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Who is the best Character in the TV program Supernatural?

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1 Dean Winchester Dean Winchester Dean Winchester is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the American drama television series Supernatural.

Dean Winchester is iconic. He's a Hero without Superhero powers but still stands toe to toe with powerful beings and tries to sass his way out of trouble when his trusted shotgun won't work. He doesn't believe in his own worth but never gives up fighting for what he believes in or for those he believes are worth more than himself, sometimes he's not even a nice guy other times he's downright loveable, he is a complex character with shades of dark and light and more inner demons to fight than external ones. On top of all that he's played by one of the most talented and underrated actors on T.V..

He's always been my favourite and I swear it has nothing to do with the fact he's absolutely beautiful.. Okay maybe it is a little to do with that but he's just such a good character that makes you feel emotion and makes you smile! I couldn't imagine anyone else playing him, Jensen Ackles is a star & portrays an amazing character!

Dean is a amazing creation from Eric Kripke's brilliant mind. Never fails to make people smile. He's smart, hilarious, handsome and is a really talented hunter. His love for his family and his protectiveness over his friends is touching an equally inspiring. He truly is a role model worthy... If one ignores his naughty side. Probably saddest moments for fans when he dies, hurts, or cries. - UnheardMelody

Dean is my favorite character, also I am mostly in love with him.

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2 Castiel Castiel Castiel is a fictional character portrayed by Misha Collins on the CW Television Network's American television series Supernatural.

Castiel is the most interesting character in my opinion as you don't know what he is gonna be like next. He is also the strongest and the weakest character at the same time, as he always swayed by his duty to heaven and his emotions when it comes to the Winchester. I would love to see Castiel all the way til the show finale because he is awesome! I think he doesn't get enough appreciation by the brothers though. It's like he's been taken for granted, and when he did something not according to the Winchester, he gets punished. I've been watching this show from start, and I think it's a great show but it's kinda sortof same old kind of thing later on, until Castiel shows up. He just lights the room the very minute he walks into the scene. I like Castiel most, and Misha is awesome as an acter and as a person. No one could play Castiel better than Misha because I've already admired his work and commitment to the society.

He is so funny and totally in love with Dean. I watch the show primarily for him and when he's gone I die a little inside. He definitely adds a lot to the show. I began watching the show half way through the first season and did fine without Cas, but once I knew what I'd been missing, I could never be without anymore. - Splashstorm

Castiel, my wonderful baby, must be protected at all times. He's too innocent and pure for this world. Yeah, he may have been an angel of the lord, molotoved his brother the archangel Michael, and was the vessel for Lucifer this past season. But gosh, his innocent baby blues and the little head tilt he does when he's confused is just so cute. He doesn't understand pop culture very well and tends to take figurative language and expressions too seriously. He's too innocent and has only experienced emotions since he fell to help the Winchester brothers. He truly wants to help. I mean he rebelled against his family and lost his grace all for Dean. He's just a cinnamon roll too good for this world. - Supernatural

There's no one like Castiel. He's a one of a kind

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3 Sam Winchester Sam Winchester Samuel "Sam" Winchester is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the American drama television series Supernatural along with his older brother Dean.

Sam has been through so much and he is still the kindest and sweetest little pumpkin in the bunch. His girlfriend dies, his brother dies, he has to kill another lover of his, he gets pumped full of demon blood and manipulated to open the gates of hell [damn how good do you think he feels now], he also DIES, PAINFULLY, gets put in a cage, tormented by the devil and his brother, then gets yanked out without a soul, tormented some more and he still has the energy and will to want to save everyone, and the patience to calm those in panic down with a soothing voice and a cheery smile. He is amazing, smart, tall, has flowing locks of a majestic beast and a smile made of sunshine. NO ONE PUTS SAMMY I A CORNER.

We get set up from the very beginning of spn that sam was going to be the good guy, but as we move forward in the series we start to see that sammy has a darker side to him. The fact that he overcame his demons for the greater good of the world shows how much he's willing to give up for everyone else. Although he's made mistakes in the past, he's always had good intentions. He always puts others before himself. The fact that people downsize Sammy upsets me because he is one of the most self sacrificing, caring, and downright like able characters on the show. And well, let's face it, who can resist Sammy's long, majestic, moose mane.

Sam is incredible. Without him this show would be nothing. He is the glue keeping what remains of him and Dean's relationship. He is so sweet and honest, but knows how to be badass and what to do about the crazy stuff they find. I always feel bad that Dean gets all the glory (I love Dean, if course. ) and seems to be the favorite when there is this incredible part being played right in front of us.

Sam, I agree is the kindest one in the bunch and has been through a lot throught the series but keeps o fighting how can you not love this guy

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4 Crowley

The King Of the Crossroads UPGRADED To the KING OF HELL! Crowley is a character he's funny, charming, Good Looking, Narcissist, Mark A Sheppard play's Crowley so damn well, I prefer Crowley to Sam Winchester for character value, Crowley is A king of one liners also, It's obvious that sometimes he has feeling's. Crowley is one of the best characters to ever be introduced into Supernatural, I almost stopped watching the series until Crowley came in Season 5. Love his character, "hello boys"

Crowley is way underrated, in my opinion. He's opportunistic, powerful, witty, manipulative, even funny at times, so what more could you look for in a villain? No one screws the boys like he does and with that much suave and charm. He's a great King of Hell and if you go through his quotes you really see how great this character is developed. Hope he stays around for a little longer, wouldn't be the same without our king!

Come on. Who wouldn't agree that Crowley is one of the best characters in the show? The way his character developed was amazing. Crowley has changed dramatically from when he first came into the show, but at the same time he has remained himself. The same old lovable sense of humour, one liners, the wittiness. Ever since he injected human blood we've seen the more human side of the King of Hell. He loves Dean Winchester, he grew up with mummy issues (poor baby), but he knows how to get down and dirty when he needs to. What's not to love?


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5 Bobby Singer

Bobby was the glue that kept the Winchester boys alive and saving the world. So sad to see him go. I hope Castiel brings him back from heaven, at least for another 20 years and then he can go back and hand out with Rufus.

From the end of the first season Bobby was there. He kept "his boys" in line even before John was dead. He taught them more, gave them more, and loved them more than any other character on the show. Bobby was also very REAL, he lived in the middle of nowhere, ran a scrapyard, and had a filthy house of a bachelor. The only things you could be sure of in Bobby's house were he was better stocked than a bar with beer and whiskey, he had a several open books in multiple languages at any given time, and he was in charge of answering at least half a dozen phone lines which were coded with names such as "FBI". All spn fans love Bobby, and hate he was killed off, but he has been in at least one episode every season, I hope they bring him back, at least once in season 12.

I'm only at season 5 so far and I think I've heard that he dies at some point and I'm so scared for him whenever he's in an episode. I'm always kind of happy that he's there because I love him so much but at the same time I'm terrified for him. He's the best character by far for me because he's funny and he cares so much about him.

His death actually ruined me. First death scene I cried at in a long time - AnonymousChick

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6 Gabriel

Okay, besides Castiel, Gabriel is my favorite character from the show. It's just so sad that he was in only 5 episodes. At first he was depicted as this witty and somewhat maniacal trickster. But later on, we get to know his true side. Yes, he's still witty and has a killer sense of humor, but he was an archangel that just wanted to escape his family's fighting. He wanted peace, but was too afraid to intervene. And seeing his own brother, Lucifer, kill him just broke my heart. He was adorable, had a thing for sweets, and was just plain lovable. I mean, he became a fan favorite in the first episodes he appeared in! I hope he comes back in later seasons. I really miss him. - Supernatural

Gabriel was only in four episodes of supernatural, but quickly became many people's favorite character (me included). Not only is he witty, adorable and has a brilliant sense of humor (that I think compensates for him killing people for fun) but he is also quite a deep character. Like Sam, he only wanted to get away from his family. Again, like Sam, he was forced back into that mess. I really hope that he is back for good this time, but I doubt it.

He humanities the view of angels in the show and personify them as people instead of emotionally stunted beings like Castiel was at the start. He's hilarious and is charismatic and has a strong personality. He's amazing and I love the way they show how his time on earth has made him different.

Poor guy deserved better. - AnonymousChick

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7 Lucifer

Lucifer is all together a unique character. It is interesting to see his development from when he is first out of the cage up to Sam's hallucinations. In all sense Lucifer does not believe himself to be evil and believes that humans are the evil that was thrown upon the world. When he was first created he showed sympathy towards Sam and was patient with Sam and you understand that he wants to prove himself correct to his father. You understand that he wants to up show his brother and get back the dignity that was torn from him. When he is shown in the hallucinations you realize that he is utterly pissed because he thought Sam would have been the way for that to happen, but in reality it wasn't so he took it out on Sam in the cage. Lucifer by this point was not only betrayed by his Father and his Brother, but Sam in a way as well. He is my favorite character, because there is more to him than just plain evil. - Lucifer_leviathan

My dear Luci is so adorable and cute. Yes, I just called the devil cute and gave him a nickname. I mean he was vanished from heaven just because he wouldn't love the humans more than he loved his own father. He didn't want to love something more than he loved God. You know this is a weird show when you despise 90% of the angels and have more sympathy and love for Satan. I mean the guy is downright lovable. Especially since he's played by Mark Pellegrino, who by the way is an amazing actor. Lucifer is misunderstood and all he ever wanted was to get revenge for something he simply saw wrong. I just feel really sad because Mark won't be playing Luci next season. But still, I'm team Lucifer, God can go shove a stick up his you-know-what for abandoning his children. - Supernatural

He's SO HILARIOUS IN THIS. He is so funny. Not the best character but he's up there all the same. - ILostMyShoe

I really love lucifer. He is so cool.
I hope he appears in season 13 and upcoming seasons.

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8 Death

Not only is he actually sensible and kind, but he shows regret for the things he has done. He connects to the human emotions when teaching Dean what it's like to be him, and he saved a whole city because he loved the pizza they have. He's incredible and by far the best horseman.

Love him they need to make more episodes with him in it!

RIP in piece. You saved an entire city because you liked the pizza. We will always remember you.

*death slurping* I honestly loved the famous subtitle. - AnonymousChick

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9 Charlie Bradbury

Charlie is what every woman aspires to be-headstrong, independent, brave and intelligent. Plus, she's not afraid to show her geeky side. She's empowering, brave, kick ass, and a hero.

She was amazing. Smart, intelligent and most of all... loyal. Her love for Sam and Dean was admirable, but unfortunately that's what for her killed. Was super mad that they killed her off. She was really overlooked and underrated. The Winchesters loved her too. She deserved better. I loved her sense of humour and her curiosity and her adventurous spirit.

The best women in the series she is funny, brave and smart and she has beautiful hair

I love this lesbian

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10 Ash

Ash is the funniest dude out there. I missed his raw laid back attitude and down-right unbeatable sense of humor.
-not to mention his hair...
"All business up front, party in the back"
Here's to Ash, RIP

Ash was a great character. I was sad when he died.

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11 Meg Masters

One of the most fun characters the show has. She's psycho and crazy which makes you want them to kill her but at the same time you want her to appear in every episode.

I love Meg so much, she should NOT of died. She was witty, sly, flirtatious, badass, clever. The last girl who played her had a really great voice too, it fit meg so well.

Witty, dangerous and playful. A demon messing with the Winchester's angel... How can it get any better than that? A female character surviving in Supernatural from seasons one to eight!

Best female character for sure, why crowley? why? Y U DO DIS? also loved her relationship with cas.

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12 Jo Harvelle

When I saw Jo and Ellen's death, I was literally devastated. I actually was really attached to their characters and I think Jo had a really strong and great personality. I also shipped her and dean!

I think that Jo Harvelle is a strong independent woman that should not have died. I also wished that she and Dean got together.

Why was Jo or Ellen not on the list, one of the saddest death scenes of all!

The best female character in the show

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13 Balthazar

He is absolutely brilliant! He deserves to be in the top 10.

Love him and the actor, he should be in the first ten

Why was Balthazar not on the list. Damn
He is brilliant

Gotta love his sense of humor.
Besides, I also hate titanic, I relate to Balthazar in so many ways.

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14 Ellen Harvelle
15 Chuck Shurley

Chuck was amazing, in Season 11 Episode 20 turns out to be God, The oldest and most powerful being in Existence.

Chuck was amazing! Miss him so much

Chuck was awesome. Miss him very much

I think Chuck is actually God

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16 Anna Milton

My favorite character of all time, for Supernatural or anything else. She's silk and steel, empathy and strategy, with such huge love for humanity and free will that she gave up everything and risked everything just to get a tiny taste of it herself. The disgraced general, Castiel's fallen friend, Mr. and Mrs. Milton's miracle child. A character full of appreciation for every single part of the human experience, good and bad, an angel who was bitter and wanted more and wanted to be human, a character who was good and compassionate and selfish and strong-willed and intelligent and brave, who believed in herself if nothing else and fought for herself and fought for the world she fell in love with, who never gave up and never wavered, who reached out to Dean to try to help him forgive himself when he was hurting and kissed him to remind him to love himself because others loved him, who gave him a bold smile and took him to bed to give them both a good experience because she was a badass ...more

She should return... I think she's the greatest woman in supernatural... If I were an angel like her, I would kill Sam, too... It's her job - protect the world and Sam is a BIG threat... So, why do many people hate and judge her so much?

17 Kevin Tran

His death hurt a lot because he is a smart, asian, cello playing, straight A student, kinda religious boy and I know a boy in my class who is a smart, asian, cello playing, straight A student, kinda religious boy and he's been my friend since 3rd grade. - AnonymousChick

Kevin is so sassy, he's funny and so innocent I miss him lol

I love how fed up with the Winchesters bull Kevin always was. He needs to be resurrected.

Kevin Tran was so hilarious in the beginning. We didn't really expect much out of him. He proved us wrong as the show went on. He was souch help to the Winchesters. Sam and Dean treated him like family. Kevin stayed strong even though his life was falling apart.

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18 Rowena

Rowena is absolutely amazing!

Best female character so far. - LukeTargaryen

Love her

The list needs to be reset.
Rowena came into the show after the votes started being cast.

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19 John Winchester

I get why he isn't number 1, but why is he so low? He gets so much hate for what he did, even though it wasn't THAT bad as what it could have been. Sam and Dean even SAY THAT in an episode. I mean think about it: He was abandoned by his dad at a young age, he served in Vietnam, he lost his wife in a drastic and horrendous way, he learns of the dangers out there and is terrified for his boys, learns that Sam may actually become something they hunt, and must deal with the fact that he can't introduce them to Adam because there's still a chance of Adam not knowing of the Supernatural world, unlike Sam and Dean. There's actually a point where he tells the boys that he almost died after losing Mary, and that he wouldn't be able to handle losing one or both of them, uses a bullet from the Colt to save his boys, and he SELLS HIS SOUL to save Dean, and right before he does, Sam accuses him of wanting revenge on Mary more than saving Dean, which was the exact opposite of why he was going to ...more

Why so low,

20 Adam Milligan

Poor Adam...still in the Cage...with Michael

Best character 10/10. Poor boy just wants to see his Mother again.

My poor baby. Still in the cage. ;-;


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