Best Chinese Male Singers

Chinese singers are not all from People's Republic of China, they come from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia and the rest of the world.

The Top Ten

1 Hua Chenyu

Hua Chenyu is one of the current top Chinese Singer in China Mainland. He is basically a Rock Singer but able to manage many different styles of songs. He participated in many singing programme and achieved fantastic results. Singer 2018 has allowed him to showcase his capabilities because he has to compete with many other artists. He has proven his creativity and abilities in rearranging and composing of songs. The wonderful part of him is he sing very well too. I hope you will not miss this wonderful artist.

Multi-Talented. His songs arrangement is different, mix of dark, tempo, and brings a deep story rather than merely singing.

Representation of the new generation of music. Extremely talented. Puts all his emotions into the music he makes. Talent in composition and recomposition of songs is extremely commendable.

His songs is on a new level. His songs brings out different kind emotions without limiting the kind of emotion one has while listening to his songs. He is indeed a rare gem for the generation.

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2 Jay Chou

Probably one most recognised male singers along with Eason, Jacky and JJ Lin by Mandarin speakers around the world.

I like some of his songs


Jay Chou can sing all kinds of songs and all styles of songs! When he sings his own songs, no one else can sing it better than him. When he sings other people’s songs, he sings it much nicer than them and in his own style! He’s just super original and born with a unique and beautiful voice and a unique singing style! Top this up with his insane song-writing skills, perfect pitch, piano improvisation skills, directing and acting in movies skills, humor in hosting shows etc and you get the one and only God-like Jay Chou!

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3 Jacky Cheung

He's not my favourite, but I love he's voice and songs.

I like his songs

He is the best

4 Alan Tam

Alan Tam has very touching songs from 80's and 90's including "half dream half awake", "love trap", "Lorelei", "Friends", "The Best Love in Life". He has held records number of concerts in Hong Kong, China and other parts of the world, and he is well known by almost all Chinese of different age groups. In my opinion, he is the best Chinese male singer.

5 Wei Chen

I love my man, my heart, my cup of tea vision.

Love Wei Chen! He's the best!

6 BEYOND (Wong Ka-kui)

He was number 1 singer all time

The best it is, the best it was and the best that ever will be

7 Lu Han

He is awesome!

Bruh. He is good. He is awesome. It’s my personal opinion okay?

8 JJ Lin
9 Sam Hui
10 Eason Chan

He is the best singer I've ever heard from China

Easonnn is the best~~~

The Contenders

11 Lay Lay Zhang Yixing, better known as Lay, is a Chinese singer-songwriter, record producer, author, dancer, and actor.

Yixing is an awesome singer! He’s so very great at dancing.

12 Cui Jian
13 Joker Xue

Loving his voice!

Joker xue is the best

14 Lo Ta-yu
15 Chyi Chin
16 TFBoys

€�Number 1” is true

17 Wakin Chau
18 Aska Yang
19 Liu Huan
20 Leslie Cheung


The best,no reason

21 Huang Zitao

Your amazing. lots of love. keep it up 😘.looking forward for more!

22 Leon Lai

I like some of his songs

23 Kris Kris Wu Kris Yifan, professionally known as Kris Wu or Kris, is a Chinese actor, singer, and model. He is a former member of South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO and its subgroup EXO-M under S.M. Entertainment.

I love Kris. He is an amazing singer (and actor). He is so talented and handsome. Even though I don't understand chinese, I still enjoy listening to his singing.

24 Han Geng

Come on all the GengFans, vote for Hangeng!

25 Andy Lau

I’m a huge fan of his songs

26 Wang Yuan
27 Jackson Wang

He is not a singer but his music is lit

28 Wang Xi
29 Fei Yu-ching
30 Gen Neo
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