Best Childish Gambino Songs

Donald Glover is a writer, actor, comedian, and rapper (just to name a few.) His popularity is increasing as word spreads about how insanely talented he is. I made this list because I feel there are a lot of people who care about his music like me, and his music deserves to be discussed. The order is definitely up for debate.

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1 3005

Best song ever by Gambino

This entire song has so much heart, and is both lyrically and stylistically miles ahead of Freaks and Geeks

Very catchy, easily one of his top 3 songs.

Great song, bass is amazing with some good headphones.

2 Freaks and Geeks

This song gives you a boost of energy the size of a car. His lyrics are so amazing and this song introduced the most clever lyricist of the past decade.

I love this song it inspired me very much


Uncountable quality puns and clever references. One of my favorites

3 Sweatpants

My favorite. Too addicting after listening to it a couple times.


Some of his best lines are in this jam! One of my all-time favorites!

Great song, Great Lyrics, definitely in the Top Ten

4 Bonfire

This is my favorite gambino song

The best lyrical song of our generation

From Camp. Others would say that this should be higher; I don't think he really tells a good story in this one, just raps about his love for women with with jokes thrown in. Though there's no denying the effect that his Casey Anthony line can have on anyone and everyone who listens to it.

First Gambino song and I heard and it literally speaks to me. If you actually think about the lyrics they are so clever

5 Redbone

This is one of my favorite songs of all time, the vibe it gives is one of those special feelings you can't describe. His voice is amazing, especially when you realise no voice pitching is used. It's a perfect mix between rock, rnb and soul. This is what proves to me just how multi-talented Gambino is. You can listen to This is America for the lyrics, sweatpants for the hard beat and flow, sober for the simplistic summery piano ballad and to this for literally a soultrip - 4our2wen0ty

The funk gets me every time

Very experimental track with nice Funk elements and bouncy production. It's definitely an earworm on first listen. Awaken My Love is a fantastic record and this, California, Boogieman, Riot, Terrified and The Night I Met Your Mama are the highlights for me.

The yeah boi meme was funny

6 Sober

Only number seven?!

Gambino dazzles me every time with this song. Watch the video... He kills the dancing! He also nails it singing-wise and I really think this shows how good of a singer he is.

A slow, smooth song that still fits gambino's style

Been a Gambino fan forever, but this song is #1

7 Me and Your Mama

Adds some rock to the genre

Awaken my love is one of the best if not the best album of the decade and this was maybe the the best song - Frog04

Just as good as redbone if not better. Childish Gambino really shows how vocally talented he is in this song

The screaming is tense and emotional

8 Telegraph Ave

This song is just a whole other feeling. My favorite of all time.

Best song ever

He went hard asf

One of his best songs that people don't know. great song to cruise to at night

9 Heartbeat

Even people who don't listen to Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) know this song... - danyelle444

So lyrically great

The first song I ever heard by Gambino and the only thing I will ever thank Vevo for! every time this comes up a party and people are like "what is this crap? " I just guard the stereo until this song finishes, singing along the whole time!

This song is amazing in how intense and sincere it feels. Not to mention the ending which is hilarious

10 The Worst Guys

All she needed was some... - 4our2wen0ty

Favorite song of all time - christowner0227

All she needed was some...

More Chance and Gambino collabs, or an entire album. - 4our2wen0ty

This song has a mad beat and childish also spits a few bars at quick pace, it also has some hilarious punch lines. It includes my other favourite rapper, chance the rapper.

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11 Break (AOTL)

Look up the remix with kendrick and hopsin! So dope!

12 That Power

This song is a good example of why Childish Gambino is my favorite rapper, period. He can add musically amazing beats behind his rap, he can sing, and in this song, he can even just sort of tell a story and the song is great.

Just a beast song, best outro ever. Ties up the album perfectly! Good lyrically but that beat is next level!

The first part of the song is great all by itself, but the outro/story at the end ties the whole Camp album together.

How many gold plaques you want inside your dining room?
I said, “I want a full house”
They said, "You got it dude! "

13 Outside

Seriously guys, the meaning of this song, the one-liners, the wit, just Oh my god, the whole thing is perfect. Donald

From Camp. Tells the story of his childhood, growing up the only black kid in his school, or the whitest black kid in his other school. Amazing chorus that really sets the tone for his whole album.

"He's saving up so we can get our own place
In the projects, man that sounds fancy to me
They called me fat nose, my mom say you handsome to me. "

14 U Don't Have to Call

Very different song, but that can be said about every song on this mixtape. Really shows off Gambino's vocals.

15 All Yall
16 Oakland

This song was already posted as it's real title "Telegraph ave." dumbass

17 Flight of the Navigator

This song is just amazing. Should be top 10

Literally one of my favorite songs, it should be way way higher

Probably his most underrated song ever. It is so beautiful

18 Retro

The beat of this one is killer; reminds me of some 8-bit arcade games mixed with beautiful piano music. At the same time, this is one of the easiest to listen to as it's quite smooth and relaxing, with great lyrics.

Chill af

19 This Is America

Contraband contraband contraband - Not_A_Weeaboo

My favorite video of 2018

Extremely good rap and it has a great hidden message if you look closely

20 Lights Turned On

Awesome beat, raichu reference.

Dope beat, sick flow

Great song, nice beat, awesome lyrics

21 Black Faces
22 You See Me

Best song by far. The word play is on another level.

Good beat
Good wordplay
Good song

Its great

23 Assassins

Off sick boi, this song has a great beat, and gambino delivers a great verse. His fellow Derrick comedy member nick Packard has the best verse on the entire album

24 Crawl

This is the hardest Childish Gambino song, has the greatest lyrics, and is an AWESOME pump up song

This song is a bit strange but 100% in a good way and worth listening too

25 Eat Your Vegetables

Has one of the best beats and the best Lyrics Gambino has ever made

He has this amazing interlude where he make a joke about chris from family guy, and you think he is just rambling, but then he ties it back in to the beat and goes HAM. song is genius with a sick dk beat

26 Sunrise

From Camp. Personally, I think this is his third best song but I know the support isn't there yet, so I put it at #5. This is my pump-up song before anything important, and it has some of his best one-liners.

First song I ever listened to by Gambino.. By far my favorite

Best pump up song!

Epic song

27 They Don't Like Me

good song

28 Shadows

Really underrated Gambino song.

Follow me on instagram @I_sniff_panties

29 Candler Road
30 Stand Tall

Stand Tall should at least be top 20

31 Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information)

Amazing lyrically, and the song can be played on repeat and stay fresh due to all the changes in tempo and sound

"There is so much depth within the song, that every time you listen to it, you hear something new."

By far and away his best song, listening to it is nothing like anything else out there.

Song is so underrated

32 Yaphet Kotto

Underrated song, that's chill, and has great flow

Nice flow, deserves top 10-15

33 Melrose

His finest slow-jam, doing some smooth vocals on a nice beat. Gambino, the versatile.

34 Bitch, Look at Me Now

Best song of all his early mixtapes

This song is AMAZING

35 F*** It All

From Culdesac. A song about suicide that sends a good message but also feels genuine. Starts off with his feelings after a tough break up, but transitions into explaining how everything bad in his life has made him stronger.

36 Kids

Great song, I think the reason people don't like it as much is because it can get slower at times

Why isn't this more near the top ten? This is one of his best.

Hands down my favourite Gambino song.

This song is fire. I agree. - swerve1924

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37 We Ain't Them

This song insane, definitely top 5. Gambino talks about his own life and pours his souls out into this song. Thais what makes it so great.

This one should definitely be ranked higher than this. Go give it a listen if you haven't

This should easily be top 3. the meaning in this song is unreal

This song deserves some serious recognition.

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38 Not Going Back

Some of the lines in this song are just crazy good. This, freaks and geeks and outside are probably my 3 favourite of his songs, but then again, I change my favourites every few weeks. There's just way to many. Geez Donald.

The final verse is probably the best verse Gambino has ever done.

Yeah the final verse breakdown in this is AMPED. Couldn't see me as spiderman, now I'm spittin' venom onwards is sickk

39 Shoulda Known

Have never skipped this song. Have never listened to it just once

Best. Hands down you shoulda known

Very solid jam

This and NOTGOING BACK are the best

40 L.E.S.

There are no dots in the title headass

Wish he did more chill songs like this

A great song to chill too wish he did more songs like this

The slow steady rhythm of this song and the lyrical genius puts this in the top 5 for me

41 Unnecessary

(featuring Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul)

My favorite, freaks and geeks after

Bathroom DVR? That's unessacary but this song isn't.

42 Centipede

How is this not on there? This song is amazing

43 Life: The Biggest Troll

Okay how is this not higher. Top 5 for sure

Gambino really knows how to end an album camp ends with the amazing That Power and this song perfectly closes out because the internet refrancing most songs on the album

Great rhythm. Fits perfectly in the 'because the internet' with a much deeper meaning than most rappers could understand.

This songs suits the album 'Because the internet' so well.

44 All the Shine

Y'all on something if you don't know this is the best song

This is the song that shows how good of an artist Gambino is. Good at rapping and singing. Well, actually he’s great at both. He’s definitely the best artist of the 2010’s

By far his most underrated song (in my opinion.) - MasonOcker

Dang this should be higher - Ajkloth

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45 Fire Fly

Amazing song. Gets you pumped and has great lyrics

46 My Shine

Best song by him 100% can't stop listening to it

Don't know why this isn't higher

47 Pink Toes


I don't know what it is about this song but it's very soothing to listen to, and has a soft yet sick beat backing it up. Jhene aiko also provides a good segment of this song!

48 Hold You Down

A beautiful and catchy song that really deserves more recognition.

49 Do Ya Like

Can't believe this is last it should literally be first...

From Culdesac. The song that he says put him on the map. Explains his growing popularity with women and the direction his career taken with amazing lines thrown in.

"Hovy with glasses, Weezy but geeky
Girls in the lobby tryin' to meet me
I ain't afraid to say it, yeah I love these hoes
And their glasses, and their jacket, and their hipster clothes. "

50 Be Alone

When he referenced "So fly" in verse 3. Chills. So fly by the way also amazing

This is a great song. My favorite of his.

His best song. Lyrics are amazing with a sick beat

Actually really good!

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