Natsu may not be the smartest nor the most complex character Fairy Tail has made but he is in the end, he's a character that I can get behind. The degree to which he cares for his family is impressive and in the end, he's a breath of fresh air because unlike everyone else he has his baggage but he doesn't dwell on it as much as so many others do. He lives for the moment and does what he thinks is right despite his fears or mistakes. I can respect that. Plus if people as awesome as Erza are willing to put faith in him, I see no reason to doubt him either and just love him for who he is.

NATSU is bad my life everything! He is my hero my inspiration. My hero. He is so loyal and sexy and hot. DUH! Like he care about his comrades and always protect the ones he loves and the anime it self is so good and NATSU is just my favorite character so I don't know why he is number like the hell is this. He is funny, awesome, cute and amazing. He's awesome powers and he teaches me things that apply to real life. He never shows his weakness and helps others like lucy and happy. He has a soft side and a tough side as well. His quotes are pretty inspirational. His character is what makes him amazing.

I'm sorry if some people are going to be offended by this but Natsu is the heart and soul of Fairy Tail he is stubborn and he rushes into things but he cares about his friends and he will do anything to protect them that's one of the reasons why he's one of the most liked characters I'm sorry if this offends you but he is amazing and he's not rude he just does it to protect his friends I'm sorry if he think he is rude because in reality he is not I don't know what crazy world you're living in but he's an amazing character and yes he does fight with gray a lot and he does challenge people a lot that's but that's what makes himNatsu

Natsu is my favourite character because he's so determined and is extremely selfless. In my opinion, Natsu is the best character because he has an awesome personality and has great potential to become the most powerful wizard in the Fairy Tail world. A lot of people don't give him enough credit for his strength or they say he's the best because "he's Natsu". One of the most admirable qualities Natsu has is his selflessness, but also his courage and determination. He's just an amazing person

Maybe his character is already developed enough? If not who are you to judge (not that your opinion is unappreciated) he is a great character who, as has already been mentioned, cares deeply for his friends. Would fairy tail be the guild it is without him fighting Gray or challenging Erza, and all in all making things humorous? Personally I think the show would be boring without him 'to fire things up! ' But that's my opinion...

Natsu is my favourite character. I like characters that control fire. On top of that, Natsu is strong as a dragon. The best part about Natsu is that he always finds a way to give hope to his friends and the way he never gives up. He may be 4th on this site but doesn't mean we should follow it. Not everyone voted on this site.

Natsu really is just such an incredible character. You see how much he has to go through and how hard he tries and it just inspires you to try your best to protect those you find are dear to your heart. Natsu may not be superman but to me, hero is spelt with five letters, N-A-T-S-U!

Natsu is really inspiring. He's shown me how to stand up even after everything had gone wrong. He smiles and laughs despite all of the painful things he's gone through. And manga spoilers: He's the strongest demon Zeref has ever created. It's so epic.

For me Natsu is the best character ever. It's not just because he is funny, cute and "stupid". It is because of his loyality. He would never leave a friend alone in times of trouble. He even helps people he does not like thaaat much (sorry I have no concrete example). I also think Natsu is not really stupid because he finds always a way out of bad situations and the weakness of his enemy. Of course he is very explosive and is extremely guided by his emotions, but I would not want to miss it in Fairy Tail. In some situations he behaves even perceptively with others. Natsu is the most selfless magician in Fairy Tail stories and in all other Animes and Mangas I know. Fairy Tail without Natsu is no Fairy Tail! (and sorry for my English ;))

Natsu is the BEST! He is always funny and always joking around and you always need a character like that. To all the people who say he has no character development I just want to say NATSU is such a good character that he doesn't need need it.

Come on people. Natsu is the best hands down. He's like husband material. Super comical and lighthearted, but seriously and loving when needed to be. His character is perfection. His love for his friends and family is something that I admire. He's a goofball, but the best goofball ever.

Come on its Natsu you don't need a reason! But ill give you some anyway. he's loyal and a hard worker as well as a good fighter. And you can't forget they Natsu is extremely hilarious and one of the main characters. His love and hope gives him strength and just when tou think its over Natsu comes back and wins like the total badges he is. Those are only a few reasons why I think Natsu should be first!

Natsu has a lot of heart to fairy tail and he may act like a child but when needed he will defend himself, he's loyal and trustworthy (most of the time). If you ever meet anyone who would sacrifice themselves for another come here and tell me. You wouldn't.

Natsu is definitely my favorite character! He is so funny, sweet, powerful, and crazy rolled into one! He is so flipped powerful it scares me! Plus, his hair is so awesome! Who doesn't want pink hair!

I think we should be giving natsu more credit here, he is hilarious but is also serious when it comes to fighting. He is strong and it seemed that he kind of held fairy tail together. He was like the core of happiness

Natsu IS the heart and soul of fairy tail. He's not my favorite character, that's Erza, but he has the most heart and enthusiasm of anyone I've ever met. He's adorable when he gets pissed at people who hurt his friends, and he's the sweetest guy.

Funniest character in the show. He is both me and my brother's favorite character.

Anyone that says natsu is bad that person has got to be the biggest idiot in the world. there is pretty much no fairy tail without natsu

Natsu is one of the most funniest and loyal characters in Fairy Tail. His personality is something you can enjoy, and he loves to eat! What can you not like about him?

Natsu was my favorite since the first episode! And that was for a pretty long time since I'm caught up with both the anime and manga. And he's so funny and adorable!

Natsu Dragneel is one of the best characters around! In my opinion he should be at the top of the list but everyone looks at things differently.

He is funny nice confidant and loves the guild and takes problems into his own hands from other people is a loyal friend and always has fun

Natsu should have been #1 best because he is so strong and his powers are amazing especially Fire dragon slayer magic! He defeats a load of his enemies

He is the king. His words sometimes are heart touching and inspirational. I admire him. - SaranshD

I'm sorry, as a protagonist, Natsu FAILS. His character is incredibly childlike and all he seems to think about is food, winning, fighting, and friendship.