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1 Mungkin Dialah Penggantinya

This is one of the best "Cerbung" I ever read.. I always waiting for the next part. @CindyMytha You are GREAT!

Cerbung is the best

Part 29 dan 33-nya mana?

Suka banget sama cerbung MDP. :) Keren!

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2 Devil Enlovqer

YeeaayY.. DELOV :) I like this

Awesome :) like this

Very very Amazing! :-)

It's a great story... I like it... Amaziiing you must read it

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3 C.R.A.G Baby In Love
4 BLINK in Love
6 Princess Hours versi IC

Another cinderella story. Love it!

The best cerbung I ever read!

2nd Best cerbung I ever read!

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7 Cinta Itu Sempurna
8 I Love You I Love You Not
9 Tanpa Judul
10 Hujan, Pelangi dan Degup Jantung

Rain, Rainbow and Heartbeat. Amazing... :D

Another story of Chelgas. Sukak~

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11 Cerbung BaDai : Mau Tapi Malu

Enjoy every pieces of the stories anyway :) a good-travel-company while I have to spend no verbal conversation to every relative around.

Baca cerbung ini di kakaTria blog - baca juga cerbung baru nya BABY, keyen! Keep supporting her

12 My Beloved Friend

Seems many are experiencing this story. Go. Go. Go Chelgas :))

13 That's All Cause Ify
14 Putri Strawberry
15 Kutemukan Penggantinya (ChelGas)

Yeayy ChelGas I like that

Chelgas I like it...

Go KT go KT go ayo voye dong

16 Alvia's Story


Wow banget cerbung ini, wajib dibaca! Nyesel deh ngga baca cerbung alvia's story

17 Cinta Nano Nano

Cinta Nano Nano is a sweetest cerbung I ever read, sadness, hapiness is there. I suggest you to crying when you read this cerbung. Go vote Cinta Nano Nano.
Writer and made by : Sari.
Invited to here by : @AdiknyaBieber ICL

18 When Makes You Beautiful
19 Kenangan (Chelgas)
20 Baby Sitter Versi Icil
21 The Truth About Forever (Versi Icil)
22 Putih Abu-Abu
23 Love Command
24 Karantina...?Oh My Good ...
25 SHSTK (Stop! Hanya Sekedar Teman Kan?)
26 When I Meet You

ChelGasFever will always love this story. The writer is @ChelseaBagas. The couple in this story is ChelGas. Really love this story with the romantic story of ChelGas. Go ChelGas!

Ceritanya bagus banget. Romantis, nyambung, lucu, dan its the best for chelgas fever it made by @chelseabagas. The author is very very creative and not just copy paste. So, please vote this fanfict

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27 Cerbung BaDai: Cinta Butuh Waktu
28 Song Of Love

Love this story too much, romeo-juliet another version :D

29 Red

Wanna read different fan-fiction of ICL? Read this one you'll falling in love with this one

A fiction story that can make the readers falling into. Realistic and different. Caik as the characters.

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30 My Diary - Cerbung BaDai
31 Cerbung Gue, Lo, Dan Dia (Badai)
32 Semua Karenamu Cerbung BaDai
33 Mungkinkah Ini Cinta
34 Sacria Fevo
35 Matcmaking
36 Exchanged
37 Pengamen Cinta

PC I like that

Cerbung pengamen cinta keren...
Apa lagi pemerannya chelgas...

Is the best pkek bnget deh PENGAMEN CINTA

38 Bukan Cerita (Cinta) Biasa
39 Persahabatan Musuh Bebuyutan
40 Berawal dari MOS
41 Perpisahan Termanis Di Idola Cilik 4
42 Please Be My Boyfriend
43 Fararefia
44 Baby
45 Shut-Up!!
46 You're My Best Brother
47 Love for Rafli
48 Misteri Lukisan Berdarah
49 Wo Ai Ni
50 My Twins Is My Rival
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2. Hujan, Pelangi dan Degup Jantung
3. My Beloved Friend
1. Mungkin Dialah Penggantinya
2. I Love You I Love You Not
3. Cinta Itu Sempurna
2. Tanpa Judul
3. Putri Strawberry


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