Best Characters In the Anime Fairy Tail

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81 Romeo Conbolt

He's the cutest character in the whole anime. He deserves to be way higher.

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82 Macao Doranbolt V 1 Comment
83 Macao Conbolt
84 Flare Corona Flare Corona

Flare is so creepy. I really don't like her, but then again, who does.

She was an interesting character to me.

85 Mard Geer Mard Geer

My favourite and badass villain.Just awoesome he is

86 Bickslow

He is so handsome (have you ever seen him without his mask? ) and so cool, why is he so underrated?

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87 Racer

After he messed with Jellal, nope! Not today!

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88 Yuri Dreyar
89 Dimaria Yesta
90 Yukino Agria
91 Michelle Lobster
92 Brain
93 Faust
94 Jose Porla
95 Sorano
96 Layla Heartfilia
97 Toby Horhorta
98 Carla

One of the most underrated characters, she was annoying in Nirvana Arc but has seen development ever since.

She's so sophisticated, I like it. - Pegasister12

Too serious...have a heart carla

Why is Carla so low down on the list? I thought she'd be much higher up. She's an amazing character with a great character development and backstory. She's seriously underrated.

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99 Acnologia

He's badass That all I have to say

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100 Evergreen

She has a cool magic and I'm still waiting for ever and elfman become a couple

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