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1 The Last Firstborn The Last Firstborn Cover Art

Easily the mans best song as @wrests put it. It's easily the best mix of Trance, Industrial and even some Metal. These are genres that Klayton has taken lot's of influences from and as a result, a lot his songs are a mix of those genres, but this is a masterpiece and the best mix of Metal, Trance and Industrial.
Also, let's not forget that, just like many other Celldweller songs, this makes a great video game soundtrack.

This is definitely the best Celldweller song. Just so good. Why is Eon apparently better? Eon is just overrated in my opinion, after all, it's the most popular song in YouTube by Celldweller with 10 million views. I think a lot of people who came here only heard that one.

Without a doubt the best song by this band. I love it so much.

Long, yet very diverse and entertaining. Great song

2 Eon

Yes this is by far celldweller's best song.This is a masterpiece and honestly celldweller puts more effort and talent in his songs than any other artist(Except for maybe pendulum).This is my second favourite song.Watercolour by Pendulum is my favourite-TheCoolGuy1

The lyrics got you pumped up from earth O.O I just love it so much

Yes.This just the best song in the world! (For me that is)Celldweller is my favourite music artist ever! -TheCoolGuy1

3 minute to 4 minute marks are as close to perfection as I can tell...makes the early buildup memorable.

3 Switchback Switchback Cover Art

Celldweller has a lot of good songs but I think this one is his best.It is just a masterpiece and my favourite song.The song is kickass and motivating but has a lots of emotion too.Just like Celldwellers other songs,this song is a good combination of Electronic Dance Music and Rock/Metal but this one stands out due to it's combination of energy and emotion.-LitSavage

Simply the best he has ever made.Eon is a good song but I like Switchback and The Last Firstborn better.I like this song the most because it is very energetic but it has a slight emotional feel.Great combination of Industrial music(Industrial is an experimental form of Electronic music) and Rock music.-DarkBoi-X

The bridges here are simply some of his best work.

4 Shapeshifter

Shapeshifter is best song all time. Best Movie And Game theme theme song. Top of the list. Celldweller is the best. Greatest hit song it.

Very too much best. Very too much good. Very Too much great. Very too much nice. Top 1. I love it. This Need for speed music.

So much best song and most good song. Greatest hit song it. The Motion Picture of the Need For Speed. Top 1 it all time.The Best song.

Also introduced in 2005 Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

5 Blackstar Blackstar Cover Art

How is this not #1? I could listen to this all day long

This is catchy

6 End of an Empire

The most epic song of in the End of an Empire series. Not to mention the four chapters mentioned in the song "Time, Love, Dreams, Death".

That instrumental is simply astounding.

7 Fadeaway Fadeaway Cover Art

This song can get stuck in your head and features one of best verses/ intros I've ever heard

8 Own Little World Own Little World Cover Art

Dead Rising 2...enough said

9 Against the Tide

I can't decide between Fadeaway and this one.

10 New Elysium New Elysium Cover Art

The most kickass song in the End of an Empire album!

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11 Under My Feet Under My Feet Cover Art
12 Birthright
13 One Good Reason One Good Reason Cover Art
14 Frozen Frozen Cover Art

Why is this so low? This and Switchback are his best songs with Eon,Own Little World and End Of An Empire being almost as good.-LitSavage

15 Too Many Tears Too Many Tears Cover Art
16 So Long Sentiment

Ridiculously catchy and rhytmic

17 Lost In Time Lost In Time Cover Art
18 Goodbye
19 The Lucky One
20 Unshakeable

Space and time that's awesome.

21 Down to Earth Down to Earth Cover Art
22 I Believe You I Believe You Cover Art
23 Louder Than Words

This song is amazing it shouldn't be 9th. People like it moorr.

24 Stay With Me (Unlikley) Stay With Me (Unlikley) Cover Art
25 Just Like You Just Like You Cover Art
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