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21 Eat Your Vegetables

He has this amazing interlude where he make a joke about chris from family guy, and you think he is just rambling, but then he ties it back in to the beat and goes HAM. song is genius with a sick dk beat

22 Kids Kids

Why isn't this more near the top ten? This is one of his best.

Hands down my favourite Gambino song.

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23 They Don't Like Me V 1 Comment
24 Centipede

How is this not on there? This song is amazing

25 Fire Fly Fire Fly

Amazing song. Gets you pumped and has great lyrics

26 Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information) Zealots of Stockholm (Free Information)

Amazing lyrically, and the song can be played on repeat and stay fresh due to all the changes in tempo and sound

"There is so much depth within the song, that every time you listen to it, you hear something new."

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27 Melrose

His finest slow-jam, doing some smooth vocals on a nice beat. Gambino, the versatile.

28 You See Me You See Me

Best song by far. The word play is on another level.

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29 Not Going Back

Some of the lines in this song are just crazy good. This, freaks and geeks and outside are probably my 3 favourite of his songs, but then again, I change my favourites every few weeks. There's just way to many. Geez Donald.

The final verse is probably the best verse Gambino has ever done.

Yeah the final verse breakdown in this is AMPED. Couldn't see me as spiderman, now I'm spittin' venom onwards is sickk

30 Shadows Shadows

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31 L.E.S. L.E.S.

The slow steady rhythm of this song and the lyrical genius puts this in the top 5 for me

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32 We Ain't Them

This one should definitely be ranked higher than this. Go give it a listen if you haven't

This should easily be top 3. the meaning in this song is unreal

This song deserves some serious recognition.

The pick up in the first verse makes this song

33 My Shine

Best song by him 100% can't stop listening to it

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34 The Last
35 Hold You Down Hold You Down

A beautiful and catchy song that really deserves more recognition.

36 Life: The Biggest Troll Life: The Biggest Troll

Great rhythm. Fits perfectly in the 'because the internet' with a much deeper meaning than most rappers could understand.

Although I understand this song is a little different to what 'Bino usually produces, I can honestly say that in terms of themes, meaning, lyrics and production value, this track is his best yet. Very haunting, dark, layered with undertones of somber regret; it's actually very thought provocative, a fresh element not many R&B, rap or hip-hop artists explore cohesively. This song really speaks to the multi-faceted quality of humans. It seems that nowadays we perceive each other very one dimensionaly and the juxtaposition's and transitions in this song make an excellent attempt at tackling that barrier.

Like most comments, this song really fits the album and has a good meaning as well. Plis great beat.

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37 It's On

The chorus really hooks you and it's catchy as hell.

38 Pink Toes Pink Toes

I don't know what it is about this song but it's very soothing to listen to, and has a soft yet sick beat backing it up. Jhene aiko also provides a good segment of this song!

39 All the Shine All the Shine V 2 Comments
40 Flight of the Navigator Flight of the Navigator

This song is just amazing. Should be top 10

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