Erza is amazing and beautiful character. Her strength isn't about the magic too, but also the motivation to live

She's like my role model in Fairy Tail. Whereas Lucy loves talking about her looks and whatnot (but she's still a good person, even if she's a tad bit annoying), Erza is strong, brave, caring, beautiful, etc. The traumatic events she had in her life exceeded many, if not most, of the other characters, and shaped her to become stronger and harder, which I love. My second favourite would be Gray and third varies on the episode.

Erza is the best character, no contest. Her loyalty, her pride, and her leadership are just a few of the many, many, MANY, great things about her. I love her requipping Magic, because she can use different armor to fight different magic, like Flame Empress, Sea Empress, Lightning Empress, etc. And her though was despite what she's been through is inspiring. When she fights, it's all or nothing, and she never backs down. Everyone else in Fairy Tail obviously thinks the same because they made her guild master, not anyone else. I also love her relationship with Jellal, I like the other ships too, but I'm A Jerza shipper through and through. And I'm sorry but anyone who thinks Erza belongs with Natsu or Gray is sorely mistaken, she doesn't like them like that. If I had to be a member of Fairy Tail I would chose Erza, she's just amazing!

Who's the most powerful female in Fairy Tail and practically the whole world? Who can re-equip at lightning speed into a hundred forms of armour? Who is a master swordsman and lancer, as well as a trained hand-to-hand combatist?

Erza Scarlet.

She's strong, brave and caring. She's pulled through a hell of a past. She's fought tooth-and-nail for Fairy Tail, and sacrificed just as much as anyone. She's the youngest wizard to ever become S-class. She gives the cheeky punks (Natsu and Gray) tough love and scares the hell out of everyone. She's a knight from legend, Queen Titania of the fairies.

And she's also number one on this list! - Cwawissa

Erza might not be as powerful as Zeref or Mavis but her will is by far the most powerful thing she has. She wins fights not only because she is extremely powerful but because she has a sense of loyalty and duty to her guild and that fuels her magic power. Even when she had lost everything she strived to find something better. She made fairy tail, fairy tail. And the series would just not be the same without her

Personally I think she's the best because of her personality, not just her strength. She'd had a tough childhood and her's was the most corrupted. Erza is kind, thoughtful, funny and not to mention strong. She is not afraid to express her anger (i don't think anyone is in FT). But erza needs more development. Like who were her actual parents? Does she have any secret siblings we are yet to find out?

Erza you deserved this, you and Jellal, the perfect couples. Erza is the best character in fairy tail because she has many power that is useful to her daily lives, the changing of her outfit to equipped more stronger helps her to protect her self and to fight to her progress. She is the woman of Revenge, Justice, Intellect, Bravery, and Prettiest.

Tough. Smart. Strong. Beautiful. Badass. What's not to love in Erza? She is somehow kind, accepting, and then insane. And insanity is good- after all, it's one of the biggest messages in Fairy Tail. Embrace your insanity and make it your greatest strength. Erza embodies that. Erza IS Fairy Tail.

Erza is a beautiful tough amazing personality. She has such amazing powers and I just love her smile and her hair. She would Put her life on the line just for her comrades to be saved. She loves each and every one of her comrades and the people she knew when she was in the tower oh heaven. She Is like my sempai and NATSU too. She has a unique personality like she loves strawberry cake and is grateful and loves to fight evil. She never back down in a fight and never give up even if it was the end of the world.

Oh, thank God that Erza is above Lucy! I was so scared that Lucy would be number one. Lucy is just a really annoying character who I feel takes away from the story to add fan service. Erza on the other hand... Badass. All the way. - RizaLovato

Erza is a beautifully written character. Though she isn't the best in the world and some could argue she is a Mary Sue (Perfect with a tragic past), tell me how many Mary Sues you know who boast about their strength. The magic she uses was out to good use on her, because I could see other anime using the same magic but with horrible characters and a bad overall concept.

Erza is literally my favorite anime character ever and always will be. She's literally my spirit animal... basically I adore her, and it's like the best thing ever when she gets a fight scene. I also think she needs more character development... maybe I'm being influenced by others but I've heard that she didn't get that much in the Tartaros arc. But yeah, forever obsessed with her, and I think her friendship with Gray and Natsu is one of the very best things about the anime. Can't wait to see what happens to them and the rest of Fairy Tail after Tartaros! (I'm watching the anime before the manga)

Erza is so beautiful and strong. I love the the way Erza fight for her loved ones. She is truly one amazing person. A scarlet flower blooming with all its pride.

Erza Scarlet is definitely one of the best characters in Fairy Tail. Her personality is amazing! Strong, brave, and actually has a kind side to her, her character is unique and like no one else in Fairy Tail. She's one of the reasons I watch Fairy Tail, she is quite simply beautiful and amazing, her character development is wonderful! Hiro Mashima made a wonderful character!

Erza can equip a lot faster then anyone in FAIRY TAIL, she is also known as the lady monster because she has defeated a lot of monsters. The match against Natsu also she had victory. It is not only because of her equip power but she is mentally stable

I hate that people always separate her by calling her the "best female". She's the best CHARACTER

Erza is amazing and beautiful. She has very strong convictions and she is a disciplinarian, however, she knows when to be kind and considerate for others.

Why is Erza the first one? She is clearly have no personality and is definitely a Mary Sue and wins every fight. Not to mention: She's clearly overpowered and gets so much credit. To be honest, I prefer Lucy over Erza because Lucy has a personality and is not over powered, and have flaws and Erza never had.

She is beautiful and amazing. Her magical power is vast. I also like how she had such a sad past, but continued to live on without showing all her emotions.

She's got the best and deepest character of all of FT. Not to mention the Drop Dead Gorgeous looks and the mental and physical strength that can be considered a leader to have. Her past is sad, yes, but that just adds to her character even more. I think if we look at an overall of everything Erza have them all. She's like the master holder of everything

Everyone fears and admires her because of her strength and abilities but aside from that she's the best character in fairy tail because she's a real person, I mean she also have weaknesses and that what makes her the best

Ezra just blows my mind in every fairy tail episode I watch. She keeps on standing up and fight for herself and others. She is still yet enriched with beauty, strong and power. My faith will never leave Ezra as she and I will stride together as one.

Erza she is so perfect character the most beautiful, smart, strong, funny, crazy and cool perfect an anime girl her power some times make me scared I mean when she become like "natsu get out of her" I become like ugh cute

A beauty with brain and humongous power and good moral to back it up. Also, as a die hard fan her personality is unique, quite complementing our hero Natsu. So yay for the odd fairy tail of Knight and the Dragon.

Erza is the best no one can be as good as her in everything she does. I love erza and obviously no words to describe her beauty and her.