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1 Captain MacTavish - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Soap was of course the best character in Modern Warfare Series. From the starting in Modern Warfare 1 Price says "What the hell kinda name is soap". Sure he regrets saying that later. He was with Price's group right from the start till the death of Imran Jakhaev by his hands whom Price and McMillan tried to snipe but couldn't kill 15 years ago! He then went for Operation King fish with Price, Ghost and Sandman where Price was taken captive but they thought he was dead. Here though Ghost played a vital role still I don't understand, It isn't enough for people to like Ghost and move him to number 1. After that we see him in Modern Warfare 2 as the acting commander and captain of the Task Force in Cliffhanger. Whenever I see an enemy by playing as roach and turn towards him he snipes out the bastard saying "He's mine" and that too within a second or two.I really like that part too where they made an inhuman jump from one platform of Ice to another one at the start of ...more

He was the best character ever made not in Call of Duty, but in the games history ever! We don't know a lot about him, but we can love him, because we start the Modern Warfare with him, and he is back in MW2 as an NPC and a playable character too. He was a hero, he killed every bad character. Soap should have killed Makarov too, to make him a real legend, but the game creators have killed him, and with him they have killed one of the best game sequels, the Modern Warfare too. He was the most likeable character, he had more to do, and his death was a tragedy and really painful. It shows a message: "It doesn' t matter you liked him, we killed him to end it right here, right now. " He wouldn't die in a table, and Makarov wouldn't get that prize to have a good feeling about his death. It would be nicer, if Soap could kill him and then Makarov should realize, that he can't get everything, what he wants. Makarov got Soap's death, and Soap got what? He killed Zakhaev and Shepherd, ...more

Captain MacTavish is awesome! He saves Roach a bunch of times, he kills General Shepherd and Imran Zakhaev, and he does all the work in combat!

Saop pooped in hell

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2 Ghost - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Ghost - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Of all the characters in the games, Ghost is the only one that I felt horrible when he died, I actually had emotion about him and wanted to kick Shepard ass for it

The most badass I can think of. I didn't know him long, but the mask, glasses, attitude, intelligence, and heroics made me pissed when he died.

The most epic Call of Duty guy in history shepard should go to hell for killing him - decorulez97

The best!

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3 Captain Price - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2 Captain Price - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2 Captain John Price is a main fictional character in the Call of Duty series, being one of three characters to be featured in all of the games in the Modern Warfare series, the others being Captain John "Soap" MacTavish and Nikolai.

Ok he is like 50 years old with arthritis and he still whoops ass and he never dies and he never will.

Price has been around since the first game, he has an awesome voice, is really tough without trying to be, and HE HAS A BEARD!

he should be one or two. Hes old and a beast still. I he would die at the end mw2 though.

He is a BEAST

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4 Frank Woods - Call of Duty: Black Ops

By the way he is not dead he survived. You can find evidence on YouTube

Coolest character ever! I really hope he somehow comes back. The missions with him were my favorite.

I feel bad for him, he gets himself blown up by an idiot! He's awesome and no one can beat him!

You can't kill me

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5 Alex Mason - Call of Duty: Black Ops

Alex Mason is actually such an interesting character. He is a mentally unstable character, who can hear numbers! At the same time he is one good looking, badass dude. He should be top

The most interesting character in the franchise and lives through so much danger.

I like that in black ops, you get to c the primary character, and know what his voice sounds like (a boss) betrayed, forgoten, abandoned. All brothers.

I think he was the best as he and david mason saved the world from menendez

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6 Sergeant Reznov - Call of Duty World at War

he was at the battle of stalingrad, the recapturing of russia and most eastern europe, Seelow Heights and the Battle of Berlin as well as Project Nova and the escape from Vorkuta were he sadly dies but really who else has that under there belt oh and his cool signature machete

Epic and badass, not only in WaW but in black ops too.
And he died like a hero, letting mason get on the train first leaving himself to die

Good character, hardcore knows a lot about warfare, also in Black Ops. - roblist

He saves your life multiple times, and he stops you from being a full sleeper agent.

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7 Gary "Roach" Sanderson - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

In all honesty, I believe the roach should be one of the top modern warfare characters, if not the best. He was took part in many of the significant missions while he still served Task force 141, such as the Gulag, cliff hanger, take down, etc. Even though we don't know much about Roach as a person and don't get to hear him speak let alone see his face, a bond between the player and character is formed. Let's face it, I can't name any other character in the modern warfare series whose missions had epic phases, like : Escaping from a Russian military force that is chasing you down a mountain slope, fleeing from hundreds of Militia rebels in a slum, knowing that your brothers in arms may desert you if you don't make it in time, rescuing a true icon in the modern warfare series (captain price), breaching rooms (come on, we all loved that little matrix moment when you would aim the barrel of your gun through the debris of the wall, taking out all hostile targets in the room) and dodging ...more

Roach is obviously the best Call of Duty character, even though you can't see him you form a sort of bond with him. So when he died I was more sadder for him than anyone else. And he was in all major task force 141 missions like cliffhanger and takedown and stuff and him and mactavish took down an entire Russian base in cliff hanger ROACH for the win

Modern Warfare 2 was the first Call of Duty game I played and Roach is the character that stands out the most in my mind. The fact that characters can die in this game was broken out early when Joseph Allen died so when I was playing Roach, all his narrow escapes actually kept my heart pumping thinking he might not make it. Then comes the ending where you make it alive one last time, then get betrayed, and killed. Being a faceless/voiceless main character, you don't get to know much about Roach in other areas but playing him, you find he's a great soldier who can rely on and support his team. He would of survived his last mission but part of his team betrayed him so yea.

I was sad when I died. - Roach

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8 Gaz - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Gaz is a character, very intelligent and one of the best ones

gaz is the bossest character ever I love him

Number 1 ahead of woods and ghost fantastic character

Gaz is #1. He is the best and will always be number #1. By the way, he is a very good character, and is a kind person.

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9 Yuri Petrenko - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

He is just like price and soap COMBINED!
Even if soap died for yuri,
he didn't actually mean to kill soap.
he is also a badass too!
he took the risk to save price!
now that's a he! #uva badass

Awesome character! Saves Captain Price's life and lives so much danger.

A pretty good Russian character... Yuri is a total warhead!

He died like a legend

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10 Staff Sergeant Griggs - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Griggs is a complete badass, he can take woods any day and should be right on top of that list. He would kick your ass for not voting for him!

Griggs is one of those big black badasses and is awesome and is very underrated.

I didn't really care for Griggs until the final scene when he risks his life Soap. The only reason Price had the time to slide Soap the gun was because Griggs gave him the time. - bilbro29

Griggs for the win!

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11 Makorav - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Definitely the best villain in the entire Call of Duty franchise and certainly one of its best characters too.

Such a bad guy, but awesome bad guy!

He is the best Call of Duty villain I have ever seen. Hope we get to see his life in Spetsnaz sometime. And he is 1# in killing Americans.

Remember,NO RussiaN!

I like the part.You can tell him by your blood.

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12 Captain Victor Reznov - Call of Duty: Black Ops

Victor reznov are one of the most memorable characters of all time! He is a bad ass soviet soldier that he will do anything to get his country back from him! Also if you have a fight with this guy. You will lose your face in a tragic FIST accident!

The stereotypical badass Russian that has to say cambrad at least once on each sentence!

His my favorite character he surive all missions

Best Call of Duty character should be number 1

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13 Nikolai - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 & 2

Brave, Loyal and Awesome is what describes this legend.

A genius! He's very funny!

You know how to say owned in Russian? Owned!


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14 Sergeant Roebuck - Call of Duty: World at War

Great leader, cares about his men and won't back down to his enemies, and has many followers

He makes WaW such an awesome game, he deserves at least a place in the top 10 go Rodebuck

One of the best Sergeants in the series - bman1994

Miller burn the grass! - sergent Roebuck blowtorch and corkscrew

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15 Cpt. Price - Call of Duty 2

This Price isn't the same as Captain John Price in Modern Warfare. Pretty much every Call of Duty up till 3 had a captain price.

Captain Price was the best character in the Call of Duty franchise.

Never saw any evidence saying it isn't the same captain price.

Note: Not explaining or voting for them.
Lol everyone is think this is Price from COD4 - MW3
there are two Captain Price's - Commander_One

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16 David Mason - Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Dude! This guy is just about as kind as you can get in a war game. Yeah yeah, sounds weird. But hear me out. If you chose to shoot Harper while you were playing as Farid, David doesn't freak out. He just calms down Farid and says he had no choice, and let me remind you that Harper was Alex's best friend. That takes some serious gut. Bless this guy.

He saved the world from total war.He should be in the top ten.

Why isn't this guy number one? He's an amazing character. He's a hero, and he's such a great guy. I love him to death.

He is the best chacter in Call of Duty

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17 Derrick Frost - Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3

Didn't say a word but he does more work than sandman grinch and truck combined

By far one of the more talented and skilled members of the whole franchise.

The only surviving member of his squad.

Awesome guy--but really quiet.

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18 Captain MacMillan - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

He says awesome tag lines and best of all he's Scottish and has an epic accent!

I like how he say : "Good night ya bastard! "

Just an amazing guys

#Suzy haha

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19 Corporal Dunn - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Him and foley stay all though the ranger campaign is mw2
That's my opinion, he should not be left out, he awesome
Put him on the list he knows how to hit a target. And he does not get killed. He can kill anyone anywhere
Cpl. Dunn represent

Corporal Dunn stuck with the rangers till the end! He gets my vote any day of the week. He made sure his squad got home to their families. Move him up!

He has night vision with his helmet, I really think he should have been in the top ten.

he is good

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20 Tank Dempsey - Call of Duty: World at War

This marine is a badass, hardcore awesome character he should at least be in the top tens

21 Sandman - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

He just wins. Team Metal Leader and Master Sergeant. People don't push him around.

Sandman is a don, he knows exactly what to do and he deserves to be up there in the top 20.

Such a cool character and is my second favorite behind Reznov

Only one I would trust to lead me into battle. He also has a humble way of kicking ass. He gave his life to save tne world

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22 Jason Hudson - Call of Duty: Black Ops

Come on people! He showed the true meaning of friendship. He made woods kill Mason to save Mason's son David, not his life. Later on When Menendaz prompts to kill all them three, he sacrifices himself so David can see another day. He didn't did it for woods. Woods was crippled, injured and he had no one to cry for him. If Woods gave himself up instead of Hudson then I am sure the events of 2025 would have never happened. Hudson would have killed Menendaz for his friends and for he world

You do realize there talking about him from Black ops 1 not the second one - Ethan-metal1

Coolest badass ever! Especially his shades, too bad he got killed

Mr Shades. A complete boss, the stereotypical hard as nails fed. Epic in the Kowloon mission. Why Ian' t Jennifer up the list?

Bad ass in bo1 got his throat slit in bo2 RIP

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23 Nikolai Belinski - Call of Duty: World at War

Biggest badass ever and he got 20 I would give him 2nd after ghost

Three words: Demon hell pigs!

24 Bowman - Call of Duty: Black Ops

Played by Ice cube and he is a pretty good fighter and soldier. I was so pissed when he died! He was the best out of them and will always be - robertoantonioortuso

Its Ice Cube! He desreves top 10 spot

He's one bad ass mo fo

25 Sgt. Marcus Burns

This guy is very good he never died in Call of Duty was still alive after the train crash and did everything he needed to do

Never got to know him much. Shouldn't be so high on the list.

26 Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko Call of Duty World at War

He is one of the best call of duty characters ever I have no idea how he isn't on this list for 1 he survived waw he was a badass sniper saved reznov so many times I was so pissed when kravchenko killed him especially with nova gas wow.

Really 23 did you guys even play waw he gets shot multiple times and still puts the Russian flag up in Berlin

Love the relationship between him and Reznov. Level-headed and reliable. He wouldn't make a good leader but he's damn good at following an order. Tragic death just makes me appreciate him even more.

Hero of Stalingrad - bman1994

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27 Lev Kravchenko - Call of Duty: Black Ops

He did nothing but kill random people. Should he really be this high on the list?

He is really cool

28 John F. Kennedy - Call of Duty: Black Ops

It's our president he should be higher



29 Sgt. Foley - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

This guy is awesome. He really does know how to take out a target

He is an awesome leader.

Ooh Rah

RAMIREZ! DO EVERYTHING! - Foley all throughout MW2

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30 Sergeant Dixon - Call of Duty 3

This game reminded me of brothers in arms hells highway

"Ok, listen up. We're on a top secret mission to get coffee and donuts. Problem is, the Germans drank all the coffee and ate all the donuts. So now we gotta go kick their asses."

Litteraly the best character in the series!

31 Edward Richtofen - Call of Duty: World at War

Why is eddy hear he is one of the best characters ever he's under Paul Jackson for God sake what is wrong with this world lol

What's not to love about an insane nazi scientist turned saviour of the world?

32 Sgt. Wallcroft - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

He's so boss he was bossing that level mind the gap I wish he was in more levels

Wallcroft is ghost

Best character

Ghost never died he is wallcroft notice in mw2 how when Roach is on fire you can't see him when before you could

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33 Lieutenant Vasquez - Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

People say Griggs is underrated but the real underdog is Lt. Vasquez. He kicks ass, he leads his men, and he's a Gung Ho Marine! Sermper Fi

OMG, what the hell is he doing number 10 on the list? He should at least be number 3, because he's different from the other characters, he's looks kind of like a body builder!

He was a good soldier. He shouldn't have died the way he did.

Vasquez do everything! - JarRgs

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34 Pvt Huxley - Call of Duty 3

Gotta have love for my brother Huxley, he's completely hysterical. Also he has to be one of the most loveable characters in the game.

THAT BEANIE HAT! Laugh out loud he was funny at times in the game - jgwmz1993

One of the best characters in the series

When he smells the battlefield: “O man I love that smell! Smells just like home! ”

35 Logan Walker - Call of Duty: Ghosts

He is the one most like Simon ghost Riley and that makes him a total badass

Just awesome! He kills silently, intelligently, has got a badass mask and is the younger which means he will get stronger.

This guy is an ultimate badass has a mask of simon ghost riley and the skills of soap

One of the most Badass Call of Duty: Ghosts characters

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36 Captain Gideon - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Seriously after playing the campaign of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Gideon is known in the ranks with Captain Price, Captain MacTavish (Soap), Ghost and Captain MacMillan. Gideon definitely needs to be way higher on this list

He should seriously be higher on the list. At least top 15.

One Of the badass in Call of Duty Series

BADASS - Not_A_Weeaboo

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37 Yuri - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

He saved price

He's already on this list stupid

38 Sergei Kozin: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Sergei is great he and ghost in a team would be the coolest thing ever but sadly there both dead ;(

Ghost and Sergei should be in a team they are a badass Sergei should be a juggernaut

Sergei is in black ops you retards

He is a badass should be number 2 he did a pickaxe uppercut and it sucked pretty bad when he died If he was in a team it would be he should be in it and ghost should be in it

39 Grinch - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

He sacrificed himself, give him some credit

He is awesome character andhis weapons is BEAST


ı don't know why but ı lıke this guy... He is little stupid but ı think its ok

40 Ethan - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

This is what you get when you mix a great personality and a badass robot

The only character I cared about

Easily top 15 - Ethan-metal1

He is just good
Nothing more to say

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41 Private James Ramirez - Modern Warfare 2

Takes orders but is so cool. Just way too cool. Ramirez would take out an AC-130 with a Throwing Knife if Foley told him too. Ramirez is just awesome.

This guy did the most work than anybody on this list. He was a great soldier.

Ramirez should be in the top 10 he does everything

"Ramirez, do everything! " Always he does everything!

42 Abigail "Misty" Briarton - Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies mode

Very tough, reasonable and sexy hot chick

Finally a female perms cbar

She insexy and very badass
She in sexy and very badass

43 Pvt. Nichols - Call of Duty 3

Could he be the younger Papa Nichols from Drake & Josh since Papa Nichols fought in Europe against the Nazi's since older Nichols thought he was still in WWII and thought Craig and Eric were German Nerds - bman1994

Baddest player in the game always risking his life for his men

Silent but badass

44 Elias Walker - Call of Duty: Ghosts

Elias use to be leader of the ghosts until he got shot by Rorke ( brainwashed ) shot him 3 times in front of logan's and hesh 's eyes.

I like elias he is captin of the ghosts and dad of Hesh walker and Logan. Warker

45 General Shepherd - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Total dark twisted badass mastermind

He IS THE WORST! Anyway he's a bad guy

46 David Hesh Walker - Call of Duty: Ghosts

He is a good man who trying to fight for his family and his team. And follows his fathers foot steps

Hesh is the hacker of the ghosts but when he was homecoming his father was still alive.

A good man and a great ghost, my new favorite character!

Hesh is as swag as nan

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47 Nick Reyes - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Nick Reyes - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
48 Sgt. Kamarov - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

He is like a Russian Price... And when you need him 20 troops and him always appear from a Bush nearby... Plus he saved Price and Soap when no one else would come for them..."You are going to be alright my friend" BEST WORDS EVER.

49 Gabriel Rorke - Call of Duty: Ghosts

Think about this: Rorke is the only Call of Duty villain to actually turn the main character into his minion (since Dragovich's plan backfired on him). He is a boss because he could take any of the Ghosts in a one-on-one fight and his only mission is to kill them all. He kills two of them (Elias and Ajax), injures two of them (Hesh and Merrick), and brainwashed the most important one (Logan). He also took a bullet through the chest and was subsequently submerged in the ocean but he still survived. Can't wait to see him in Call of Duty: Ghosts 2. Best Call of Duty villain ever!

Rorke is the only Call of duty villain still alive! He survived a shot that broke through two people and a window. He still bleeds afterwards with enough energy to get out of the water and brake Logan's arm!

Rorke is one of the most bad ass villians ever. And the beat in Call of Duty. he goes threw being dropped in a flooded city, tortured by the federation, shot by logan and survived a train being shot by loki. And survived with enough energy to break logans ARM and drag him away.

He is a cruel, but an awesome badass at the same time

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50 Brooklyn - Call of Duty Big Red One

All the Big Red One characters were fantastic, sadly not many people know of them or this one gem of a game, may it always shine bright in the memory of everyone who knows it

Why is everyone forgetting about all of the earlier amazing Call of Duty Games?

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