Best Characters In the Anime Fairy Tail

The Top Ten Best Characters In the Anime Fairy Tail

1 Erza Scarlet

When I was on the early episodes of Fairy Tail, I seriously considered on dropping it. I honestly almost dropped too, if it weren't for Erza. I always knew 'someone really strong' was making an appearance, and when she actually did, my interest in this anime just increased 100x more. Later, I started loving others and this anime in general, I even read the manga, but if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have had really experienced Fairy Tail's greatness. Erza wouldn't be my favourite character, but I really really love her. - Eleanora

Sometimes I even forget she's not the main character. It's always her fights that leave me the most endured to just sit through it from beginning to the end not missing any detail.

My favorite by far, I hate pairings for her its me and Erza. Not Gray nor Jellal, I might tolerate Natsu though

Amazing personality, beautiful, seducing, strong. She gives me life in fairy tail! I would love to see her further strength! I believe she'll go up as the first in this voting! Keep up on er-chan~!

2 Jellal Fernandes Jellal Fernandes is a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet. When he lost his own memory, he was a Dark Mage who desperately sought to revive Zeref via the R-System. Jellal served as the main antagonist of the Tower of Heaven arc and is currently a member and co-founder of Crime Sorcière.

I love Jellal! He was a jerk at first, but hey, he was possessed. When he became the kind Jellal he used to be, well, who wouldn't like him?

I love jellal he's handsome and awesome

I examine Jellal in four stages.

1. Child Jellal

He is cute, kind, gentle, selfless and courageous. He loves his friends and would never do anything to hurt them. However, he is hopeless and angry and bitter towards his captors. I like him and feel sorry for him.

2. Crazy Jellal (Ultear's manipulation-resolution of Tower of Heaven Arc)

His lack of hope for the future and the potential for achieving freedom and his anger and bitterness towards his captors give Ultear an advantage when she manipulates him. I also believe that as a child without training in the field of magic or magic abilities of his own he was more susceptible to magical manipulation. I desperately wanted him to triumph over his darker emotions and Ultear, but I do not blame him for breaking. He is now cruel, selfish and manipulative. I know he is crazy, but that does not excuse his behavior, especially as he gets older. He was good and he had a strong sense of justice. His perspective may ...more

I just love Jellal. in the beginning he did some bad things, but he couldn't really control it, but he spends the rest of his life doing good things to make up for it. he's so cool, strong, and beautiful and him and ERza are so cute together.

3 Gray

Gray is a wonderful character simply because unlike the other members who each possess unique abilities E.G. Dragon Slaying, ice making magic can be learnt by almost all mages but it is up to you to hone it. Gray is creative (gosh, his intelligence is always overlooked, I have no idea why. Maybe because he enjoys his silly but friendly fights with Natsu too much? ) His battles usually include strategy (take his fast reaction by freezing his blood while fighting Ultear even though she only mentioned a detail once for example). His back story is heartbreaking but he chooses to live on. He is selfless. He has saved many souls (e.G. Lyon, Juvia, Ultear.). He is unbelievably kind and gentle (look how he treats the exceeds. Even Frosch! ) Plus he's ' hot.

In comparison to many other characters in FT Gray is one of the more unique ones. His magic is as Erza stated Beautiful and yet it is deadly and can be used for almost every situation he is in. His Ice devil slayer magic is an upgrade he deserved after all of the trolling Mashima and the studio animators put him through and his fights are always enjoyable to watch as he utilizes not only his brawn (which is over-looked all the damn time) but his brain too (Which too is over-looked). Gray also is probably the only person I have seen in the show who treats everyone equally, for example He supported Gajeel with his singing not from how he sounded but what message it delivered. Unfortunately this wonderful character is always under-estimated and over-looked for below average characters (i won't name names). I could go on forever but I wouldn't want to take up an entire page or two giving reasons why Gray is the best character so I will leave this here.

Got to admit we all love it when Natsu and Gray get into their fights it's hilarious

I love how he also thinks and how he'd do anything for his friends though every main is like that but if you pay attention to him, he's amazing

4 Natsu

A lot of these Natsu aren't really giving good reason as to why Natsu is the best (or worst) character in the series. There are two that I've seen so far that has given a concise reason as why they think so with facts from the story. Others are just "Oh he's Natsu" or "He is sooo funny", those aren't reasons.

Probably one of the worst characters ever. Over the course of 400 chapters he has received no character development whatsoever. There were moments where he could have some development, but they were just thrown out the window. For example, it was implied that Lisanna and Natsu have a very close bond with each other. Yet a few chapters after Lisanna is reintroduced to Natsu, she is then given the same treatment as Max; almost complete irrelevance. Another moment was when Gildarts told Natsu that one should notice their weakness to become stronger. This solid piece of advice was completely shoved to the side as well when Natsu was fighting against Zancrow. He should just bailed the fight along with other members and hid for a couple of years to train then do a massive comeback. Instead, he does his typical friendship gimmick and pulls off an insane move (granted it did look pretty bad-ass). Which brings me to another fault in his character, the friendship philosophy. A very common ...more

I am only on season 2 of the anime. Read none of the books/mangas. I have so far always been routing for Natsu. I loved the scene where Erza's crying and it's his motive for standing up to the enemy. I know he isn't the only character who has strong feelings for his comrades. The is just something likable about him. He is a fun character but when it's time to be serious he is serious. When things seem to serious for the kids or the watchers in general he does something funny as in he doesn't understand or he has motion sickness. But when it comes to that he doesn't become a different character to be funny, he is himself as are many character's in the series. If his character gets motion sickness he gets motion sickness. The scene where Wendy cures him of motion sickness for a short time, of course he would get excited. This is someone who for the first time can enjoy transportation even if it's for a short time. I found myself routing for him since day one. Of course I enjoy the heart ...more

Overrated. I like him but he has typical traits and the thing is, it's like the Lucy and Natsu show.

But to be fair his personality is lovely and he cares deeply about his friends.

5 Ultear

I feel like her life would have been better and she would have been more potentially strong. Just sucks that she misunderstood a lot of things. Felt sorry for her.


Beautiful story! Her relationship with Gray is very interesting, and when she died I seriously almost cried. I like how her and Jellal both accepted they did things wrong and formed Crime Sorciere, and I love when her and Meldey interact! I like the moment when they spice Jellal with hot peppers in the grand magic games

Beautiful character! Should be at LEAST #4 - Euphorian

With Jellal (as a villain ofc) and Lyon, Ultear was one of the few villains in this show who had both brilliant background and development. She kinda represents the beginning of the series, where the arcs were more well thought, unlike the powerscale-dependant arcs and villains we're getting right now. Besides, she was an incredibly smart character as she was able to infiltrate successfully the Council and manipulated Jellal to get her job done. She was also not fully insane, as she actually cared for her comrades. Pity that she was in that terrible group of villains :'(

Ultear... My favorite character... she had to go trough so much! And gave her life to save the world.. AND her Ice Maker magic is badass better then Grays by far! Also she is the 4 strongest female next to Ul, Erza and Mavis

6 Juvia

Oh my goodness, probably one of my favourite females characters with Erza and more! I love her bubbly personality and how she get's serious when somebody messes with somebody she's loves *cough* Gray *cough* No underrated

Juvia is my favorite female in fairy tail, shes cute, funny and powerful.

Considering how her character developed in strength and personality it should be enough to be a bit higher. If you think about it Juvia hasn't been completely useless she would always give it her all in battle especially since she's been getting more screen time people should see how impressive she's gotten plus she barely crys about things which I find is a good thing considering most female characters do. And another thing people shoukd Really consider how strong she is consideribg Gajeel is always willibg to work with her abd fight along side her (since their basically like BFF's). Not to mention her combination of her humorous personality, with that she also brings a different type of character to fairy tail- no not a crazy love stalker, just a girl who doesn't keep her emotions in well. In any case I found her attraction to Gray to be less from when she started which is pretty good and it shows that she isn't too dependant on Gray. If you still don't like Juvia please try and re ...more

Juvia is a very interesting character, and she is attractive in ways. Her style is very odd, but very sweet. Her powers are powerful and she's quite strong. Juvia may be not the most perfect, but she describes people in real life with their relationships. Juvia is very quirky, and that's what I like about her. She's very sweet deep inside.

7 Sting Eucliffe

Do I need to explain? He is kind, loving and adorable. I'm not going to talk about how hot he is (he is the sexiest guy I know) because that will make me sound like the other comments. His character made such an emotional impact on me; the loss of Lector completely changed him, a genuinely unique character who was not born evil. He was abused, bullied and rejected; now as Sabertooth's master, he ensures the well-being of every comrade, guild member or not. His character even makes huge impacts on the mains, particularly Natsu (we can see this via the episode 'Natsu's Mind - Natsu's subconscious creates an image of Sting to guide him. Not Gray, not Lucy, not even Igneel, but Sting). The fact he picked Sting shows the huge impact he has on others as a character. I love him to bits, and any haters really need to look at his character development and personality. Because personally, he is my all time favorite anime character.

He may have been a jerk at first but he grew from that and he evolved and plus he is very handsome.

He is uber strong, a funny person, calm, makes the BEST facial expressions... He is like my life in that show

He's strong, sweet, UNBELIEVABLY HOT and just a total amazing character. he is so underrated and deserves more attention; he's my all time favourite anime character!

8 Mirajane Mirajane Strauss is the elder sister of Lisanna and Elfman, who possesses “Take-Over” magic, which allows her to take shape of animals, other wizards, or her “Satan Soul” forms. Mirajane is also an S-Class wizard who was rivals with Erza Scarlet when they were both young, often challenging her more.

She is one of the favorite character of this anime series but needs more story and fight scenes on her.

I just love her. After all that happened to her (I mean her sisters "death") she was still strong, because she knew she had to protect her family. She always smiles. She know, that every single person is good inside. She always cheers everyone up, and if she cries, I'm crying too. She always believes in her friends and that there's rainbow after clouds. Such positive character! Besides, she's sometimes very funny.

She has changed since childhood l. She's so kind and sweet and is always there for her siblings.

Mira deserves more screen time. She's underrated and overrated at the same time. She's supposed to be super strong, but she's often portrayed as weak and bad at battling. She's also underrated for the same reason; she only ever gets good fight scenes when she's mad for her siblings or if her opponents are weak. She deserves more fight scenes!

9 Lucy

I personally find Lucy to be conceited when it comes to her looks, and annoying when she simply sits back and watches as Natsu, Gray, Erza, etc save everyone. But when she actually gets up on her feet and fights, she's fairly strong. She has a lot of potential, and I believe the reason her power isn't as great as say, Juvia's, is because she spent so much of her life cooped up in a mansion. She also incredibly smart, if not a bit naive and superficial, and also cares for her friends. I think the reason she's not as driven as many of the other characters is because the traumatic events in her past weren't as severe. Overall, she's either my 5th or 6th favourite

I mean, to be honest, Lucy is rather conceited. She's obsessed with her looks. It's annoying when she doesn't make a stand for herself and just lets Natsu, Grey, or Erza go and kick some butt. But she's our main character. She's funny. Positive. Filled with emotion. Happy. Selfless. She's Lucy. She's just so heartwarming. And in a way, she's the character WE can relate to the most. We're not Erza. We can't be that awesome. But we can be Lucy; sometimes weak, sometimes scared, but positive, selfless, sensitive, and happy. We are Lucy.

Come on she developed a lot doesn't take crap from anyone anymore. She's gotten a lot stronger. She's so cute and funny and awkward. She's like most of us in these situations especially if we ever met erza

Lucy is seriously underrated. I love her so much. She is beautiful, powerful, and strong-hearted. There is no one she doesn't care about.

10 Laxus

He is honestly one out of a small handful of tolerable characters in Fairy Tail that make the series somewhat watchable/readable. Over the series of Fairy Tail he actually receives some character development and actually improves his personality over the course of the series. Whenever he gets into a fight, it's worth enjoying it due to it not being heavily one-sided. However, when it comes to him in GMG his character regresses drastically when he quotes Natsu and he one-shots Jura because that is not normal when it comes to Laxus's character. In fact, it really is unfortunate because he had trained to fight against Jura and we were given a power chart to see where the characters were power-wise (Jura and Laxus were pretty so they should have had a pretty equal fight lasting for 4-5 chapters). In the end, Laxus is still an enjoyable character since he rarely ever partakes in the nakama silliness of the guild members and he actually has some character development.

God damn, I was just hanging around when I stumbled upon this comment and it made me vote for Laxus.

Agree on how underdeveloped other characters are! - Tuana123

I feel that laxus should at least be ranked in the top 5 because throughout the whole series, he has shown great character development because he changed his ways of trying to be the strongest in the guild. One example is that he used to attack the whole fairy tail guild and wanted to replace Makarov, but he did that for a good reason, he wanted the guild to be strong. But he learned from his mistakes and also helped the guild more later on in the story. This is what makes him a character with a great personality. He has determination like Natsu too, if you read the Laxus spin-off.
Side note : He's hot and muscular too lmao

I love that at first he was selfish but then he grew to love the people around his and that's one makes him a beautiful character.

The ultimate example of character development, and one of my favorites in the series. Laxus is first introduced as someone who acts as a superior and looks down at everyone else in the guild, even his grandfather Makarov. But after the Battle of Fairy Tail, you can see how much he cares for the guild, and also The Thunder God Tribe as well. What makes Laxus outstanding however, is his transition is not just some 100% bad to good change like Minerva. It's a realistic one, as he still retains some elements of his old personality. - notbirdlandstew

The Contenders

11 Gajeel Redfox Gajeel Redfox is a fictional character from the anime Fairy Tail. He is the Iron Dragon Slayer. He was an antagonist in his first appearance, fighting main character Natsu Dragneel. He later ended up turning to Fairy Tail's side, and most commonly fights alongside Levy McGarden and Panther-Lily.

I like that he never admits his feelings and he finally did at the scene where he almost died to Bloodman and his character portray is amazing!

He is absolutely amazingly strong and has a large amount of character development! He has been willing to better himself into a better human being once he entered Fairy Tail and hands down has a great badass personality. His personality also hold a lot of depth which makes him really interesting and unique.

He's just a tough guy on the outside but on the inside he just wants a flying cat

Gajeel's transformation really sold his character for me. He started out as this heartless brute who is really only in it for himself, to someone who learns to really care for his comrades. His strength and magical prowess also helps things.

12 Freed Justine

Freed is absolutely my favorite character. His magic is powerful and elegant and he's much more complex than any other character in Fairy Tail.

Freed is just the sweetest, most intelligent, most handsome, kindest, and all around amazing little cinnamon bun you have ever laid eyes on. Voting him's easy!

Freed is the best and extremely underrated.

I can't believe he made the list! I would not have pinned him as one of the top characters.

13 Rogue Cheney

I don't understand why he isn't higher. He was the only member of Sabertooth that questioned what their guild was doing, even going as far to call their guild's motives wrong. He didn't join them in the arena when they were going to throw down after Minerva hurt Lucy, not did he watch Minerva beat her up. He also has such a soft side for Frosh which is ADORABLE. And then there's the whole shadow thing. He's had to deal with the fact that in the future he could kill Sting, and yet he still strives to be happy. Honestly, I love Rogue. He should be at least 12.

He's composed, almost always in control of the situation, not to mention being in control of shadows would seem like an OP power. - notbirdlandstew

In my opinion, Rogue is much more better-looking than Gray. At first, he shows his disinterest in everything and everyone, with Gajeel as the only person and thing he was interested in. He longed to surpass Gajeel. Rogue actually spoke up and questioned the Sabertooth guild's policies. After a while, he shows his caring nature towards his comrades. Rogue should be in the top ten.

He's just awesome I love his abilities and his look. His exceed is the best one. And I just really like his character

14 Gray Fullbuster Gray Fullbuster a fairytail wizard is a kind sensitive person which can be mainly found in underwear or fighting a guildmate / friend brother Natsu Dragneel (which I am supersede dint make this list) anyway Gray has a habit of stripping which he found while training with his now unfortunately dead master more.

I think Gray Fullbuster is an outstanding character and not only is he one of the only main characters that gets good character development but he's also pretty strong. As we see on the Galuna Island Arc he has to face his past and stop running away from it. We see Gray get stronger and stop running away from his past. There are a few other arcs where we see more character development. Overall he's a great character and so great he appeared twice.

Gray's so good he's on this list twice. - MirajaneStrauss

No need to comment why Gray

He looks like L from death note...heez cool

15 Zeref Zeref Dragneel is a character from the anime/manga series, Fairy Tail, created by Hiro Mashima. He debuted in chapter 200 of the manga, and episode 96 in the anime. In Fairy Tail, Zeref is considered to be the strongest Dark Wizard of all time, who was under the Curse of Contradiction. He is the founder more.

Natsu would have never made it to Fairy tail or be the strongest dragon slayer without zeref bringing him back to life

Hey why is Zeref so underrated? Get him higher! Zeref is a badass, awesome character who's extremely kind but was misled. Everyone hates him for his curse, though he never intended to kill anyone and warned them to stay away. He was a good guy, just being misunderstood. He wanted to revive his litte brother, get a horrible curse in the result, if he doesn't eant others to die when they are around him, he mustn't cherish their life. So he tried to hide from humanity in order to protect them but he couldn't stand witnessing them massacre each other, so he slowly begin to renounce his connection to humanity and get into the dark path. He spent his 400 years life seeing wars, fights and his loved ones leaving him whil he can do nothing for that, suffered for centuries and ended up being rejected by the world! Now, he wanted to be killed by the very litte brother he revived to put his miserable life to an end, such a sad ending for a kind, talented prodigy who treasures life more than ...more - Goku02

I feel sorry for him. He was a good guy, just being misunderstood. He wanted to revive his litte brother, get a horrible curse in the result, if he doesn't eant others to die when they are around him, he mustn't cherish their life. So he tried to hide from humanity in order to protect them but he couldn't stand witnessing them massacre each other, so he slowly begin to renounce his connection to humanity and get into the dark path. He spent his 400 years life seeing wars, fights and his loved ones leaving him whil he can do nothing for that, suffered for centuries and ended up being rejected by the world! Now, he wanted to be killed by the very litte brother he revived to put his miserable life to an end, such a sad ending for a kind, talented prodigy who treasures life more than anybody else. Just because of his brother that he received the Ankseram curse, yet he still cares for and love his brother deeply and wanted to revive him still regardless of the price he must pay. He ...more

If his last name is Dragneel does that mean he is related to Natsu

16 Meredy

Meredy, although she isn't shown too much, is in my opinion a great character. She is very strong and developed a lot in the short period we saw her. She claimed during her scuttle with Rusty that she lived in the present and he lived in the past, meaning that she's optimistic, and has a reason to live-live for your friends

My favourite character in the whole series. I just love her as a character

Sweet, beautiful, caring, cheerful, and great character development. Meredy is really underrated. - Goku02

I think she should be number 1. She has been one of the only characters in fairy tail who I really liked then ended up hating.

You liked her then ended up hating her or hated her then ended up liking her? - Meredy_FT

17 Mystogan

He's like the batman of Fairy Tail

Um, he's amazing... What more is there to say? - freeflight

His relaxed, quiet, dislike of social settings make him a relatable character for me. - notbirdlandstew

The most mysterious and badass character in Fairy Tail spoilers:

I'm still waiting for him to return

18 Wendy

Honestly, Wendy should at least be in the top ten. When she was first introduced, she was very shy and modest and mainly used her powers for healing. But ever since she joined Fairy Tail, she slowly became more confident and stronger as well. I mean, she even got her Dragon Force when she was twelve! TWELVE! Natsu got his Dragon Force until he was a young adult. Also, Wendy has an amazing personality. She's kind, sweet, and modest.
She may have flaws like how she can still be reserved and quiet around certain people but besides that, I think she easily is one of the best characters in the Fairy Tail series. - MirajaneStrauss

Wendy is such an amazing character! Not only is she very powerful and strong (dragon slayer magic and dragon force) but she is also super kind, caring and helpful. You often don't see characters with both of these traits but that's why I love her. She's beautiful, cute, sweet, cool and strong! I loved her the second she ran into the guild and fell on her face, she has evolved so much from being an adorable, sensitive little girl. She's my favourite character from fairy tail without a doubt.

Wendy's awesome. She's like the little sister you wish you had. She's sort of a prodigy; her healing magic has bailed out Team Natsu countless of times. She also has gotten emotionally stronger as the series has gone on. The Tartaros arc proves this. - notbirdlandstew

Shes strong, loyal and cute. People say shes weak but come on shes around 12 or 13. Shes most likely going to be weaker. But still she can beat more things then most guild members. And when comparing her power to the other characters at her age she would beat them. She has been shown to be loyal multiple times and well tell me shes not cute without saying a lie.

19 Loke Loke is a recurring character in the anime show, Fairy Tail. He's a heroic, but flirtatious friend of Lucy.

I don't know who could be cuter than Loke. - Pegasister12

Loke your my heroic prince I would love to be a celestial wizard and join a guild because I am in love with you and would love to have your key you handsome lion

He the bomb he protects Lucy at all costs and got possessed for her

Loke is an overrated garbage character. His personality has nothing special besides being a pervert and a player. The only thing cool about him is what he did for Aries, his power, and his clothes, which could easily be given to a better zodiac. Speaking of zodiacs, why is he the leader of them? He shouldn't be given a higher title simply because he's the Lion. I want to see other zodiacs more, like Capricorn, but no, we see Loke instead. Whoopdedoo. What a disappointment he is to those who has the Leo as their constellation sign.

20 Kagura Mikazuchi

This woman could destroy anything without even unleashing her sword! That is power! If it wasn't for Erza telling her about Simon's death and getting Kagura so emotional(which broke her focus on the match) then I truly believe that she could have taken Erza down. While watching her fight, I truly thought to myself "Erza might lose." Super strong, a great wizard, needs more screen time. Also, she wear clothes! She's not running around trying to fight in high heels and a bikini! She looks like a warrior, and I love that!

Kagura is my favourite character. Why? Because she's very strong but is also delicate. She probably could've beaten Erza if she didn't get so emotional. Unlike Erza, she doesn't win EVERY SINGLE BATTLE(not that I hate Erza). She's cool and is not all about her looks, which I like.

She is fast enough to slash after an attack and still do damage.
Also totally destroyed Erza

I think she is in the same level with erza and she is pretty

21 Happy

HAPPY IS SUCH A CUTE PIE! I want him to be my pet! Aye!

You really do have to admit: Happy is ADORABLE. And he's not JUST cute. He can FLY, which he uses to get people out of some tricky spots! He's always funny and, well, HAPPY!

Happy is so great! He is in my top ten for sure. He is so funny, and cute, and I love how he teases Lucy so much. I honestly quote happy all the time.

You have got to admit, Happy is the soul of Fairy Tail, both as a guild and an anime series.

22 Lyon

I actually think Lyon should be in the top ten... He's super handsome and at first he was quite obsessed with becoming better than his master your and seems quite vain. But later on his more caring characteristics comes to pass. He adores Juvia and does everything to try and please her. He also asks Gray when he was planning to marry Juvia; he obviously is struggling with the thought but overcomes by thinking about Juvia's happiness... Why does Juvia like Gray when he is so absurdly mean to her?!?!

Lyon is an AMAZING character. He was super sweet when he was a kid and has awesome skill when it comes to his magic. Did I mention his hair?

Lyon is so handsome and likes juvia

He's Fairy Tail's Toshiro Hitsugaya.

23 Rufus Lore

Who was that again? Oh wait...THAT guy.

Awesome magic that can make or combine magic and don't know how he got two move shoted by gray.


Huh...gray just kicked his ass...with some of his brain. - admister300

24 Mavis Vermillion Mavis Vermilion is the first guild master of the infamous guild Fairy Tail. She started as a poor young girl with no parents and friends. She worked for the guild Red Salamander on Tenrou Island. Tenrou Island is also the island that belongs to the Fairy Tail guild where her grave is.

Not only is she the most intelligent of the show, she also is exeptanally skilled as well as adventurous and kind. In my opinion, she should be a lot higher on the list, for she is just overall the best character by a long shot.

... Honestly everything started with her, and she had such a tough childhood. :C

One of the most genius characters for all the time,wonderful girl

We didn't really get to see a lot of her personality until fairy tail zero. At that point, we get fully immersed in just how clever, brilliant, brave, adventurous, and strong willed she is. I really respect characters and people like that. She's like the Artemis Fowl of Fairy Tail. Even down to the fact that they were both looking for fairies. Isn't that an interesting coincidence...

25 Gildarts

He's the sweetest character in this anime. He acted almost like a father to natsu and lisanna and despite his power he isn't arrogant or annoying.

He is a sweet father a funny pervert at times and cares for everything I don't like how giro doesn't let him battle more in the manga and the anime

He is so hilarious, I mean they have to give him a pathway to the guild hall! That is still great!

Even though he didn't know he had a daughter, he now cares for her like a good father. That's so cute

26 Pantherlily

The best of the exceeds, and the only one outside of Carla in her human form with any battle skills. - notbirdlandstew

I think he's is a hot ass exceed, I met his fine ass a long time ago and then, BAM! and Lily is very strong and loving guy, He is also really funny at somepoints whenever things go wrong.

Very cute.

He is so cute!

27 Orga Nanagear

Cool, strong, hilarious! When he sings it's pure mosh delight!

28 Cobra

He is so awesome, anytime I see he is going to be in the arc I get really excited! Something awesome always happens when he comes into play!

He is funny with his hearing ability and he is strong... His name is also Erik.

Cobra has always Ben my favorite character when ever he's in an arc I get real happy.

He is smart, has cool hearing and darn cute.

29 Cana Alberona

Cana deserves to be in the top 10. She used Fairy glitter how can she only be top 40. Ugh it's sad I feel like she's under appreciated.

Cana Alberoba has been in the S-Class trails. She has used Fairy Glitter. She can fight. While drunk. Her character has received excellent growth throughout the series, far more than many of the main characters.

Cana should be in the top 10. She is awesome. Just can't believe how people voted her down to the top 40

Cana deserves a spot in top 20. She is so kind, badass and funny. - Goku02

30 Aquarius

Aquarius is Lucy's first celestial spirit so Lucy would not be who she is without Aquarius

Favorite celestial spirit.

The feels :,( You will always be remembered Aquarius.

I love her, she is so funny.

31 Midnight (Macbeth)

He is a character that you eather love or hate. I find his magic very cool and different, plus the whole punk goth look he has going is cool. I am not saying he is the VERY best (to me he is) but he at least deserves a spot. Or are you girls jello that he pulls of purple lip stick better than you?

Bootiful man

I always thought Midnight was really cool his powers always felt surreal and it’s interesting when you hear him talk, whenever he is in an arc with the rest of the oracion seis it’s always so fantastic to watch. I understand some people don’t feel that way thinking his mentality and attitude in correlation with the main characters is disgusting to bad but really seeing the things he and his group had gone through I disagree. Also I can’t find another hot goth/punk boy who wears black lipstick as well as Macbeth does.

32 Levy

She's adorable, cute, small, smart and can be BADASS when she really wants to

She deserves to be higher up than this I mean come on even happy's dad made it up higher than this!
I'm just saying she is my second favorite character (my first is Gray) so I'm going to vote for her to even out the playing field a little bit and you should to but you don't have to

She pretty and smart

Underrated, she's small but DAMN she had attitude.

33 Makarov Dreyar

He'd sacrifice himself for the guild members and the way that he thinks of them as his children is heart warming.

One of the reasons I kept watching fairy tail were because of three people. Natsu, Gray, and Master Makarov. The character inspired the creation of one of my own characters (in my novel). I do understand why he isn't highly favored. He drinks a lot, bossy, but hey? He keeps kicking, even at his old age he's still there to set things straight. A lot like master Shifu which I also really like.

The same as mentioned above.

I think he's hillarious and a great compasionate "father" to the people in his guild

34 Minerva Orlando

I hate her even after Tartaros. She beats Lucy to near death out of spite and acts like a witch the entirety of the Grand Magic Games arc. She has the nerve to jump into a fight and then suddenly leave and take Milliana and torture her. After Erza defeats Kagura, she stabs her with a sword through the stomach and further tosses Erza around like a ragdoll knowing that she is severely injured and can't fight. And get this, when Erza gets ready to finish her off, she has the gall to say "Let me go, you've won this." You dumb witch. Erza slices her through. And there's MORE. She decides to CRY when her team loses. Wah, grow up. She even black mailed her own teammate to force him to fight. Tell me why we should feel sorry for her? And then, when dragons get through the time portal to destroy the world, this WITCH, has the NERVE to run away and not fight because wahh, she lost. Why save the world and millions of lives when you can run away and get stronger and STILL get beaten by Erza, the ...more

I'm sorry for all you people who love her, but I really don't like Minerva. It's not even just because she's evil (I actually like villains, like Jellal, but I think that's just because I think he's so modest and mature and cute) I just don't like her.

She has magic power that even the great mavis know and feared. she fights dirty but she is still strong although she lost to erza as well

Minerva is a BADASS I mean her magic and tricks are amazing. I hope she stays a villain

35 Makarov

he is sexy

very sexy

36 Zera

One of my favorite characters in the series. In terms of character development, she's near the top. When we're first introduced to her, she's the spoiled daugher of the red Lizard guild master. She's rude, bossy, and looks down on Mavis.

7 years later, when first encountering the treasure hunters, she still retains that same personality. However, she gradually changes. As the more rational of the 2 between the carefree Mavis and her, she often theorises logical decisions for Mavis to help keep her out of trouble. She also becomes shy, as staying 7 years on Tenrou Island with only Mavis has seen her social side disappear.

As Fairy Tail Zero progresses, you can see how much she cares about Mavis, but also how she finally begins to warm up towards the treasure hunters, becoming more polite and respectful of Mavis's interactions with them, even though they can never hear or see her until the end.

When it's found out she's an illusion, for me that's one of the 3 ...more - notbirdlandstew

I really like this girl.

37 Frosch

FROSCH IS AMAZING! The episode where he got lost and tried to find his way back to his guild was the best episode.

Me: Frosch is the best
Literally everyone in the world: I think so too

Owned by Rogue frosch is an exceed whose best friends with lector and after someone says something he replies "fro thinks so too". He's cute and keeps rogue sane and controlled but no ones knows whether he's a male or female.

This one deserves more than #50, seriously? Frosch is the cutest thing I have ever seen honestly! One of my favorite characters!

38 Lisanna Strauss

Let's be honest, Lisanna has to be the best character in the series. The only reason why she has a bad reputation is because of the majority of Nalu's fanbase. If Lisanna weren't around, Happy would be toast, Natsu would be denser than how he was introduced, Mirajane would be one of the most hated characters in Fairy Tail, Elfman wouldn't be 'a real man'.
Oh and trust me, you don't want to know what else would happen if Lisanna were not around. - MirajaneStrauss

Honestly, Lisanna's amazing. She's so kind and sweet and I still don't get why everybody's hating on her. She hasn't done anything bad, and for those of you who payed attention to these little details, she actually ships Nalu even if she does like Natsu. (by the way I'm a nalu fan, but just saying, you shouldn't hate on Nali fans. They're just trying to enjoy the anime as much as we are)

She is so loveable and strong she pushed through in the difficulties in her life... I mean come on she lived in exiles for 2 years so she could have the Wroclaw version of her brother and sister be happy

Lisanna is one of my favorite characters and I'm sick of all of the hate she gets! Yes, I ship Nali! No, I am not a demon from the firey depths of hell.

I did not create the above link but I feel like it has meaning. If you are sick of lisanna hate please go to this link.

39 God Serena

He was One shot

Spoiler; 8 dragon lacrima?! Tell me if he isn't the strongest!


40 Semmes

His spinning power is tough to stop. - notbirdlandstew

41 Rocker

Sad to see Rocker only 35, but at least he is above Cana who is just plain terrible as a character. - SelfDestruct

How is his fodder ass this high

42 Dimaria Yesta
43 Sherry Blendy

It was surprising she was so easily defeated by Lucy. Her power is one that in theory would be one of the strongest in the series, being able to turn anything in nature into a live monster. - notbirdlandstew

She's funny, hot and is obsessed with love.
Her powers include controlling celestial wizards and controlling elements into "dolls".

44 Ichigo Kurosaki Ichigo Kurosaki is a fictional character in the Bleach manga series and its adaptations created by Tite Kubo.

...I'm PRETTY sure he's from Bleach
Why Makarov (someone ACTUALLY from Fairy Tail) below him?!?!

I approve! He is by far my favorite Fairy Tail character, and he has such an amazing backstory, and best character in the Anime, and most powerful!

Um this guy isn't from Fairy Tail...

What the hell is ichigo doing, he is awesome anyway but he is a bleach character

45 Elfman Strauss

I love elfman so much! He is so funny with his "I'M A REAL MAN! " He is great

Dude transforms in pure destruction and chaos to protect his sister... Need any more?

Beast take over enough said

Eh... What about Mirajane

46 Mest

I feel so bad for him. I don't want to spoil anything, but something bad always happens to him. I just hope he find happiness.

His story changes so much it can be hard to follow at times, but overall a cool character

I don't know about you guys but I think that mest is pretty hot. You know when he's not chewing on rocks or anything

Mest has funny habits and his magic is cool.

47 Erigor
48 Jäger
49 Sorano

I didn't like her. I still don't. - notbirdlandstew

50 Warcry

I wish we could find out what his Tear Magic does. - notbirdlandstew

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