Verizon Wireless is without a doubt the best. I started with AT&T and had decent coverage with them. This was quite a while ago. Then AT&T got out of the business where I lived forcing me to change. I went to Sprint and still had decent coverage. Then I moved. My new home was in a rural area and the Sprint service was very poor. I then made a move to Nextel. The walkie-talkie feature was neat but the coverage was poor. When that contract ran out I found myself back with AT&T. I was amazed at how terrible the service was. Dropped calls, dead zones around town, more expensive than anything I'd had before, etc. But the thing that made me crazy was the billing. Always had incorrect billing amount every month, If I didn't spend an hour or two looking over my bill, I'd pay as much as $40,00 more per month. Customer service was helpful in getting over-billing issues resolved, but way should I have to spend that time after every new bill came out getting it corrected? I shouldn't have too! ...more

Gonna make this simple for all of you. I've been through most services but the one that never dropped a call, never had no bars, never gave me service problems, never gave me phone problems and to this day still somehow gave me no customer service problems is Verizon. I pay a good amount but I like to think quality over price. You got the money, use this. Simple as that. Nothing can beat this beast of a phone service.

Yes Verizon is higher than most carrier's. I got unlimited data with sprint. And I love that, because I didn't worry about overage. But Verizon service is better. I was with sprint for 15 years. I left because my bill kept increasing. Then didn't won't to do anything do I jetted.

Verizon is the only phone service that is reliable AND reasonable. This is the only service that I do not have a problem with a signal. The prices do not change the longer you have the phone and if you have a problem with your phone they are more than happy to fix the problem. Best phone service out there!

I never get drop calls and they have great costumer service when you walk in and I get great service every where I go when I came to this page I expected Verizon to be the best the one of the one but to see t-Mobile at the top it was surprising I pretty positive that we will be on top where we should be right now soon enough!

I've been with Verizon Wireless for about 6 years now and am very happy! Their customer service is fantastic and their call quality is one of the best around! Plus there's not to many places in the US where Verizon doesn't offer coverage, so you're pretty much covered anywhere you go!

I have never been anywhere with less then 2 bars and the 4 LTE is golden fast it's faster then any wifi I have ever connected to and the customer care is better then I could ask for I got my upgrade 2 months early just cause I had so many issues with my flip phone and that's not even their fault it's the manufactures - Achilles1643

Verizon really does have the best SERVICE hands down. However, you will pay out the nose for that service. Verizon is the expert at squeezing every cent out of you, that's the one area they are not competitive at all. I've been fortunate enough to be grandfathered into unlimited data, and so long as I buy the devices outright, will remain unlimited. I can't imagine being capped at a measly 2GB of data.

verizon is the best! it has the best signal and it is affordable. their phones are nice looking and dependable too. they have pretty good plans and people who have verizon are the best! if you have a verizon phone, then your on top of the game

Verizon is easily the winner due to one thing, customer service. I have been with four different carriers and I was never treated better than by Verizon. They literally go the extra mile to make sure you are happy to be one of their subscribers. - keyboardking

I think that is better because I tried all of the brands and because I use Verizon. - VENENO1200

Verizon is everything I could want! I have it for T.V. and cell phone service. They actually do care about your well-being and never drop a call, like Sprint. Family plans aren't that bad either.

First of all, I like verizon because it is compatible with my mini HP laptop and I can call my family when ever I'm on trips. AT&T and T-Mobile, well they don't go with a lot of computers. Verizon should be number 1 and you should agree!

Verizon has so many 4g spots and where ever I go I had good service. It's fast with any phone you get I switched from tmobile and there was a very big difference

Verizon is the best cell phone service. They have great connection quality anywhere and have the same great phones that any other company has. That are the overall best cell phone company. Any other company is inferior to the superior Verizon Wireless.

I've not had one single problem with Verizon in the 3 years I've had it. My family has tried AT&T, T-Mobile, and don't even get me STARTED on Sprint (it's honestly a nightmare)...none of which can compare. Verizon for the win!

I was with T-Mobile for 9 years and they just got worse! Dropped call after dropped call and I would get voice mails when my phone never even rang! I have been with Verizon over two years without one problem.

Verizon they have the best stuff in there service the best coverage the best data the best customer service the best reliability no matter in the us you will aways have some coverage even In Alaska or rural areas even when it's thundering it still works they have 50 gigabyte plans and higher which is higher then any other provider even there customer service is great

Verizon has the best coverage and the service never breaks down with them so I actually think it's worth it to pay $100 a month for every phone

Every phone I've had has been Verizon. I've had some issues, but then I look at the phones my friends get from AT&T and realize that my phone gives me more than I need. Love Verizon, I'll always have it! - NoraDawnElric

Verizon Wireless is EPIC! Never had a problem with them in the 4 years I've been with them. Customer service is phenomenal and there service is second to none!

I've had all top carriers other than T-Mobile and Verizon has had the best coverage in northern Florida and south Georgia by far! I also get 4G LTE 99% of everywhere I go!

LOVE VERIZON! Best phone service plan I ever got! Prices are amazing! I got my first cell phone for free and it was the iphone! So splendid with their service!

Verizon sets the bar for other companies when it comes to wireless service. If they didn't, we wouldn't be loyal customers of over eight years and counting.

It's the best in the area we live in, however, for it's size, it should be able to provide cheaper options domestically and internationally.