Grandfathered under their Unlimited Data, so I LOVE them. Rarely a dropped call anymore. And their customer service went from not so good to above and beyond. Been with them more than 10 years now. When I compare other company's prices, they can't even come close to what I have with Sprint.

I've been with sprint for 2 years, and I gotta say, very impressive. I have an iPhone 6Plus and it works perfectly, I get great connection, and The bill isn't very high at all considering since it is an iPhone 6 Plus. Have you ever seen those commercials by sprint? Well they certainly keep their word and tell facts. I switched to at&t to Verizon.

But I gotta say, Sprint is the best

My family (me too) have been for sprint since my dad started working there and that's 13 years ago we rarely get any dropped call plus in some place when we were on a family trip to Las Vegas my uncle had to use my phone and he had Verizon

I love sprint I've been with sprint now for 5 months and I have no complaints they have service where I didn't with verizon and they answer all my questions and fix my problem right away and the app store is amazing

Sprint is the best, I had Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T and after 5 years with sprint I wouldn't go back to any of those three other cellphone providers. HTC EVO ROCKS!

I'm not having my data limited like AT&T and Verizon do. I want to easily be able to talk to someone in customer service. Verizon is a joke.

I have been with sprint over 10 years and I have NO complaints! Love them. I hope ATT doesn't try to buy them too. :-/

Androids are a amazing! You can't get a better phone any where else! Sprint forever! I hope you never lose to At&t, I had them and they were horrible to me.

I believe that Sprint is the best cell phone carrier hands down I have never had any phone calls drop in my internet always works

They are the only cell phone that works at my home so they rock how ever there data is slow

I'm with sprint since 1993 And I don't have any problems with it. It has great service any time.

Best rates, great call quality no dropped calls, and soon to have the fastest network.. altho already much faster then AT&T

Sprint, halftime report, presented by Sprint - Simon4545

Sprint's been good for the years I've had it.

By far the best service and coverage anywhere period.

It is better because the word " Sprint" means fast, which means fast customer service

alltel are copycatters... sprint rocks!

It has signal almost anywhere and the new android is really good!

My mom got me an iPhone 5c white for Christmas with Sprint and I can wait to use it because I know Sprint isn't gonna let me down like cricket

It has service where none of the others can/will Go!
Unlimited data service, low cost contracts.

I have 5 smart phones on my Sprint account with unlimited data and over 1300 talk minutes per month (we average around 100mins per month ) and my bill is less than 225.oo a month

Sprint is so underrated now and they are still paying for their mistakes with Wimax 4G and Nextel. But in 2016 they are just as good as any carrier.

I've had a samsung note 3 for 7 years and its all been with sprint
It didn't even need internet!

Sprint is #1 and Verizon is #2 while T-Mobile is under AT&T and over cricket(which is butt for a low price)