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81 Uninor

Uninor is a very good network company. He is a batter than other company.

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82 Cox
83 PureTalk

I cannot understand why Puretalk is ranked so low? I have had them for several years and the service is great, not too mention the $20.00 per month fee for three phones, 240 minute continuous roll over every month, great customer service, and I'm able to distribute the minutes in whatever fashion I choose among the three phones.

84 Fido

Unbeatable, unlimited calling/texting cross-Canada for just $60/M.

85 Movistar

The best service in all Mexico.

86 SaskTel

Best mobile company in Canada. Nothing beats their plans and service!

I used telus, and bell and both of those I never got service. Would always have to go outside to send a text. I can go anywhere with sasktel

87 TextNow

Best ever cheap and works on ALL android and iPhones without unlock

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88 Cingular

The logo was radical. Nowadays no cell phone company has an awesome logo compared to this. One day it was cool the next day it is AT&T.

89 Videotron V 1 Comment
90 Safaricom
91 MTN Irancell

4G high speed internet

not bad


92 FreedomPop

Great data service at an inexpensive cost per month for under $10.

93 SK Telecom

One of world's most advanced telecom services.

94 Digi
95 M1

It's awesome although it's a bit expensive they offer good deals and its 4G connection is awesome with our 100Mpbs plan.

96 MTC
97 Robi
98 Taletalk
99 Warid
100 DNA

Best service provider in Finland

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