Dean Winchester

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Dean Winchester is a fictional character and one of the two protagonists of the American drama television series Supernatural.


Dean, a modern day John Wayne type. So surprised that Hollywood didn't nab this guy. In reality he should be starring in big Hollywood hits, but then where would Supernatural be, which is one of the best T.V. series I've ever seen. The plots are genius and never disappoint. I think Dean's tough guy attitude, while at the same time being the warm family guy, is what makes him a great hero. I also like his smart ass comments. They are very funny. I hope Dean goes down in history as one of the best characters in T.V. history. - j50wells

Dean is the perfect big brother and the perfect superhero. He doesn't need superpowers because he already is perfect. He is sassy and we all love it! He is hot and makes the fans to think of him in a dirty way, but at the same time he is also the sweetest of them all. Also he clearly is in love with an angel that I'm not going to mention *cough* Castiel *cough cough*. In the end I can say that we all love the eldest Winchester

This guy right here has ruined my life with his perfect little smile and fanfiction green eyes. As well as his personality. He tries to act so tough, uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism, and loathes himself more than anything but tries to hide behind this narcissistic front. He's a caregiver, taking care of those he loves, especially Sam. He loves Sam more than anything, he would do anything to have his kid brother with him no matter what. I mean, the guy went to hell to bring Sam back to life. He loves pie, his precious Impala, and *coughs* Cas. I have never found someone I can relate to as much as I relate to Dean Winchester. - Supernatural

Superb character played to perfection by Jensen Ackles. How he and his co star Padalecki have not won awards for their acting on this show is beyond me. Snobbery against the genre probably. High quality drama mixed with tongue in cheek fun - with Dean Winchester as the pick of the bunch for me (very closely followed by brother Sam).

I think Dean is an incredibly strong character. He is one of the only characters that hasn't been possessed or gone evil, he's held it together, and he's extremely loyal to his brother despite everything that Sam has done. He knows what's right and wrong and always goes in a good direction.

Dean is hilarious, the bravest, courageous, most protective, loyal character in the whole show. The way he always puts others before him and will sacrifice himself for the people he cares about ' especially Sammy' makes him a stand out superhero in my eyes.

Dean Winchester is a character that shines in spite of the writing which consistently tries to diminish him in order to direct attention towards his co-lead. Dean still remains an iconic and the show's most beloved character thanks to the incredible talent and charisma of Jensen Ackles. This show would not have made it past the first season if Ackles hadn't been cast.

Dean is one of my favorite characters of all time. I can't express how much I love him and it kills me a little every time he says something bad about himself. And he is portrayed by the brilliant Jensen Ackles.

What's not to love about dean? He is good looking, sweet and a bit rough round the edges too! His character is played amazingly by Jensen, I'm so glad that supernatural is back for some more so that I can continue to enjoy him!

Dean is an incredible brother and hunter but what makes him amazing is his heart. Yes he has been decisions that I didn't like and the way he goes about things isn't the best. I love him for his heart and how much he cares for people close to him.

I love Dean, Sam, Cas, Crowley, the whole gang. I felt like I could really relate to their mental issues as I'm going through depression right now. It helped me stay sane lol. Especially Dean, no matter all the crap he went through he still was determined to get past this, so was Sam. I felt like hell was supposed to represent mental illnesses in some way, that we can all overcome it.

I just LOVE dean, his grumpy face, his emotional turmoil, his protectiveness and how he'd die for someone he loves without thinking twice about it. I love how childlike he is when it comes to food...well, mainly pie.

Jensen Ackles' Dean Winchester is the most passionate and sensual fictional character that I have ever come across. I'm madly in love with him. My hubby is jealous of him. And he should be. ;-)

By far the best character in the entire series. Has humor, can put down fear in his enemies, bad ass way of speaking. The perfect character! - kggr001

Dean is the most dynamic of the characters. Sometimes funny. Sometimes cruel. Always believable. My second favorite is Castiel. If Dean was Batman, Castiel would be his Superman friend. In that parallel thingy, Sam would be Batman's Robin - more of a tag-a-long character than an essence like Dean and Castiel.

Dean Winchester is funny, responsible and an awesome character. Jensen Ackles did a splendid job performing that role. He will always and forever be my favourite actor

Dean blows my mind sometimes. He's strong, dependable, loyal to a fault, valiant, cunning, and surprisingly, incredibly soft-hearted.He's got a very rough exterior that belies one of the most sensitive, fiercely loving hearts I've ever seen on television. He has quickly become one of my favorite characters of all time.

He's the best and love dean he's way better then cas! Cas is stupid not sam! And no man can be hot as dean and jensen! - margo

I think Dean is an absolutely amazing character. And definitely my favorit! Not only does he make me smile, he also makes me cry like a baby. He had to endure so much in his life and he still goes on and only worries about other people! And I'm so hapoy he has castiel as best friend (my second favorit chara). Personally I'm not such a huge fan of sam especially because dean sacrifices everything for him but sam (in my opinion at least) looks more out for himself and kind of "betrays" dean. For example with Ruby or when dean was in purgatory and sam didn't even try to search for him. But

He's hilarious and quite a good actor. He is really fit and handsome too. I just love Dean. For the win!

Ok, Dean "awesome", a word he like to use a lot. But I especially love him in all the comical episodes. Such a great talent for the hilarious!

Funny, smart, goofy, good - looking, and always there for sammy, I think he's the coolest character ever, supernatural wouldn't be a great show withot him, when he smile we makes us smile, and when he cries he makes us cry... Really love him

You no his name is so cool... That he can make the girls to love him he's the coolest man I've ever seen in my eyes So... Coo...

My favorite thing about Dean is that, in the end, it's always about protecting his family. He clearly loves Sam and Cas and would go to the depths of hell for them. Even without supernatural powers, he can stand up to the most powerful of beings and come out on top.

Dean is cool, hot, sexy. I love his acting. I am just totally madly love him