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21 Rowena

Rowena is absolutely amazing!

Best female character so far. - LukeTargaryen

Love her

The list needs to be reset.
Rowena came into the show after the votes started being cast.

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22 Ruby

Am I the only oe who hated Ruby? I love Gen though

I really trusted Ruby. :( -Luna

Ruby gave life to Sams fears an took advantage of it to make evil spead. She is a strong female cartor. What I appreciate from Genvieve put evil in Rush.

23 Azazel

Best villain so far in a way and because of what he did all the other seasons happened not only that but he was king of hell with crowley and alastair under him

Best villain of the series

Azazel is the reason for this show

24 Rufus
25 Missouri Moseley

She is queen

26 Garth Fitzgerald IV

He's just that spark of hope that makes you think it's possible to be a Hunter without the alcoholism and dark depression. Even after time has passed he is still the same happy person he was when Dean first met him. He's great with kids and manages to keep things steady with his "special" lady. Everytimes I see him I'm reminded that it is possible for Sam and Dean to find their happiness and still be hunters. Every episode with him in it is guaranteed to be hilarious and hopeful.

He's a total sweetheart! He is often the joke of the hunting world, but even though that's true, he's still willing to save lives, especially Sam and Deans

Garth is so cute and the episodes with him always makes me smile

A pure soul.

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27 Abaddon

Am I the only one who absolutely LOVED Abaddon? She was gorgeous, sarcastic and confident. I loved how she was trying to be Queen of Hell. I would've voted her.

28 Benny Lafitte

BEnny deserves to be top 5 on this list, honestly this character grabbed me from the beginning he joined the show. The bond he had with Dean was just something else... One of the best characters ever


29 Claire Novak

Claire should get more than just 0% She's an amazing character that's been through so much! Her father was possessed by an angel and left her and her mom. Then she finally gets to see him again but it's short lived...then her mom left to go find him making her a troubled teen who turns out all right after some help of Cass and the winchesters! I mean she was a werewolf! Not only fought off the urge to eat, she was strong enough to be cured making her the first cured werewolf! Now she's a hunter on her own! She's come pretty far for just a 0%

I ABSOLUTELY Love this character, she has a great relationship with the guys. Especially Dean and Cass, Cass feels responsible for her and I can see why. He took her whole life away from her. When he left her life fell apart, he stole her dad from her and then her mom became obsessed on finding him which lead to her downfall too. Then Claire's grandma died leaving her completely alone and she became a troubled teen. But with a little help from Cass and Dean she matured and became a great young adult hunter. She tried to save her mom and technically saved Cass's
life and then Dean and her had some issues but they all resolved themselves and now they are as close as ever. Dean even is like a father figure to her just like he was with Ben. I mean Claire survived being a werewolf and the cure. And she is a hunter! And has the best mom ever JODY MILLS! And then there's her adopted Sis Alex. It's the life Claire needed... and it's the one she deserves. She may have lost her mother and ...more

Claire Novak deserves a lot of more love than she is getting she is a strong-willed girl who's had a troubled life since she first appeared shes come so far and she is a HUNTER! She survived being a werewolf and the cure! I don't know a lot of hunters who could do that

Ok CLAIRE IS AWESOME! She's had a hard past and is A HUNTER! she's the next generation we should give her more credit.

30 Cain

Come on guys, he was a bad-ass.

I literally loved Cain so much, he had such a great backstory and he was a badass. come on, why isn't he higher?

31 The Trickster

Add this.2% to Gabriel and he'll bump Bobby down a slot.

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32 The Darkness/Amara
33 Jody Mills

Yes! One of the last girls still alive! Jody is a strong character who has been threw so much. I love her!

Beautiful woman. I love how she took in the girl... what's her name... and also Claire Novak. She's such a mother figure. - AnonymousChick

What how is she so low on the list she's like the best

Should not be so low on this list.

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34 Lilith V 2 Comments
35 Alastair
36 Becky Rosen
37 Michael

Who is powerful than him. Even castiel-God was scared of him.

He was the Oldest Archangel ( Well... Twin with Lucifer). He was extremely powerful just below God,Darkness,Horseman,Satan.He was my favourite character, too bad he is trapped in Lucifer's Cage

38 Hannah

You must be kidding me. Hannah should be in the top ten!

39 Gadreel

His story is so complex and he had so much potential, Gadreel is my favorite character of all time, he's so precious and makes me ___ cry my sweet husband

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40 Zachariah
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