Best Characters In Supernatural

Who is the best Character in the TV program Supernatural?

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41 Zachariah
42 Mary Winchester
43 Harry Spangler

How could you not like the guy?! - winston24

44 Naomi
45 Metatron

Metatron is so funny, he is the scribe of God and he deserves higher up in this list than Missouri Moseley who only had a physical appearance in one episode way back in season 1.

46 Eve

The Mother of All is one of the most powerful characters, and the most powerful female villain!

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47 Ed Zeddmore
48 Dick Roman

Best character in the series


49 Cole Trenton
50 Samuel Campbell
51 Uriel
52 Pamela Barnes
53 Lisa Braeden
54 Jessica Moore
55 Rachel

She was only in two episodes from season six which is a big shame, because I fell in love with her the few minutes she was on screen. Rachel doesn't take anybody, as we saw with Dean, and she was ready to kill Castiel in order to prevent him from becoming something he wasn't. Mind you this was AFTER she tried to talk him out of it and reason with him. She is a bad ass, and I really wish she was in more episodes.

56 Samuel Colt

Arguably the greatest hunter of all time, complete badass! - jaggu99

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