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21 Sidekick LX
22 Blackberry Bold 5
23 HTC Desire S
24 Xperia Z1
25 iPhone 6 Plus

It is the best

26 Nokia 3310
27 Sidekick Slide
28 NV3

cool AND full keyboard lol. -

29 Mystique

Extremely amazing phone if you know how to use it. - masterblaster

30 Samsung Champ
31 Pantech Discover

It can do everything all the top expensive phones can do for only $50.

32 HTC Evo 4G LTE
33 Gionee Elife E6
34 Micromax Canvas A350
35 Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2

It is best. Ever

36 HTC Desire
37 Motorola X

What do I need to say? The 1st gen Moto X was the best phone of 2013, receiving rewards for practically everything. The curve back is a precedent, and is well designed to fit in your hands. It's nice and thin. Colors are customizable, something that only much older (Android 2.2) phones have. You get a virtually stock Android experience. The camera was top notch.

And Motorola, if they wanted to, can sue LG, Apple, Samsung. Who was the first to allow voice commands when the device is sleeping? Motorola. Yeah, Apple fanboys, that's right. Motorola was first. Who can shake their phone for the clock to appear? Motorola. All that in the Motorola X.

I don't think I need to say more, do I? Moto X 2013 is the best phone, probably with the exception of the Nokia 3310 and the original phone.

38 Samsung Galaxy S6
39 Gtel X3
40 Nokia 1100

Most popular phone ever

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