Top 10 Best Chinese Foods

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1 Sake Amiyaki Gohan

Ehm... This is delicious, but aren't some of these items Japanese, not Chinese?

Yea this is Japanese. Sake is Japanese.

2 Chow Mein

I love the flavour good texture very nice

3 Dumplings

Haha! Most of the items on this list are either:
a) Japanese
or b) "Chinese" food, (a.k.a. American food that has little conection to China)
The only real Chinese foods in the top ten are dumplings, white rice and soy sauce.

Japan, Vietnam, and Korea also has dumplings

Love dumplings! So tasty!

4 Grilled Teriyaki Seabass
5 White Rice

This is also American and Asian

6 Yaki Udon

Uh... Japanese. I don't really like how everyone just assumes Korean, Chinese, and Japanese are the same. I mean, it's ok since the languages are similar, but udon is obviously Japanese, not Chinese.

7 Soy Sauce
8 Chicken Tama Rice
9 Spring Rolls

Vietnam also has these

I like the unfried Chaozhou version of Spring Rolls which is called "Popiah."

10 Sweet and Sour Chicken

Also an American Chinese food.

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11 Lo Mein
12 Diced Sautéed String Beans with Garlic Sauce
13 Orange Chicken

American Chinese food. I have never seen this anywhere in China even though I stay there two months each year.

€�Mixed vegetables” is above Orange Chicken. This is a joke.


14 Peking Duck

I love Peking Duck, some people think it's gross but if you didn't know it was duck, trust me, you would love it.

been to Beijing and had it... my life was complete because of it

*drools* Mm yummy :P

15 Sesame Chicken

This is american chinese food

16 Mixed Vegetables
17 Vegetable Fried Rice
18 Hot and Sour soup
19 Cha Han
20 General Tso's Chicken

Its american chinese you can't find it in china that much

HOW IS GENERAL TSO'S CHICKEN NOT FIRST? It tastes delicious. The sauce is tangy and sweet. The chicken itself complements itself just right to it. GTC rocks.

21 Chicken and Prawn Hot Pot
22 Ebi Chilli Men
23 Swordfish Steak

Never even seen this in china

24 Deep-fried Tofu With Fried Rice (Vegan)
25 Hot Pot

Lots of effort required to make a good soup base. You can add anything in it, and dip it in soy sauce. It also brings people closer together, too, since a hotpot meal usually have a lot of people eating together. Cold weather? Lazy to cook? Want to invite neighbors? This is the dish for you.

This is delicioes make a good soup (which takes someime unless you buy a soup base) invite friends and neibors get some vegtibles and meat and enjoy

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