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1 Sander Cohen

Well I loved atlas so I guess in a way I kind of love sander? - makyho

2 Andrew Ryan

I'm gonna have to say Andrew Ryan the big daddies are aesome and fun to fight but this guy is kjust plain epic his personality is spot on definitely one of the best villains in gaming. he is the Bowser of PS3 games. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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3 Elizabeth

Loved Elizabeth. Most beautiful women in gaming history, and just loved her personality. I found myself really into the game cause I wanted to protect her, even though she didn't really need it. One thing is for sure she is my favorite sidekick in gaming history. - Thewhip73

Every time she opens a tear, I wonder what is gonna happen next? A new world, new version of me, of her? - GREYBOYY

I think she is the best bioshock character ever.

Why is the only helpful excort only #10

4 Frank Fontaine

He is a genius and his spliced up form is amazing I hope they bring him back somehow I don't care

5 Booker DeWitt

Consommate badass. - Thewhip73

6 Dr. Steinman

Okay, everyone is going to hate me for this but steinman is a really cool character. He is just a nutcase who is obsessed with perfection and beauty. The encounter was really scary.Walking through dark hallways, walls covered in bloody pictures, a very upset ghost and finally, you meet him, stabbing a live and concious person, surrounded by three bloody corpses hanging from the walls. The operating room is filthy and when he sees you, he pulls a tommy gun for gods sake! He was the clear inspiration for the doctor and the groom in outlast

7 Dr. Bridgette Tenenbaum
8 Robert and Rosalind Lutece

I am mightily offended that the Lutece twins are this far down! They're so funny and charming, like the Cheshire Cat. You always want to know more about them and you can't dislike them.

9 Big Daddies

Holy S@#t is what goes through my mind every time I see one their that awesome - B3rs3rk3r

10 Jack Ryan

Jack does not talk a lot, yet I am compelled to say jack ryan is the best.

Would you kindly vote "Jack"?

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11 Gilbert Alexander
12 Suchong
13 Peach Welkins
14 Subject Delta

He's awesome and the best big daddy ever

15 Augustus Sinclair
16 Atlas
17 Spider Splicer

The one that follows you through Neptune's Bounty

18 Eleanor Lamb
19 Jeremiah Fink
20 Subject Sigma
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