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1 Bobby Fischer Bobby Fischer

If all he had to do was play chess, his placement at the top of the list would be unquestioned. Imagine how many brilliancies he would have demonstrated had he continued competitive chess at the top level for the rest of his career - his contributions to our understanding of the game would have been immense. Fischer's issues away from the board are a tragedy to the chess world as well as an embarrassment to his legacy, but don't let them distract you from his undeniable, overwhelming ability to win chess games.

An absolute genius. not only his moves but also his sacrifices

This guy is a genius. He makes moves that you never expect and he can read the board several moves ahead. Truly the greatest player of all time.

An incomparable will to win backed up by strategic, tactical, and technical brilliance. At his peak, Fischer, like Capablanca before him, was a peerless tower of chess strength.

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2 Garry Kasparov

While I have an immense amount of respect for Fischer and Morphy as players, my vote has to go for Kasparov. Not only a dominant force in Chess for 30 years, Kasparov has continued to grow interest in chess after his retirement. Kasparov has been able to balance his brilliance in chess with other aspects of his life. His voice in opposition to Putin makes him one of my personal heroes, regardless of his chess skills. - ignoble

Worlds greatest chess player and always will be.
He was born for chess no doubt

Ranked #1 throughout his career after winning championship till retirement in 2005.

Brilliant calculator and best ipening repertoir
Would defeat carlsen if both had same age due to superior preparation

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3 Jose Capablanca

Very good chess player and has very good tactics - ifgy

Very good player and very good moves - ifgy

Very often I play through one of Capa's games and after 20-30 moves come to the realization that his opponent is totally lost for apparently no discernible reason. It's comforting to know that GM analysts have the same problem.

Capablanca could feel the chess
He was awesome

4 Magnus Carlsen

Magnus Carlsen is the best chess player. He is ranked number 1. - Wastexsas

Magnus Carlsen is the best player of all time.

Did this not get settled by a computer?


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5 Mikhail Tal

He's my favourite chess player cause of his attacking style. So wild and but has meaningful tactics

Can't even fully describe how different, amazing and weird style he had.

Best attacking player of all time

We are talking about attecking players. tal is number one.real beauty of chess is in the gamrs mikhail tal...

6 Anatoly Karpov

Bobby Fischer was brilliant, but come on. Karpov at his prime vs Fischer at his prime is a blowout. Karpov's positional understanding would overwhelm Fischer.

If he could get kasparov out of his preparation more often kasparov would have never become the champ

7 Viswanathan Anand

I and my paternal grandfather loves his tricks. my grandfather always plays in my tablet on the highest levels and wins the tablet

God of Indian chess and 5-time World Champion in modern era

He is really a very good player in chess and he made india to fell proud since he is in top 10 and in 7 place

Anand has very good thinking process and moves are really good

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8 Paul Morphy

Great chess talent & most spectacular moves & games.

In today's standards he wouldn't be the best but he was the most talented chess player ever.

He is genius

Morphy is not agenus put a marcle

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9 Emanuel Lasker

Double Bishop Sacrifice: Amazing!

Only Player who use "mind game"

He was champion for 27 years crushing 2nd place Kasparov who was world chess champion for 16 years

10 Danny Kopec

Why is this guy here? 10th place? U kidding me? - yanzchenthebest

The Contenders

11 Alexander Alekhine

Alekhine should be higher on this list - top 6 at least.

He's great! He's game made extra ordinary brilliant combination! - bishops

Alekhine should be number 1!

12 Vladimir Kramnik

Only one who has better record against Kasparov

13 Vassily Ivanchuk

Every game is more interesting if vassily ivanchuk is one of the players

He should be higher on this list

How is he not number 1?

Very weird player

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14 Mikhail Botvinnik

Botvinnik won a lot of games with tricky but not terribly deep tactics.

15 Wilhelm Steinitz
16 Wesley So

Best he will be world champion in 2018

Because he's a Filipino..

Yes he will beat Aronion to face magnus


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17 Tigran Petrosian

Master of positional play,defeated botvinick and spassky

18 Boris Spassky

Should be at least top 8

19 Sean Carpenter

Sean isn't that good, he only thinks he is because he's special, (he has male and female parts! )

Most Skilled at chess in history of chess and the world

So good couldn't beat him myself

A total loser

Not really a total loser but he sucks at chess and I think the person who posted him is a total idiot or maybe it was just a JOKE - yanzchenthebest

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20 Viktor Korchnoi
21 Veselin Topalov

The master of attack!

22 Paul Keres
23 Bent Larsen

A very strong and unorthodox player. One of the greatest talents of all time.

24 Judit Polgar

She is the best. Ever.

25 Carissa Yip

Why her? - yanzchenthebest

26 Alexander Grischuk
27 Efim Geller
28 Anish Giri

Anish giri is also awesome yes he is not the best but good and maybe the best in the future

I also Best player in future

29 Carlos Torre Repetto

Mexican Grand Master.

30 Suzanne Wells
31 Deep Blue
32 Deep Blue

This is a computer...

That is not a human!

33 Vasily Smyslov
34 Levon Aronian
35 Aron Nimzowitsch
36 Hou Yifan
37 Kaspa Maxwell
38 Sergey Karjakin
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