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41 GiffGaff

Very Good Network, Been On It For 2 Years

Super Cheap and great packages

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42 Vodacom
43 Lightyear Wireless

Can somebody tell me about Lightyear Wireless?
There not even listed here?

44 MTS

Best choice if you live in Manitoba, Canada

Good for Canadians

45 Zain
46 Bakcell

On my iPhone 6 I get covered I use Bakcell it's great!

47 Smart Communications V 1 Comment
48 Reliance

This brand gave 1 year of free 4g Data in India
Free calls and sms for lifetime only Data is charged that too very cheap

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49 Solavei

Not all about how much money they can get from you. I have had T-Mobile and Verizon and both lie to you and are only interested in getting money

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50 Telstra

Most reliable and fast network... Also the only carriers of the Google a Pixel in Australia!

Why is Telstra not number 1? Best network in Australia!

Really? 26? Best in Aus! But then, most people on this site probably not from Aus!

Epic coverage and wicked speeds.

#1 in Australia for a reason.

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51 Walmart Family Mobile
52 Woolworths Mobile
53 Dialog V 2 Comments
54 Du

This is the best service in uae

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55 Turkcell

It's a Turkish phone services and oldest.

It's the fastest internet provider in Turkey. Might even be faster that some of the European countries

Really good services, Turkcell have faster internet than US, UK and Germany

They have 4.5G mobile internet. And speed is way better than US, UK or any other EU countries.

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56 AIS

Advance Info Service, service provider in Thailand, one of the most famous.

57 Defense Mobile
58 MTN

MTN is the best thing ever happened to my country (Iran), Islam forbids a good quality cell service (maybe not directly, LOL) so there was no good cell service in Iran before MTN, so thank you MTN and I also hope Islam goes away! (completely relevant, because Islamic government (murderers and thugs) of Iran don't want people to access internet with ease and fast speed)

Always been happy with their service.

59 Telenor

Providing good service in Pakistan.

This thing deserves #3 AT LEAST! Gives good network, cheap plans, and much more in India!

This company have operation in Middle East, Asia and Europe

One of the best in Norway, a bit expensive though.. - SebbZero

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60 Aircel
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