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21 Deangelo Vickers
22 Meredith Palmer

Definitely lost quite an amount of brain cells to alcohol to say the least.

23 Jo Bennett
24 Finger Lakes Guy
25 Jan Levinson
26 Karen Filippelli

Could have had a lot more impact and be sophisticated and interesting, but she mostly seems like just another person existing.

Very underused character unfortunately.

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27 Nate

Sensible, insecure and pretty weird dude.

"Daryl I will look so handsome for you."

28 Nellie Bertram
29 Roy Anderson
30 Prison Mike

Best Character by far. He really should´┐Ż've been in the finale.

31 Clark Duke
32 Gabe Lewis

Gabe is kind of the opposite of Ryan in some ways. He's clearly also immature and new to the business world, but tries hard to be liked and accepted (even too hard sometimes). He's also capricious and big headed.

Gabe is awkward and uncomfortable but one of the best characters on The Office.

33 Philip Halpert
34 Philip Schrute

The new era

35 Robert California

He reminds of Trump and seems like a psycho- or at least sociopath to me. He's very opposite of Michael, being very manipulative, serious and egoistic, knowing what he wants and how to get it. Examples of his manipulativeness: from the first moments he came in, everyone obeyed him almost like slaves and some were even scared of him, when he tries to reach out to Dwight, he fails because Dwight is a good manipulator and intelligent person himself, too.

He wired and has sone of the best quotes ever why are people like finger lakes guy higher

How the hell is he in the last place?

The Lizard King.

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36 Pete Miller

The underrated and overlooked dude with some slightly hidden potentials it feels like.

37 Cecilia Halpert
38 Bob Vance
39 Val
40 Charles Miner
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