I personally like Juvia very much. I know, the way she loves Gray skirts madness, but, if you are following the manga, you've seen what she has done while battling Gray under Invel's spell. Against all odds, she has broken through his spell and tried to take her own life, so that Gray would be free of the chains and could beat Invel - which he did, magisterially. Plus, my respect towards her skyrocketed when I saw her killing Keith, probably the first time she killed someone since she joined Fairy Tail. The huge amount of mature feelings and thoughts that popped up during that fight are beyond description, hence why she is my favorite Fairy Tail's female character.

She is so hilarious! I am so glad she has found happiness (even though she can be a little dramatic, and creepy, and while we are at it, slightly annoying, but she is still awesome). Plus, she is just so adorable!

Why? I know Juvia is just weak but for anyone she love is been hurt she will kill anyone who does that. She is the best even though she's a stalker.

I really want to like Juvia. She was almost my favorite character when she was first introduced. She was clever, strong, cool, and intimidating when she was fresh out of phantom lord. Now, all she ever talks about is Grey. It's like she forgot how to have a personality outside of her crush. I want to see the old Juvia again. One that hits other notes besides "Grey sama! "

Juvia is a character that is rare in Fairy Tail. She doesn't like showing off her body (except to Gray) and she is hilarious. She also has some pretty awesome outfits. I really like how under all that stalker stuff, she's really a nice person. She also had pretty awesome powers, and, unlike Wendy, where she is a sweet person but is not incredibly strong, she is actually very strong. I also really like her and Gajeels friendship. I wish there was more of it.

Juvia is one of the best, she has a lot of super cool magics. And there are more to her powers than what we just see, she needs to be more noticed and not to be underestimated. Aside from that she is very inspiring, especially her views on love, she may go overboard with her feelings to gray but she Always show that love is a really powerful weapon. Her loyalty to fairy tail just adds up to her good qualities, she trully shows that she will do anything for the people she loves.

I agree that Juvia's "fangirlishness" can be overwhelming at times, but it still made for several good comedic moments. I absolutely love her backstory and personality, especially her serious and collected side. She is incredibly powerful too. Even if she tends to go on bout her "love rivals", she still loves all her comrades, even Lucy who spends a lot of time with Gray. She would gladly give up her well-being for a comrade. Her love for Gray is also 100% sincere, and it drives her. As for her being rather emotional, she is a water mage after all.

Who says Juvia is weak? According to author of Fairy tail, she's the third strongest female of Fairy tail (First two are Erza and Mirajane).

She loves her guild and its members, she also have the potential of being a s-class wizard because her power is pretty strong.. She even sacrificed herself for cana's sake and fought meredy to save gray.. She care for everyone in the guild and she is always doing her best in fighting with the guild's enemies

She is an amazing character that shows what she's feeling and puts others before herself. She is really funny and deserves higher than what she has. She never gave up and always stayed by her comrades side.

To be honest I think Juvia is pretty talented in skill wise thinking. She also demonstrates such funny and weird personalities that prove he's different. Her love obsession with Gray is a bit much at times but it's apart of her character traits in a way. If Juvia would fight like no tomorrow without she would be undoubtably as strong as Ezra actually when she's ready she could be as strong as Ezra with the right motivation(Gray) anyway she should be higher than lucy

I'm really sorry to say this, but Juvia has to be one of, if not, my least favorite characters. I mean, she has her perks, like she's strong, loyal, and loves her friends. But I cannot stand her obsession for Gray. When she's obsessive, I have to pause every 5 seconds to cringe. Sometimes, she can be cute, but it's overall annoying and stupid. I mean, she can fangirl about Gray, but when it's every second of her screen time, it gets old really fast. Lets face it, she is way too obsessive. If Hiro tones down her obsession to a normal person, I might like her better.

What I like the most about Juvia is her evolution.
Think about it : at first she was lonely and sad, then when she met Grey ( one of the best fight of the all anime! ) she became that crazy fangirl who's seeing love rivals everywhere she looks. But she's now more mature and she can be serious when she wants too. She's also less shy : she used to hide to stalk her Grey-Sama but now she is WITH him, she dares to tells him how she feels about him in front of half the country... She's the one that changes the most in the anime.

I love her compassion too : when she joined Fairy Tail she helped Gajeel and thanks to her ( and to Reby ) he's now a better person. She did the exact same thing with Meldy on Tenro. I mean, who would have thaught she was able to actually HUG someone who wanted Grey?
She deeply loves and cares for her friends, just watch how she threw herself at an electrical sphere to avoid fighting Kana ( I was sooo mad at Fried ) and when she said she didn't deserve ...more

Went from evil, and capturing Lucy, then randomly fell in love with someone from another guild, And THEN became a creepy stalker girl who leaves lunch boxes to her crush AND FINALLY joins the guild and becomes a normal person.

Juvia has a very relatable childhood. Her family wasn't killed, she wasn't betrayed, she was just lonely. I and many others can relate to that.

I really don't understand the hate about Juvia, yes she may have issues about her fangirling but I kind of like her with that personality, I think its funny and crazy! she adds more interest to the story. and for me shes just showing her true self. But aside from her fangirling, she is a very honest, kind hearted, strong and selfless character, haters are just ignoring this because all they see are her flaws.

Idiots... Juvia is crap, just refer to the worst characters page, where she may not be first (Although she should because she is the worst character not only in fairy tail but in all of anime) and you will see not only idiots like yourselves but also smart and reasonable individuals who know that she is crap as a character.

Her personality really stands out, compared to the others. Super funny, eccentric, lovable, and unpredictable

At starting...I hated her but character really improved! I really like that she will do anything for her friends

Juvia is pretty strong, but ever since she fell in love with Gray she would rarely ever display her full power, except for that one time when Meredy said she wanted to kill Gray. If you think Juvia is weak, then what's your definition of "strong"? Lucy? Juvia is way stronger than Lucy

Juvia is a awesome character and she deserves to be higher then this rank

Juvia is the best and way better than lucy. She is prettier and stronger, and needs more love.

She's so pretty and amazing. Her love & compassion for her friends is what makes her so powerful. She's strong, funny, cute, and amazing.

Entertaining, cute, strong, stunningly beautiful and always know how to surprise.

I love how sweet she is and I love her crazy daydreams never fail to make me laugh