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41 My Shine

Best song by him 100% can't stop listening to it

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42 Life: The Biggest Troll

Great rhythm. Fits perfectly in the 'because the internet' with a much deeper meaning than most rappers could understand.

This songs suits the album 'Because the internet' so well.

Although I understand this song is a little different to what 'Bino usually produces, I can honestly say that in terms of themes, meaning, lyrics and production value, this track is his best yet. Very haunting, dark, layered with undertones of somber regret; it's actually very thought provocative, a fresh element not many R&B, rap or hip-hop artists explore cohesively. This song really speaks to the multi-faceted quality of humans. It seems that nowadays we perceive each other very one dimensionaly and the juxtaposition's and transitions in this song make an excellent attempt at tackling that barrier.

Like most comments, this song really fits the album and has a good meaning as well. Plis great beat.

43 All the Shine V 2 Comments
44 Flight of the Navigator

This song is just amazing. Should be top 10

Literally one of my favorite songs, it should be way way higher

Probably his most underrated song ever. It is so beautiful

45 The Last
46 Hold You Down

A beautiful and catchy song that really deserves more recognition.

47 It's On

The chorus really hooks you and it's catchy as hell.

48 Pink Toes

I don't know what it is about this song but it's very soothing to listen to, and has a soft yet sick beat backing it up. Jhene aiko also provides a good segment of this song!

49 The Longest Text Message
50 Stand Tall
51 Rolling In the Deep
52 Toxic
53 I. The Party
54 Backpackers
55 Partna Dem

Part of his stn mtn mixtape. Literally his best song ever. It has it all just under 2 minutes. Best beat ever, his life, his city (Atlanta), and everything in between. Literally best song ever.

56 The Palisades

Amazing song, highlights the relaxing Glover style and highlights his amazing vocal talent, also has a nice beat.

57 Be Alone

When he referenced "So fly" in verse 3. Chills. So fly by the way also amazing

This is a great song. My favorite of his.

His best song. Lyrics are amazing with a sick beat

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58 Do Ya Like

From Culdesac. The song that he says put him on the map. Explains his growing popularity with women and the direction his career taken with amazing lines thrown in.

"Hovy with glasses, Weezy but geeky
Girls in the lobby tryin' to meet me
I ain't afraid to say it, yeah I love these hoes
And their glasses, and their jacket, and their hipster clothes. "

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59 All of the Lights (Remix) V 1 Comment
60 My Hoodie
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