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21 Saturate Saturate

Most Epic song from the chemical brothers, just wow

Saturate destroys. Watch their live movie, Don't Think (or just youtube it), and watch all the Japanese people and lone white guy lose their schnarps as Saturate slowly begins to thump in...

22 The Salmon Dance The Salmon Dance

In my opinion, this is a fun song. But in the top 20 between all these brilliant Chemical Brothers songs? No way. A bit overrated.

Goes hard in the paint. The music video is pretty dope, as well.

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23 One Too Many Mornings One Too Many Mornings
24 Where Do I Begin

It's like the most beautiful song this band has ever made! The Vanilla Sky OST, yay! Listen to it! It's great! - kirillyanukovich

25 The Test The Test

If I'd cast two votes this would be my pick. Amazing song and sound. A real journey indeed, check the video for it as well. Great vocals by The Verve's R. Ashcroft.

It's just a great trip. Love the sounds, love the journey, love the singing. Remonds me partly of The Prodigys "Narayan"...

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26 In Dust We Trust In Dust We Trust

After hearing this song for the first time I started to trust in the Brothers.

27 Surface to Air Surface to Air
28 Elektrobank Elektrobank
29 Go Go

Best song yet! Fantastic when driving, at sporting events, etc.

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30 Music: Response Music: Response
31 Midnight Madness Midnight Madness

BRILLIANT SONG. How its way down at 26 is beyond me. This should be in the top 5.

Electronic Battle Weapon 10 is a great remix of this

One of my favorite songs of chemical brothers
Everyone needs to know this song if you listen to them

32 Come With Us Come With Us
33 Piku Piku
34 Don't Think Don't Think

The best ever. This song is a master class in electronic music.

35 The Golden Path The Golden Path

I can't believe that this song is 36 in the list! Give it a shot you might get surprised...

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36 The Private Psychedelic Reel The Private Psychedelic Reel
37 Life Is Sweet Life Is Sweet
38 Chemical Beats Chemical Beats

Early Chemical Brothers - blew me away when I first heard it nearly 20 years ago! Should be number 1

39 The Pills Won't Help You Now The Pills Won't Help You Now

Probably my least favorite of all their epic songs. They've done this formula much better in songs like The Test, The Sunshine Underground, Wide Open etc...

Jesus Christ. This song is so deep and wonderful. How could this song not be on the list?

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40 Wide Open Wide Open

Amazing sound. Not a dance track but great as a piece of composition. Beck was a great choice to sing this. - Walkingcouch

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