Best Songs On Guns N' Roses' Chinese Democracy

Best songs of Guns N` Roses album Chinese Democracy.

The Top Ten

1 This I Love

I agree. It's clearly the best of the album.

That's the best, why, not #1?

This I Love is simply a masterpiece! It's the reason I bought the album on vinyl LP!

2 Better

The "BETTER" song in this album!

i want the GN'R with their classic formation


There's something about the rhythm guitar in this song. - ameentheguitarist23

My favorite

3 Chinese Democracy

I loved the classic GN'R line-up, but this song is great with the actual members - rock2metal

4 Street of Dreams

This song deserves the second spot

Dis is d best song of dis albumm... M so in love in dis song... Love you axl...

5 Shackler's Revenge
6 Prostitute

This ain't a real rock song though

Axl at his Best.

7 There Was a Time

Best guitar solo I've heard in a while. Epic!

Best composition from the album.

8 I.R.S.
9 Sorry
10 Catcher in the Rye

Love this song. I'm glad I have this album

The Contenders

11 If the World
12 Madagascar
13 Scraped

To be honest, the intro is weird but the rest is still great. Deserves a place in Top 10.

Why is this so low?!? This is by far the best on the album

Very underrated... try listening to the newer version with the remixed intro, sounds a lot better.


14 Riad N' the Bedouins

One of best from the album, should at least be in top 5

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1. Shackler's Revenge
2. Prostitute
3. This I Love
1. This I Love
2. Better
3. Chinese Democracy
1. This I Love
2. Street of Dreams
3. Better

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