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1 Mungkin Dialah Penggantinya

This is one of the best "Cerbung" I ever read.. I always waiting for the next part. @CindyMytha You are GREAT!

Cerbung is the best

Part 29 dan 33-nya mana?

Suka banget sama cerbung MDP. :) Keren!

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2 Devil Enlovqer

YeeaayY.. DELOV :) I like this

Awesome :) like this

Very very Amazing! :-)

It's a great story... I like it... Amaziiing you must read it

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3 C.R.A.G Baby In Love
4 BLINK in Love
6 Princess Hours versi IC

Another cinderella story. Love it!

The best cerbung I ever read!

2nd Best cerbung I ever read!

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7 Cinta Itu Sempurna
8 I Love You I Love You Not
9 Tanpa Judul
10 Hujan, Pelangi dan Degup Jantung V 2 Comments

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11 Cerbung BaDai : Mau Tapi Malu

Enjoy every pieces of the stories anyway :) a good-travel-company while I have to spend no verbal conversation to every relative around.

Baca cerbung ini di kakaTria blog - baca juga cerbung baru nya BABY, keyen! Keep supporting her

12 My Beloved Friend V 1 Comment
13 That's All Cause Ify
14 Putri Strawberry
15 Kutemukan Penggantinya (ChelGas) V 3 Comments
16 Alvia's Story V 2 Comments
17 Cinta Nano Nano

Cinta Nano Nano is a sweetest cerbung I ever read, sadness, hapiness is there. I suggest you to crying when you read this cerbung. Go vote Cinta Nano Nano.
Writer and made by : Sari.
Invited to here by : @AdiknyaBieber ICL

18 When Makes You Beautiful
19 Kenangan (Chelgas)
20 Baby Sitter Versi Icil
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1. Princess Hours versi IC
2. Hujan, Pelangi dan Degup Jantung
3. My Beloved Friend
1. Mungkin Dialah Penggantinya
2. I Love You I Love You Not
3. Cinta Itu Sempurna
2. Tanpa Judul
3. Putri Strawberry



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