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1 Want U Back

Best ever of Cher

This is the best, but I'm not going to lie, I am a little irritated that her new album won't come out. I'm a little impatient and she's a great singer and I've played songs from her album "Sticks and Stones" and the X Factor, and the I Wish song.

Annoyingly catchy song love it and love Cher Lloyd

This is the best

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2 Oath

Beautiful song on the amazing bond of friendship... Should definitely be higher on this list

I'm speechless/ this song is really good..

Beautiful song because of becky gomez

best song

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3 Sirens

Definitely her best song. No question about it. Should be number one, especially compared to the ones up there.

I love this.. Song... Nice... This the beautiful song of cher lloyd... This is my one of favorite.. Song of her

I love this.. Song... Nice... This the beautiful song of cher lloyd... This is my one of favorite.. Song of her

I think this is her most affecting song ever!

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4 With Ur Love

Ohh.. My god... It is the best song I have ever heard... Cher lloyd you look fabulous in this song video and it is fabulous

My best song...I love this song...I really love it

Defiantly the best! :) love it


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5 I Wish

I wish is a relatable song because a lot of people like someone but they don't feel the same way :) cher is the best

6 Swagger Jagger

I think this song is the best I hope cher Lloyd can perform it in nyc

This is my best song of cher lloyd

I just love her songs


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7 Rum and Raybans
8 Stay

This song is amazing must be number 1!

9 Superhero

Superhero is a kind of song that is really fun 2 sing and is fun!

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10 Love Me for Me

It's the most awesome song ever.. ! 13? It should be among TOP 10.. ! The tune.. The lyrics... Is just so fantastic

I lav this song so much! ♥ It's absolutely beautiful!

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11 Beautiful People

I love the lyrics


12 Riot

It's so catchy! It makes you want to get off Tumblr and Twitter and actually have a life! Love it! She hits some high notes too.

Can't decide between songs, but I think this one is catchiest... What's sad is that it's album-only on iTunes and I didn't get the album off iTunes... So I can't have it! :0 :( :P I might survive

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13 Just Be Mine

Just be mine is amazing. Honestly I love all her songs:) #hugefan

14 Activated

Not gonna lie, this is really good. The lowkey vibe fits Cher Lloyd well and hook is addicting. It's catchy and the lyrics are weird but I don't care cause the production makes up for it. 4/5 - ProPanda

15 Playa Boi
16 Behind the Music

It's a cover of Anjulie[s a cover but still amazing!

17 M.F.P.O.T.Y.

I think that this song was her number 1 hit because I love how she is really making her words me something. also because I basically I love you Cher Lloyd

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18 Dirty Love

A relly good song

Really good song <3 should be higher in the list :-/

19 Human

So much meaning like honestly... should be #1. Dem lyrics are magical.

20 The Clapping Song

Cher Lloyd's final performance on the X Factor should be at least in the top 5.

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