Jackie Evancho

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Jacqueline Marie "Jackie" Evancho is an American classical crossover singer who gained wide recognition at an early age and, since 2009, has issued an EP and five albums, including a platinum and gold album and three Billboard 200 top 10 debuts .


Jackie at the age of 11 is already an International Platinum Recording Artist performing in "Sold-Out" Concerts in the USA. She will be doing Solo-Concerts this coming Monday Nov 7 at Lincoln Center New York, Dec 29 with David Foster Mandalay Bay Las Vegas, plus be one of the performers in a Concert in Tokyo Japan Jan 11, and the Solo-Performer in TWO Concerts on Jan 12 and Jan 13 in Tokyo Japan. Jackie's NEW Christmas CD "Heavenly Christmas" has been released TODAY November 1st. Jackie has also been selected to play a Major Role as the Daughter of Robert Redford in the Movie "The Company You Keep" which should be released next year. Jackie has done this without having anyone in her family having any connection or experience in the Music or Performing Arts Industry - Just Amazing.

Jackie's voice is absolutely astonishing. You think that voice just canNOT come out of that body, it's "impossible. " It's like melted butter, rich, rounded & warm, yet comes out of that TINY body. Has it ever been heard on the earth before? But her "pipes" aren't even her strength. There has never been a singer, of any age in any genre from any era, who consistently has more people in her audiences CRYING. She sings with such emotion & beauty she brings thousands of people to tears. How can a little girl do that? It's "impossible. " But there she is. Incredible. Miraculous. Astonishing. Mesmerizing.

Jackie is one of those rare gems that don't come along very often. She sings in a genre that does not get the attention like pop, country, rap, hip-hop. This 11 year old has a tonal quality that female singers around the world would love to have as well as the interpretation skills of a seasoned artist. She does not over sing the song. She has a sense of melody that is lacking in many singers today. Jackie's fans also come from all different backgrounds. Jackie is a game changer in the music industry & people are taking notice. She sounds like no nobody else. Jackie's voice is not only beautiful but also unique. She is one of a kind.

Jackie Evancho at age 11 could hardly be considered a child singer even though she is a child. Her voice is mature beyond her age. She is capable of expertly singing songs that no child her age would even come close to mastering. She has a pure and soothing voice that has moved many to tears when she sings. No auto-tuning is required with Jackie. She is the real deal. She has sold out numerous large concert halls and has had people jumping to their feet in applause after every song that she sings. To experience Jackie Evancho sing live is beyond words. She could very well be the greatest singer of our time.

Without question, the most outstanding voice of my lifetime (spans many decades), and I have seen and heard some of the great ones. She must be seen to appreciate her fully: it isn't just the beauty, power, and warmth of her singing that makes her great, it is her total immersion in the performance that makes her audiences gasp and weep with joy.

Jackie is the best child star of today. You have Miley and Charice on this list. Is that a joke... They are not children.
Jackie far superior and grows stronger at a rapid pace.

! Jackie should be at the top of the list because she on America's Got Talent at, like, 10 years old and she can do opera. Not everybody can do opera and she can! She sounds like a 30 year old. That kid is amazing and has a talent to share! She was also 2nd on America's Got Talent. Most kids her age get to the Semi- Finals. She got to the Finale! Love you, Jackie!

Jackie is not only the best child singer in the world today, she is well on her way to becoming the best singer in the world period. Not since Jenny Lind 160 years ago has a child had the perfect pitch, rich tone, and deep emotional interpretation that Jackie has.

Miss Evancho is by far the best on this list. Of the first four on this list, three are not children. What's with that?
In her short career she has done more than most people in a life time. She didn't need Disney to push her career... She did it the old fashion way, she earned it and worked hard.

Her voice has been described as pure and "bell-like. " In the archetypal world of the human soul, a bell sound tends to constellate the divine within us. It signifies the "illumined mind" and "its note is the beautiful sound of eternity that is heard by the pure mind throughout creation... " Is it any wonder that Jackie's voice has often made grown men cry?

Jackie Evancho is one of a kind. Her interpretation is beyond compare, she pours out emotion with every note. I have never seen anything like her in my life. The name Jackie Evancho will be known around the world as one of the greatest singers of all time

Jackie is not just a child singer, she is a child who has one of the best female voices I have ever heard. The speed at which her voice has developed is astounding, and yet it continues to improve. The most appealing aspect of watching her perform is to see her become the song she is singing and then transform back to a little girl afterwards.


Most of the young artists on this list are pretty good performers. Charice performs with great energy and enthusiasm. Miley Cyrus knows how to make a spectacle of herself. But when it comes to SINGING, no one can compete with Jackie Evancho. She is one-of-a-kind, a unique prodigy, the likes of which we might only see once in a 100 years.

I usually buy a CD and listen to it, maybe 4 times... I have listened to Jackie probably 100 times. She is such a perfectionist in every area, all without the gimmicks and studio magic used by others. Her exuberance is contagious! She rules!

Jackie Evancho's uncanny ability to engage her audience directly with her performance, bringing chills to the spine and tears to the eyes, will without a doubt make her the most beloved female vocalist in this century.

Jackie is simply one of God's most beautiful creations. Her voice is remarkable, soothing, full of passion and emotion. She is a loving, compassionate, and humble child. It's a thrill to be on this wonderful ride with her.

Jackie Evancho should be number one. She is just incredible. Her talent is flawless she's a superb singer. She sings with such peace humility and that angelic presence. I love her voice.

Miss Jackie Evancho--what can I say? Just a incredible vocal talent. Saw her LIVE in Vegas a couple months ago with David Foster, Her rendition of the song "Con Te Partiro' was sung so beautifully, WOW, WOW! You just have to see her in person to be "Mesmerized" by her...

There is no comparison. No contest. These other singers are good but she is the best child singer of all time. Shes done more for her genre of music, classical crossover then anyone else in years!
She is the reason why you make such silly polls!

The most amazing performer today soon to rank among the all-time greats. Typical of her sold out concerts are multiple standing ovations with many having tears streaming down their faces. And a range of voice unequaled by none. - BrayTaiji

The Voice of the Twenty-First Century. As others have said, she brings multiple listeners to tears with her achingly beautiful voice & emotional presentation. This includes professionals who have heard many singers over the years. Yet she is fundamentally humble & genuine. Incredible, natural performer who does her best when the pressure is on.

Truly an amazing voice. I've never had anyone touch my heart and soul like her.

An old soul in an 11 year old soprano prodigy... Enchanting voice and presence. CDs include "Oh Holy Night", "ream With Me", "ream With Me in Concert"(DVD), and released today 11/1 "Heavenly Christmas"... Exceptional music!

Jackie Evancho is simply the best singer of all time. She just happens to be a child. When she sings, the audience gasps, gets goosebumps, then tears.