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1 Stefanny Margaretha Aay

Guess who? I'm very-very like her, opinion? Oh, no! Steffy is very prefect, very very very. I'm sorry, I'm say this not I not like Ryn, Christy, Anisa, Felly, or mc all. I'm like all! All! Mm.. But, I'm very like Steffy. Steffany Margaretha AAy. Ooh, I'm so thank you for your time read this comment

2 Yefani Filliang

Love You Princes Pesek

3 Kezia Karamoy
4 Cherly Yuliana Anggraini

Leader Terbaik bagi Cherrybelle n Twibies. Keep calm n support Cherly Yuliana Anggraini. Love you Cc

5 Margareth Angelina

Angel ChiBi is a very talented person, she has a face like an angel and heart, he loved people, she was very friendly to his fans, Angel chibi is best personnel among others

Angel chibi is the best

Have a beautifull face, she's really like an angel, you must know, no all angels have a wings. I really love you angel!

Angel chibi is very beautiful and talented person

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6 Christy Saura Noela Unu
7 Anisa Rahma

Look! She is best sweet woman

Anchib is the best

MC yang paling manis, pendiam ^^

Anisa MC yang Paling Manis, Imutt, dll...
Nchib Is The Best


8 Briggita Chyinthia

I Love Gigi ChiBi

9 Genoveva Jessyca Stefanny Auryn

MC yang paling misterius, diam diam menghanyutkan,

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1. Stefanny Margaretha Aay
2. Kezia Karamoy
3. Cherly Yuliana Anggraini
1. Yefani Filliang
2. Stefanny Margaretha Aay
3. Kezia Karamoy


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