Straight Talk


It's better than Sprint, at least I don't have to worry about dropped calls anymore.

Love this company! The service is good and the price in unbeatable, best to purchase the phone online rather thank at WalMart.

My 1st experience with Straight Talk was positive, I would love to try this service again in the future

I agree I have net ten but it is the same thing just you can buy it at a lot more places

I like this because you don't have to be on a contract

I have my phone service from there, & it's great

It's good, that's all there is to it - koopaiscute

It may have its drawbacks, but if you know what you're doing, it'll save you a butt load of money!

Great service FOR $45 A MONTH are $30 gives you 1500 mins. Best phone I ever had. Always had great service, from state to state.

I've had straight talk for 5 years I'm retired now but was an over the road truck driver for 47 years it got me service every where that t-mobile, verison, boost,"which is really sprint" at and t had service and I couldn't beat the price plus not being home on a regular basis I could always find a wal-mart to buy the monthly card for service and the phones were a good value

Seriously, it pulls from your choice of AT&T or T-Mobile networks (which as of this post are ranked #2 & #3) and charges half the price of what they charge for unlimited everything. Why wouldn't you use this service?

Best plan for a fraction of the cost of the "top" companies. Everything included! I paid for
The whole year... No rate hikes to worry about. Great reception and all of the add-ons are standard service!
Best by far!

I can tell you from past experience with 9 years with one carrier. That don't be satisfied with your monthly bill. I was paying a very HIGH cost per month for wireless service. Oh yeah every 2 years you get to upgrade your present cell phone. I was paying for service on a smartphone. Long before there were smartphones. Was I getting ripped off. Of course I was.

With Straighttalk, there's no hidden surprises. Monthly cost is manageable. I recommend Straighttalk to all my friends.

Try it, no contract to sign. Month by month.


I don't understand how Verizon could be number 1. I am straight talk and when I am close to the border of straight talk I am always the only one that gets service without roaming. My fiancé also has Verizon and I consistently have better reception then she does. There was one time though that she had service and I didn't, but just the once.