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Celtic Frost (1984-93,2001-08) was an influential Extreme Metal band from Zürich, Switzerland. They are well known for their huge influence on Heavy Metal and also for their experiment on almost each and every subgenres of Heavy Metal including Black Metal, Doom Metal, Thrash Metal, Avant-Garde and even Death Metal.

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1 Circle of the Tyrants

This song is awesome - heavy, wild and raw. This morning I watched the VH1 video 3 times in a row. And I am not sure this is all for today. - Metal_Treasure

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2 A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh

Never heard any thing like this but I was a fan after I heard it. - cjWriter1997

The video freaks me out D: - vishaljagannath

3 The Usurper
4 Into the Crypts of Rays

Best Celtic Frost song ever made, it's simply a classic! Very fast-paced, great guitars and vocals by Tom, and awesome drums by Reed St. Mark!

My top 5
1. Into the Crypts of Rays
2. A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh
3. Circle of the Tyrants
4. Inner Sanctum
5. Procreation (Of the Wicked)

5 Drown in Ashes

Greatest doom metal song I've heard so far. Just shows how many different genres Celtic Frost encompass

6 Progeny

One of the heaviest on their Monothiest album. - cjWriter1997

7 Triptych II: Synagoga Satanae V 1 Comment
8 Necromantical Screams
9 Dethroned Emperor

Some of THE heaiviest material CF has produced...sheer thickness of the guitar tone blows me away

10 Morbid Tales

The Contenders

11 Os Abysmi Vel Daath

Heavy & still somewhat melodic... great song

12 Jewel Throne
13 Obscured
14 Procreation (Of the Wicked)
15 Rex Irae (Requiem)
16 Inner Sanctum
17 Fainted Eyes
18 Ground

These riffs are so heavy they might literally kill you

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19 Mesmerized
20 Innocence and Wrath
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1. A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh
2. Circle of the Tyrants
3. The Usurper
1. Circle of the Tyrants
2. A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh
3. Into the Crypts of Rays
1. Circle of the Tyrants
2. Necromantical Screams
3. Morbid Tales

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