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1 IPhone

I LOVE the iphone! I also love all of Apple's products! I think what everyone should understand when they talk bad about Apple is that touch screens and the computers and televisions that we have today wouldn't be here without Steve Jobs. So remember that they started this all

"Think Different" - Steve Jobs

Amazing phone never freezes charges fast easy to hold AMAZING SOFTWARE - lollipopper135

Cool phone with iPhone 6+ it can beat any phone in the world

2 Samsung Galaxy S4

Had for many years with no problems. Upgraded when I wanted to, not when some mysteriously started happening to my phone. Wakeup! Thank you!

I don't think iPhone is best at all, it's just a popular, I don't know why it is popular, Galaxy has more features than iPhone.

It's by far exceeding any other hardware configuration, it has an intuitive and elegant interface, it is a droid... What else?

Still can do more with this phone than you can with the latest iPhone

3 Nokia Lumia

Extremely tough! Dropped mine at least 10 times, sometimes on concrete, even threw it once and it's still working like the day I bought it!

Best of Microsoft. Colorful and powerful and easy to use with helpful features

Best of Windows Phone!

Colorful, quality, and best operating system.

4 Samsung Gravity

this phone is so strong mine fell of a roller coaster at least 100 feet and still worked! amazing phone in toughness

The phone is awesome and I dropped it down concrete stairs and there was no cracks and it still worked great.

5 Samsung Galaxy S5

Mad phone

6 Gionee Elife E7
7 Nexus 5
8 Samsung Galaxy S3

My dad has one and I have a Samsung Gravity. Even though the Samsung Gravity is great I'm saving up for a galaxy s3 because its just so big and works so well.

This phone can do much more than the iPhone. It has swipe text, a way better camera... even with only 3 generations. it can do everything an iPhone can and more

How is this phone not number one yet? It has a larger screen then the iPhone and not only that but it is a quadcore processor and runs on perhaps one of the best operating systems that came out (4.1) and it has the same camera specs as the iPhone

So much more variety and customization ability- widgets alone are much better

9 Voyager
10 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Fact: The S7 edge is the greatest phone ever made

One of the greatest phones ever

Next best after the Galaxy S8+

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11 Chocolate


12 Chocolate 2
13 HTC One

I've compared this side by side to an iphone 5 and this destroys it in just about every facet. Apple has been passed up by quite a bit in the smartphone market.

14 Sidekick
15 Sidekick 3
16 Droid
17 Sidekick 2
18 Xperia Z3

Most powerful working smartphone we have today... So yeah, pretty much the winner :l

19 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
20 Sidekick ID
21 Blackberry Bold 5
22 Nokia 3310
23 Sidekick LX
24 HTC Desire S
25 Xperia Z1
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