Top Ten Best Chaotic Creatures

The Top Ten

1 Maxxor

He is the king of everything and his a very cool creature

He rules the over world... That's all I need to say

Maxxor is the best one ever


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2 Chaor

Chaor rules no one compares to him go underworld!

Chaor is the best creature ever

While I this Maxxor is the cooler of the two, Chaor's stats are higher and he has three mugic counters instead of Maxxor's two

Chair has igher stats and is cooler. Just because he's not the hero means nothing.

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3 Heptadd

All elements, can cast any mugic unbeatable

4 Aa'une

Best stats by far

5 Lord Van Bloot

Lord von bloot is the greatest

He's way better than maxxor hepptad and chaor

6 Rath'Tab
7 Tangath Toborn

Faerless and brave chaotic creature

8 Raznus, Assimilated
9 Ursis

Ursis is better than Maxxor he's beaten him before

3 mugic counters, amazing stats and high energy cannot be beaten, I do not care what anyone else says.

10 Prince Mudeenu

The Contenders

11 Takinom
12 Marquis Darini
13 Intress
14 Katharaz

If you activate the hive while your opponent has elements, he's almost unbeatable.

15 Epitrinne

He is one if the best mipedians ever with abilitys that ultras have( he is a super rare ). He has two elements, good stats including 100+ speed and can reduce damage by mugic to 0

16 Bodal

He knows his way around.

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