.

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39 VIP Visit Website
40 2 Degrees
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