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121 BT Group
122 Wind

Good service with affordable rate

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123 Unefon V 1 Comment
124 Idea

Best Service provider in the India

Idea Best internet speed

Best internet speed

Networks all over India but offers are not good

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125 Cell C

Been on cellc for 9 years didn't have any signal and they fixed the problem. Very good service. Deserves to be in top 30 or 20

Best network in sa and also cheapest I've had vodacom and mtn and is very expensive.

126 Claro

One of the richest men in the world owns this company. - keyson

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127 Teletalk

Bangladeshi company & it provides 3G service which is fast & low cost.

Best Telecom Service Provider in Bangladesh. Superb network, and Extreme High Speed 3G Internet. Very Affordable.

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128 Brightspot

It's the service through Target. They Piggie back off t-mobiles network, yet have none of the perks of having t-mobile:/ also, 50 a month, only 1 GB of 4g:'( I h8 my phone

129 Avea
130 Chunghwa Telecom
131 Yu
132 Mobinil

Good connection

133 XL
134 Sabafon
135 Telecel

Best call promotions and discounts in Zimbabwe

136 Econet
137 Hamrah Aval
138 Go Smart

Been using $45.00 package for 1.5 years, unlimited text/talk, 4G, you can even text overseas and answer overseas call for free!

139 CellSpan Inc
140 02
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