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21 Gruyère

This is the 4th best cheese besides Gouda Marscapone and Riccota I'm 11

22 Grana Padano

Very similar to Parmigiano

23 Edam
24 Gorgonzola

Blue cheese is great but better is gorgonzola

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25 Zamorano
26 Ricotta

Can be used for desserts!

27 White Cheddar
28 Camembert

Nice and creamy. One of the more unique cheeses you'll come across.

Have you ever try the famous Camembert.
Just once you will never forget it.

29 Stilton

I voted for Stilton but more specifically Colston Bassett Stilton. Salty, tangy, and creamy it is best around Christmas 6 months after the cows were milked having eaten fresh clover and green English grass. It surely is the king of blues.

There are only a handful of producers in total.

30 Roquefort

Clearly the king of the cheeses. Anyone who disagrees is clearly an absolute pleb de fromage. How dare you sit there and pass judgement on other cheeses when you, yourselves, are ignorant to the true heir to the moldy, moldy Cheese Throne? Viva la roquefort, viva la fromage!

Roquefort is really good, needs to be more known and diffused.

31 Bleu d'Auvergne
32 Bleu du Quercy

French Bleu du Quercy

33 Fontina
34 Emmental
35 Havarti

Best cheese to use on a sandwich. :D

36 Cottage
37 Brebis
38 Quesillo

It should be ranked higher than 39

39 Cantal
40 Castelmagno
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