Best Cheaper by the Dozen Character

The Top Ten

1 Mark

Mark Baker is the best character ever

Mark is my Favourite one

Why is Mark 1st Jessica,Kim,Mike and Jake are Better mark

2 Lorraine

Kim is Better Then Lorraine

Lorraine Baker is my 2nd Favourite one

My Favourite one

3 Nora

My Favourite one in 1and 2

My Favourite one

Nora should Be 1st she is my Favourite Baker

4 Charlie

My Favourite Baker

5 Jake

I Love Jake Baker

My Favourite one

Jake Baker is My Favourite Boy Character Jessica Baker is My 1st Favourite one

6 Sarah

Sarah is the best one Should Be 1st

7 Jessica

Why is she 7th Jessica should Be 1st. Jessica is better than all of them and Mark

I Love Jessica Baker She's The Best one So Funny

The Best Character Ever

I Love Jessica Baker

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8 Henry

I Love Henry Baker he is my Favourite one in The Movie he should Be 1st

9 Mike

I Love Mike Baker Because Blake Woodruff plays Mike

I love Mike Baker He is the best one Him and Jessica and Kim Baker

I Love mike

10 Kyle

The Contenders

11 Kim

My Favourite Baker

Should be 1st Kim is Funny

I Love Kim Baker she should Be 1st She is Funny and Better Then all of them

Why is Kim 11 She Should Be 1st

12 Nigel

I Don't Like Nigel He's Mean to Kim

13 Hank

I Hate Hank He's Mean To Jessica
He was Mocking Her

14 Tom
15 Kate
16 Cooper

He's the one with the blue hat and Adam Taylor Gordon plays Cooper

He is the school bully

17 Kenneth Murtaugh

My Favourite Murtaugh

18 Eliott Murtaugh
19 Daniel Murtaugh
20 Jimmy Murtaugh
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