Ghost - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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When you learn about Ghosts full past life with the torture with Washington and Sparks, who are brainwashed to kill Ghost. They kill Ghosts entire family and Ghosts manages to kill them both. Then after Ghost kills his torturer he is found by Shepherd who takes Ghost into Task Force 141.

It's the betrayal that makes him the best character. The man that saved Ghost after Ghost endures torture and the one that asked him to join Task Force 141 is the same one who kills him

Alongside Ghosts awesomeness as probably the deadliest soldier in any call of duty game.

He's the best in the modern warfare series. Soap and Price are really awesome, but ghost was the best. In the third last mission he was presumed dead. I was out when I saw him get shot, and was pretty happy when captain MacTavish died, and wished I could have saved ghost in the first place. I got all emotional and to this day, I refuse to believe ghost is dead. He is a hero, and went down in Call of Duty history. He will always be my absolute favourite.

I'm not gonna lie...ghost was my favorite character of the entire Call of Duty franchise mainly just because of (yes his cool mask too) his personality. He was brave, intelligent, and willing to save his entire team. Even though you don't see him much, I feel like he provided the most impact of any character to me than any other. I also try to think he lived.

The only character whose untimely death made me emotional and really appreciate the game developers for developing such a wonderful plot.
Soap's death was kind of forced, but even though I would have wanted roach and ghost to survive, shepherd wouldn't be so hated then?..

The Mystique behind a war hero was sculpted in a mask, his allegiance to the Force to reach victory due to the biggest endeavors, through burning debris, shattered glasses and smoked falling shells. One story, one game defined his legacy on the making of a warfare odyssey.

Not because of the mask ( which is cool) but his personality. Like he's intelligent, brave, and caring like when roach gets shot by Shepard he shouts at Shepard " noo! " And tries to pull he's gun out to save roach. Ultimate soldier. Go team ghost

Ghost is simply the best character because of his unfortunate death as well as his cool mask. No wonder why Infinity Ward named their upcoming Call of Duty "Ghosts" and their dog character "Riley" after Ghost's name (Simon Riley).

I love him! He was such a cool character with the glasses, skull balaclava, and cool code name, I want to strangle Shepherd for killing him. I hope that there will be a game with him as the main character (with all dead characters resurrected) than Ghost kills Shepherd and says "Revenge is served! " I wish he didn't die! Why did you kill him Infinity Ward? I WANT TO KILL SHEPHERD WITH MY MOLOTOVS!

First of all, ghost is not dead he was shot on the shoulder and if you look carefully you can see that there is no gasoline poured on ghost its only on roach and the snipers in the starting of the mission saved ghost. Another reason is because in one of the missions in mw2 ghost sais why do we have to wear these fireproof vests. Another reason is because the producer of Call of Duty said " ghost is not exactly dead but you'll see what I mean soon" I think ghost is coming back in mw4

You all must be on crack, Ghost? He did almost NOTHING, just a bunch of kids who like him because of his "cool" mask, that's pretty much it, Alex Mason, Woods, Soap, Price, and many other optional characters deserve this spot way more than "Ghost" does. They have much more depth to them.

Amazing character. After playing MW2, I actually got a Ghost costume. I probably got more attached to his character than any other videogame character ever, and it sucks that Shepard killed him.

I have to vote for ghost because he's the only one I really wanted to make it out alive, the rest not really, but the idea of him was so awesome I want to hit robert bowling for killing him off

Ghost was incredible, his mask defined his personality, and made him look incredible. Noting his awesome Australian accent, that makes him sound incredible. But his death, and the story was awesome as well.

Most epic guy in the history of Call of Duty. He is just so badass and awesome! His silent and intelligent nature made me want to kill Shepherd in the worst way possible when he died!

This is the only character in any game that I actually felt sorry for. I kinda hope that he's still alive but I know that you don't get shot, then burnt and live to tell the tale.

Ghost is not just a character. He has a story. A story that is unknown. That story will be told in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It will be special. Ghost will return. Bigger, Badder and Better than ever before!

Such an awesome character ghost is,When he died,I was almost about to cry when I played that mission for the first time and that's why I hate that mission,loose ends

Ghost was by far the best Call of Duty character that ever lived (and died). I admire Simon Riley so much that I made him my Xbox Live avatar.

Ghost is a awesome "Mate" I actually studied ghost's death and he never died also...SHEPARD IS A IDIOT IF HE THINKS HE CAN MESS WITH GHOST!

Ghost is an epic hero! He makes him self look fearless with his skull balaclava. His British accent is awesome and he is one of the most loyal out task 141

Whenever I'm doing missions in the museum is a walk up to Shepard and kill him with a knife. It's vengeance for the ghost. Has always been my favorite.

I think that ghost is one of the most awesome characters in Call of Duty history what I hate is the mission loose ends but still ghost he's awesome

I think I have an idea for call of duty...STOP KILLING THE COOLEST CHARACTER PLEASE, Ghost is the most coolest character in call of duty franchise

Ghost and Roach were just doing their job hunting down Makarov until they were betrayed and killed by Shepard. A sad and horrible death.

Ghost is awesome. His mask makes him a personality. But he's also a great soldier and field commander. It's so "" stupid that he's killed