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101 Moiraine Damodred - The Wheel of Time Series

Moiraine was always my favorite. She kept everyone in check and always took charge for the better. She spent 20 years of her life trying to find Rand so that he would be safe before Tarmon Gai'don. Moiraine DIED because she knew Rand couldn't bring himself to kill a woman. She also killed a couple of Forsaken. It took me forever to get over her death, I kept convincing myself that she isn't dead, there was no proof. Maybe she did something with Lan's bond and she's still alive in the twisted doorway. Sadly, I knew that wasn't the case. She was truly the best. - Merilille

102 Kestrel Hath - The Wind Singer

If you haven't read this book (and those that follow), you are missing out. This has been my favourite book for years and it inspires me to have strength and refuse to give up. If you want a strong female character, you really don't have to look anywhere else!

103 Ramona - Scott Pilgrim
104 Gideon - Scott Pilgrim
105 Big Johnson Bone - Bone
106 Ruby Daly - The Darkest Minds

A kick-butt character!

107 Liam Stewart - The Darkest Minds

The boy is amazing! Such a good person and why can't he be real?!

Liam is actually the love of my life.

108 Vida - Never Fade

Vida is amazing! She is so fierce and tough, but still kind-hearted. She's the ideal best friend. Or best fighter. However you want to put it.

109 Jude - Never Fade

Jude is precious. He is the sweetest most adorable child in the whole wide world.

110 Cole Stewart - In the Afterlight

I love Cole so much. He is so brave yet kind hearted.

111 Chubs - The Darkest Minds

Chubs is the ideal best friend. Concerned but loving, honest, and kind. There's nobody I'd rather go on an adventure with.

112 Melody Muns - The Rithmatist

She's funny, sweet, and relatable.

113 Fifty Shades of Grey V 1 Comment
114 John Gregory - The Spook's Apprentice
115 James Adams - Cherub
116 Sidney Chambers - Grantchester Mysteries Saga Sidney Chambers - Grantchester Mysteries Saga Reverend Sidney Chambers is a main protagonist in the period crime series Grantchester as well as the Grantchester Mysteries books by James Runcie, from which the TV series is based on. more.
117 Jamie Tyler - Power of Five
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