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61 To Return To Return

This song gives me the feels, it's so moving.

The song in a way expresses drug use. "The boy became a slave to use", "what's left of this child", "too many years". The child he speaks of is trying to return to his life before the drugs took him over, and the more he "burn[s] through the noose", it keeps tightening its grip. It's so moving in its own dark way

62 Mia Mia

This one was in daria! even though this isn't really representative of chevelle's current style, it has a lot of heart in it, and if you like 90's music, this is the song for you

63 A New Momentum A New Momentum

One of my favorite songs, I am very surprised it wasn't already on the list.

64 Skeptic Skeptic
65 Last Days Last Days
66 The Damned The Damned
67 This Circus This Circus

Current favorite song by them, with a powerful, not to mention extremely CATCHY, chorus along with a good drum-beat and nice riff. Too bad no one seems to even know this song is a thing, it's really a diamond in the rough in that regard.

Really? No one bother to mention this song? I wake up to this song almost everyday... Every Chevelle song is unbelievable so I guess its almost excusable, almost...

68 Sleep Walking Elite Sleep Walking Elite

This song is one of my favorites, just listened to the solo just before the end

One of my favourite song from them.

69 Arise Arise
70 Sma Sma
71 Prove to You Prove to You
72 Choking Game Choking Game

Like a Rush, so good, great lyrics, great sound. The ending riffs are amazing. I wish I heard them play it live last week, may be the best song on the album, but it is tough since the album is so solid.

73 Glimpse of the Con

Literally brought me to tears. Now I love all Chevelle heavy and slow songs, but this song deserves so much more attention. Beautiful song for the afterlife. 10/10

74 In Debt to Earth In Debt to Earth
75 Long Long
76 It's No Good It's No Good
77 Tom
78 Punchline Punchline
79 Rivers Rivers
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