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41 Fizgig

Underrated song but definitely one of their best

42 Envy

The main guitar in this song is simple yet beautiful, should be higher up on the list. One of my personal favorite songs by Chevelle.

43 Straight Jacket Fashion

How is this NOT higher up?
It's my favorite song by them. Full of pure raw emotion and just amazing!

Deserves to be top 3 at least

This song should be top 3, if not number 1.

44 Mexican Sun

My personal favorite Chevelle song! Good riff and bass. The vocals, to me, fit the song very well and the song in general, when I first heard it, surprised me because it's unpredictable.

This song is really really good. The bridge section is my favorite minute in music I mean it is really amazing. This one's in my top 3 with Get Some and An Evening with El Diablo

This song is great. I started not liking it but as time goes I realized it kicks ass

Gets me going

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45 Paint the Seconds

What! This song is way good, it doesn't deserve this spot

46 Tug-O-War

Don't underestimate this. Great song!

47 Door to Door Cannibals

How tf is this 50! This song is awesome. Great vocals, but the guitar in the bridge section is just flat out incredible. Can't believe that The Red and Send the Pain Below r one and two. The only reason that those r the top two is because they're the most mainstream songs and not the favorites of a lot of die hard Chevelle fans. This should be in top 10

TOOL-like but awesome, grinding tune.

This song gets me hype as hell. I love the instrumentals.


48 Same Old Trip

This is such a great song. It's a pretty simple/straight-forward song and the way he hits those high notes are in the chorus is simply amazing. I'm surprised this is so low on the list, but I guess it's new.

Should be in the top ten

49 Prima Donna

Anyone reading this, give this song a listen and a vote. Its new so I know it will never be high on the list but this song might be one of my favorites. It a softer song but I think that's when pete is at his best.

I rather enjoy how calm this song is. Great vocals. A simple song with a simple message. I feel the newness of this song is affecting its rating. Oh well... I felt it at least needed to be on the list.

50 Saturdays

I feel like I am taking crazy pills. How is Saturdays not considered their best one... Why was it not on the radio!?

Don't feel so alien

Top 10 at least.

51 One Lonely Visitor
52 Point #1

One of Chevelle's fist songs, and clearly one of the catchiest. This song was the blueprint for Chevelles future work

53 Ruse

While I am very much into chevelle's heavier songs this one has just the right amount and I think anyone could enjoy listening to this song not one of the top songs but still a very good song to me

Really cool guitar sounds like other HOTTB songs. Very good lyrics and rhythm. Should be top 15 in my opinion and how the hell in Mexican Sun 44th?!

54 Brainiac

Hidden Gem... Amazing guitar riffs

This is worthy of the top 20 for sure...

55 Antisaint

This song is amazing from the lyrics to the guitar. The intro is also a commendable approach in a chevelle song if I ever heard one. The ultimatum is that this song is also the first of the first, and is a brilliant masterpiece of Chevelle's quality. No song like it because this song is the best! Anybody that claims this to not be their best is obviously a fool.

56 Highland's Apparition

I think this is great and masterful song. I love the guitar play and is very inventive and simple. I've played for my religious step son and he thinks it in Lin with the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Can't believe this one hadn't even been added! This one would be in my top 5 for sure along with 'Send the Pain below' 'Forfeit' 'Panice Prone' ah so many good songs!

57 An Island

The riff of this song is killer and really gets me hyped. How is this not top 5?! Chevelle has a lot of GREAT songs so it's tough competition, but this is one of my favorite songs in the rock genre

This song is easily top 10.. It pisses me off that "The Red" and "Send the Pain Below" are 1 and 2.. Wouldn't even throw them in the top 5..maybe top 10

I am just getting back into this band. This song is awesome. Great riff. I can just imagine it live. #57? Hardly. Definitely a top 10.

I think it should be at least in the top 10! one of their best songs in the album, in my opinion!

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58 Jawbreaker

One of their best new songs. Has a catchy and danceable beat to it and some nice heavy riffs. Great song all together

Hunter eats hunter and Take out the gunman are pretty good but this is by far the best song on La Gargola.

59 Ouija Board
60 Until You're Reformed

This is such an underrated song, even for Chevelle fans. It is truly magic. If you haven't listened to it, do it now. I guarantee you will like it after the first listen!

Warning: You will be in a trance for days when you listen to this for the first time

An energetic rollercoaster you can't help but want to bang your head to

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