How is the main character at number 7 on this list?! I've loved Lucy ever since the start, she's has amazing qualities that make her hilariously relatable: has trouble with her love life(ahem forget about that, she's got a Natsu ), the most logical out of all her friends, and is especially relatable when it comes to struggles about her personal problems. Most people who dislike Lucy only don;t like her because they think she 'sits back and lets Natsu and her friends fight for her instead of doing it for herself'. Well, guess what?

Lucy DOES fight for herself when she can. Remember in Tartaros, when everyone was isolated in that stuff and she was the only one left? She fought until she could barely move, and if you read the manga, you would know: after a year, Lucy turned from medium strength to a badass. Like seriously, how much more beautifully strong can you get? She probably matches Erza in both beauty AND power now!

Lucy save the the world when she sacrifices Aquarius's key in manga chapter 384 in order to summon Spirit King and defeat Jackal. She's also gain Aquarius water controlling ability and uses Urano Metria to defeat him. After that, she restored the humanity and making everyone come back to Earthland. It is also a very curious thing that her mother's death date is the same as the dragons disappearance and she knowing the secret of One Magic. Lucy displays so much compassion towards her comrades and not wanting any luxury provided by her father and not through her hardwork. She doesn't like her fate to be decided and cared deeply towards her spirits she called friends. Moreover, she is also very kind even to someone she don't like. For example, her father Jude Heartfilia, she even go to the guild, Love and Lucky when she heard that her father may be in danger and beat the guild Naked Mummy. For me, she is the best character.

Lucy Heartfilia is just the most heartwarming character in this series, and I don't think I'll be able to love a fictional character as much as her. I wish she was my older sister, she is just great. She may not have much skill, but her magic holds much potential, and she can be very powerful, one of the most powerful if I must say. Her personality is great too, and she is a very explored character, very funny and sweet. I hope she ends up with Gray though, they're great together.

Lucy helped so many people. Helping people doesn't only have to be by protecting them. It can also be by helping them mentally and emotionally. She helped Loke see that he deserves to live. She helped Gemini see that celestial spirits deserve to be treated as equals. She helped Cana see that every one in Fairy Tail matters and that she shouldn't quit the guild. She helped Brandish see that even the people who you think are bad can really be good. She helped Flare see that there are people who actually care and aren't all abusive and mean.

Lucy is the most realistic Character in the whole series. As someone said before me: None of us would be Erza. Lucy has a great development and goes from weak to a strong female lead, which we all would do, if we were there.
Also I heard someone complain about her Backstory, because it wasn't extravagant like any other in the series and therefore it wouldn't be sad. Let me tell you something: How many of us have escaped child kidnappers who are obsessed with a dark wizard, like Erza? How many of us lost our whole family and our Ice Wizard Master, because a giant Monster bombed our hometown, like Gray? And How many of us were left behind by our dragon father, like Natsu? I can tell you no one, because it's unrealistic.
But many people experience the loss of a parent, because of a disease and many experience that they're not loved by their parents. Lucy's Backstory wasn't sad because it was portrayed so, her past was sad because it was relatable and realistic, I cried because I ...more

At the beginning, she is weak and kind of seems a bit stupid, but once you get farther in, she is actually really smart and pretty powerful, I think a lot of people forget that unlike Natsu Gray and Erza, Lucy hasn't been doing magic for her whole life, also I think that she by far has the most character development and growth out of all the characters and I think that it's important that every good anime has someone like that

Lucy Heartfillia may not be the strongest but her personality makes up for it. She's hilarious, always keeps a smile on her face, always positive, emotional, and always puts other people ahead of herself. And even though her magic's not strong, she tries her hardest to fight for her guild and her friends. ♥NatsuxLucy♥

Lucy is an amazing character! If you don't like her you shouldn't be a fan of Fairy Tail! She's our main character! The reason why she doesn't always fight is because celestial spirits take a lot of magic energy out of her and she isn't as reckless as Natsu. She is always trying to fit in with the other guys and now (In the manga) she can fight now! The one thing I don't like is that she uses her looks to weaken men, but hey everyone has flaws and she is beautiful! Every one has looked in the mirror and thought how horrible or beautiful/handsome they look. (SPOILER) After her star dress I think she can fight equally with the others, she is just as strong as them but doesn't always fight because it takes a lot of magic and needs to know when the time is right to strike.
Lucy is either my 3 favorite character (Kagura, Natsu, Lucy are my top 3)

Lucy is such a forgiving and caring character. She forgave Minerva after the terrible things she did to her. She forgave Flare also for the horrible things she did to her. She forgave Brandish for the horrible things she said to her. She forgave Mary Hughes for the awful things she did to her. She forgave her father eventually after he shunned her out.

Lucy is a very amazing person. She (I feel) relates to regular people the most. People may think themselves more like a more powerful character, but Lucy is the most realistic, and the best! I have always like her from the start, and I feel people should stop dissing her! She is a great character and she is kind and cool! Of course she is the best character!

Lucy has the most complex personality, and I like that. Lucy could be vain one second, kind the next, and serious the next. Her power is incredible from her star dresses, her keys, her whips, and her melee attacks. She is probably my favorite character in Fairy Tail due to her strength, courage, kindness, and her heart.

I guess I kind of like Lucy. It's mostly because of her ship with Natsu though. But other than that I think she is a good character. Just because she's blonde and likes pretty clothes doesn't make her bad! I'ts not like she's a Mary Sue, she actually worked for her goals and in my opinion is stronger than most people may think. She cares for her friends, is pretty, smart, a little ditzy, and has just the right amount of sass. I hope that people don't like her just because she is blonde and is a slight girly girl.

She is not perfect obviously when we compare to others, but that is the reason I love her most.
Although she is kind of a crybaby, she smile to the full soon after crying. Her character has a reality, therefore very attractive.

People say shes weak cause she doesn't fight as much but I mean just because lucy trys to find a calmer solution than just going plain out there and fighting for no reason doesn't mean she's weak, it means that she is smart and intelligent. NalI fans will probably fight back cause I'm stating facts but it's true. Just get over yourselves for once. She does have her faults but when she fights she is SUPER powerful. She's even saved natsu more than any other character and he is stronger than most of the characters. Would do you have to say about that, huh, haters?

I love lucy! I love her character because she's so funny, smart, and sweet. She is also very beautiful and I haven't cried in 2 years and it takes A LOT to make me cry, but when future lucy died, I almost cried, but I didn't. But it was the closest I was to crying after 2 years.

Its true she can be fairly annoying but not as much as people say she is. To be honest I really don't understand why a lot of people dislike her. Some of my favorite scenes of the anime is when she's fighting because it's a bit of a change from just always seeing Erza, Gray, or Natsu fighting.

I really love Lucy, she's funny and she cares about her friends with all her heart. I admit, she can be conceited when it comes to her looks and in the first few episodes she's pretty weak. But as the anime progresses Lucy became so much stronger! She even got new powers, which I think is pretty impressive.

Lucy heartfilia Forever! She is my most favorite character in Fairy Tail. Why? Not only her cute looks but also her will to fight for her friends no matter what! She taught me well about parents. That whatever happens always love your parents!. She is so funny too! Second best duo for Natsu! I love her~

Lucy has a little bit of everyone in her. Gray's somewhat laid-back (some of the time) personality, Erza's determination, Natsu's spirit, Happy's comedy, Wendy's kindness, Mirajane's beauty, Mavis's commitment; need I go on?

Lucy is strong! So strong! Even though many people try to put her down. She also shares the same English voice actress as Sailor Venus and Asuna! She should get more respect! Lucy could hold her own against Erza or Mira if she absolutely had to! I mean she beats Angle!

Everyone hates on Lucy because shes "weak" SHES NOT. Shes actually really powerful and she deserves more than she gets. Also Lucy is the main character NOT Natsu

Doesn't make her any better! She us the worst prostitute in Fairy Tail! - SelfDestruct

Lucy is one of the best! People think she is not strong but she is actually one of the strongest characters in fairy tail, she is fun and outgoing and all ways thinks about others first, also I think Natsu and Lucy should end up together...

Lucy is my favorite character in the series she isn't strong like her teammates but she has something that touches your heart and to me she is a strong wizard and I'm dieing to see her and natsu to get together.

She's a great person, she is funny, caring, sweet, loyal, pretty, and gets up even after defeat like natsu.i would love to be her little sister...oh! And also, Fairy Tail is the best anime ever!

I'm going to try to be completely honest, here. I find Lucy a little selfish and vain, especially when it comes to her appearance. Ocaasionally Lucy will complain as she gets saved by Natsu. However, she can be powerful if she decides to fight. For example, during the Tartaros arc, everyone was gone and she defeated everyone on her own. Another problem is her emotions. Sometimes her emotions can be power, that or she will suddenly break down in tears. So basically, Lucy is a little vain, but when it comes time, she'll fight for her friends and win.