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21 Sophie Dahl V 1 Comment
22 Joe Bastianich
23 Ming Tsai
24 Bobby Flay

The best I used to watch him on worst cook in america, if your looking at this bobby flay I just want to ask you... do you remember carla

I've met him before and he knows his stuff I'm 9 years old

Well Bobby Flay is obviously the best (No affence to Gordon Ramsey) he cooks food that not very many people are accustomed to and it is absolutely perfect (By the way I'm 12 years old and I'm still smart enough to know that Bobby Flay is the best)

Everything is awesome with BOBBY FLAY

V 11 Comments
25 Charlie Trotter
26 Daniel Boulud
27 Alain Chapel
28 Dave Levey
29 Ainsley Harriott Ainsley Harriott V 3 Comments
30 Richard Blais
31 Delia Smith
32 Michel Roux

I worked for him, the best of the best.

33 Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall
34 Guy Savoy

This chef is a BEAST. First of all, he has 5 michelin stars, not 4, 5. His restaurant in Paris is regarded as one of the best fine dining experiences you'll ever get in Paris. He was also Gordon Ramsay's mentor for a while and taught him some French cuisine. Overall, Guy Savoy is a legend in the culinary world that has to be known by more food lovers around the globe.

35 Vikas Khanna

He is simple great with his innovations and different type of food and his own personality

36 Joël Robuchon
37 Raymond Blanc

Definitely one of the best chefs

The best

38 Georges Blanc
39 Harpal Singh Sokhi
40 Justin Wilson

The Original Cajun and southern Chef

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