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21 O'Malley

Just, don't get me started with him.

22 Sharkface

"what is with this guy
"those super soldier freaks dropped a building on me and left me for dead, they killed the only family I ever had

23 Ander Smith V 1 Comment
24 Bitters
25 Private Jimmy
26 Gary V 2 Comments
27 Sheila

Sheila is just awesome. Even though she killed church (caboose killed church). She then was a pelican, so why would she be a bad character, and everyone's scared of her too.

28 Flowers

Gayer than donut

He's just so nice to his team!

That axe throw, twas beautiful.
His battle tactics Are awesome

29 South
30 C.T.

C.T. was a rebellious yet selfless character, despite her short screen time. It was her who caused the downfall of Project Freelancer when Agent Texas rebelled for her cause. Her legacy lived on through Texas and the Insurrectionist Leader.

V 1 Comment
31 Andy V 1 Comment
32 Freckles

I love the name and I like how he is downloaded into cabooses assault rifle - IHateOnions

33 Junior
34 Jensen
35 Theta
36 Lopez 2.0

Mainly because even if his head comes off, he can still control his body. All the other ones were taken.

37 Kimball
38 Matthews
39 Apolitical
40 Apolimo
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