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The Best Music from death core specialist's Chelsea Grin.

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1 Recreant

Intense song. All time favourite by Chelsea Grin. Alex Koehler is one of the best Deathcore vocalists around

Compelete awesomeness!
Chelsea grin did a great mix between death growls and the deathcore screams in this song - nooreldeen


2 Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Best death core song.
Mama zing evolution, can't wait to see them at warped!

Oh my god I love this song this is probably my second favourite next to playing with fire. alex koehler is such a whore when he's singing he's probably my damn favourite singer ever oh my god chelsea grin is awesome

3 Judgement

Short but very good...

4 Desolation of Eden

I love the intro, Alex' screams in this song are just amazing.

5 My Damnation

Awesome lyrics and amazing screams... epic song... - sam117

6 Cheyne Stokes

Awesome screams... This song is amazing...

7 Sonnet of the Wretched
8 Lilith
9 Crewcabanger
10 Everlasting Sleep

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11 Lifeless

Killing breakdown at the end.. - nq

Not too long. and hits you were you need it.

12 Last Breath
13 Dust to Dust
14 The Foolish One
15 Skin Deep
16 Playing With Fire

This song deserves to higher, at least number 3

Best song should be higher

17 Clockwork
18 Nightmares
19 All Hail the Fallen King

In my opinion this is their heaviest song js

20 The Second Coming
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1. Recreant
2. Lifeless
3. Lilith
1. Recreant
2. Desolation of Eden
3. Crewcabanger
1. Dust to Dust
2. Don't Ask, Don't Tell
3. Skin Deep

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