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21 Rufus Lore

Who was that again? Oh wait...THAT guy.

Awesome magic that can make or combine magic and don't know how he got two move shoted by gray.

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22 Wendy

Wendy is such an amazing character! Not only is she very powerful and strong (dragon slayer magic and dragon force) but she is also super kind, caring and helpful. You often don't see characters with both of these traits but that's why I love her. She's beautiful, cute, sweet, cool and strong! I loved her the second she ran into the guild and fell on her face, she has evolved so much from being an adorable, sensitive little girl. She's my favourite character from fairy tail without a doubt.

Shes strong, loyal and cute. People say shes weak but come on shes around 12 or 13. Shes most likely going to be weaker. But still she can beat more things then most guild members. And when comparing her power to the other characters at her age she would beat them. She has been shown to be loyal multiple times and well tell me shes not cute without saying a lie.

Everyone says she's weak but she can use dragon force at the age of 12/13! Even Erza probably wasn't that strong at that age. And she's not a crybaby either, she's completely developed from before and now she never cries. She's strong and brave and always knows how to protect her friends, even if it meant her dying herself (Such as the Tartaros incident with Carla)


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23 Gildarts Gildarts

He's the sweetest character in this anime. He acted almost like a father to natsu and lisanna and despite his power he isn't arrogant or annoying.

He is a sweet father a funny pervert at times and cares for everything I don't like how giro doesn't let him battle more in the manga and the anime

He is so hilarious, I mean they have to give him a pathway to the guild hall! That is still great!

Even though he didn't know he had a daughter, he now cares for her like a good father. That's so cute

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24 Meredy Meredy

Meredy, although she isn't shown too much, is in my opinion a great character. She is very strong and developed a lot in the short period we saw her. She claimed during her scuttle with Rusty that she lived in the present and he lived in the past, meaning that she's optimistic, and has a reason to live-live for your friends

Sweet, beautiful, caring, cheerful, and great character development. Meredy is really underrated. - Goku02

She's on of the sweetest characters and is just really nicer than most people and she's very loyal!

I love Meredy she is a sweet girl. - Goku02

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25 Mavis Vermillion Mavis Vermillion Mavis Vermilion is the first guild master of the infamous guild Fairy Tail. She started as a poor young girl with no parents and friends. She worked for the guild Red Salamander on Tenrou Island. Tenrou Island is also the island that belongs to the Fairy Tail guild where her grave is.

We didn't really get to see a lot of her personality until fairy tail zero. At that point, we get fully immersed in just how clever, brilliant, brave, adventurous, and strong willed she is. I really respect characters and people like that. She's like the Artemis Fowl of Fairy Tail. Even down to the fact that they were both looking for fairies. Isn't that an interesting coincidence...

She is sweet and determined. She faced a hard childhood and yet she is not bitter. She is the opposite of mean and bitter.

She's amazing and smart and so adorable

She's childish, like myself, and she's powerful and lovable.

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26 Orga Nanagear

Cool, strong, hilarious! When he sings it's pure mosh delight!

27 Cobra

He is so awesome, anytime I see he is going to be in the arc I get really excited! Something awesome always happens when he comes into play!

He is funny with his hearing ability and he is strong... His name is also Erik.

Cobra has always Ben my favorite character when ever he's in an arc I get real happy.

He is smart, has cool hearing and darn cute.

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28 Aquarius

Favorite celestial spirit.

The feels :,( You will always be remembered Aquarius.

I love her, she is so funny.

Aquarius is annoying and rude but she rules when she yells/attacks Lucy!

29 Pantherlily Pantherlily

Very cute.

He is so cute!

30 Midnight (Macbeth)

He is a character that you eather love or hate. I find his magic very cool and different, plus the whole punk goth look he has going is cool. I am not saying he is the VERY best (to me he is) but he at least deserves a spot. Or are you girls jello that he pulls of purple lip stick better than you?

31 Levy McGarden Levy McGarden

I just love levy, maybe because I can relate to her very well. Especially since we are both bookworms at heart.

Hey if I ever had a wish I would have wished to meet levy since we share many similarities between us

She maybe not the strongest Fairy Tail character. But she is the brain of Fairy Tail Guild!

Ahhh levy is placed so low on this list! She's my overall favorite, I love her high pitched voice, she's so cute and her magic is pretty unique. I love how she's a bookworm, and even though she's weaker than most of her comrades, she still tries her best to help!

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32 Makarov
33 Makarov Dreyar

One of the reasons I kept watching fairy tail were because of three people. Natsu, Gray, and Master Makarov. The character inspired the creation of one of my own characters (in my novel). I do understand why he isn't highly favored. He drinks a lot, bossy, but hey? He keeps kicking, even at his old age he's still there to set things straight. A lot like master Shifu which I also really like.

I think he's hillarious and a great compasionate "father" to the people in his guild

A greatliyal, kind, strong, funny fatherlike figure and a great charachter

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34 Minerva Orlando

I hate her even after Tartaros. She beats Lucy to near death out of spite and acts like a witch the entirety of the Grand Magic Games arc. She has the nerve to jump into a fight and then suddenly leave and take Milliana and torture her. After Erza defeats Kagura, she stabs her with a sword through the stomach and further tosses Erza around like a ragdoll knowing that she is severely injured and can't fight. And get this, when Erza gets ready to finish her off, she has the gall to say "Let me go, you've won this." You dumb witch. Erza slices her through. And there's MORE. She decides to CRY when her team loses. Wah, grow up. She even black mailed her own teammate to force him to fight. Tell me why we should feel sorry for her? And then, when dragons get through the time portal to destroy the world, this WITCH, has the NERVE to run away and not fight because wahh, she lost. Why save the world and millions of lives when you can run away and get stronger and STILL get beaten by Erza, the ...more

I'm sorry for all you people who love her, but I really don't like Minerva. It's not even just because she's evil (I actually like villains, like Jellal, but I think that's just because I think he's so modest and mature and cute) I just don't like her.

She has magic power that even the great mavis know and feared. she fights dirty but she is still strong although she lost to erza as well

Minerva is a BADASS I mean her magic and tricks are amazing. I hope she stays a villain

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35 Cana Alberona Cana Alberona

Cana deserves to be in the top 10. She used Fairy glitter how can she only be top 40. Ugh it's sad I feel like she's under appreciated.

Cana should be in the top 10. She is awesome. Just can't believe how people voted her down to the top 40

Cana Alberoba has been in the S-Class trails. She has used Fairy Glitter. She can fight. While drunk. Her character has received excellent growth throughout the series, far more than many of the main characters.

Cana deserves a spot in top 20. She is so kind, badass and funny. - Goku02

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36 Master

I love master Makarov, I think he's awesome. I love how he protects everyone in the guild, and how he cares about everyone in the guild. I also love it when he calls himself the parent and all the members his children. I think he deserves a better place but that's just my opinion.

How does Makarov not at least beat Carla

Master is always cheerful whether it's a place to be cheerful or not he always has agood mood. he also mantions his guild members as brats which is super cool. He had awesome children like Ivan and Laxus. WEll I would like to know who he married with but it hasnt been mentioned in fairy TAIL.

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37 Semmes
38 Rocker

Sad to see Rocker only 35, but at least he is above Cana who is just plain terrible as a character. - SelfDestruct

How is his fodder ass this high

39 Mavis

She is so very cute and has the makings of a master, and she was the founder of fairy tai...I mean how awesome is that?!

Mavis is so adorable and cute! Plus she's really strong... so she's my favourite character!

Mavis is so cute! She reminds me of my sister.

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40 Jiemma Jiemma

Jiemma is the ultimatum of Fairy Tail. Sabertooth is now weak without him. Rest in peace a fallen king. - SelfDestruct

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