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21 Ritter Sport

After Lindt the second best, although propably not that well known

22 Amedei
23 Twix

Who ever said said something about it Bing the worst in the world you are out of your mind crazy whoever agrees with me give this a thumbs up and comment

Twix is wonderful my mouth has married it

I know its not a brand its by the same makers of mnms, mars and snickers :D

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24 Freia V 1 Comment
25 Whittakers

Tried most of the rest, not the best in the world but up there. People who think Cadbury is good are probably chain smokers with no taste buds.

The minute I could smell the dark chocolate's bouquet through the damn packaging itself, I knew I had a love affair on my hands.

The best chocolate ever

Not enough people have tried whittakers - Chocolate4life

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26 Goplana
27 Cote d'Or

Best chocolate ever! People just don't know it because it's a small brand. Way better than Cadbury or any of those other sugary things.

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28 Marabou

Best chocolate ever

Best chocolate in the world. Comes in various tastes such as Oreo, M&M, dark, light, nuts etc.

Best by far! Comes in diff tastes like Oreo, M&M Peanut, dark, light, white, whole nuts etc

If you haven't tried it, you are not living.

29 Alpen Gold
30 Kraš
31 Venchi
32 Motta
33 Dove

Dove is by far the best

Dove is kinda dope


34 Leonidas

Number 1 definitely


This is a luxury chocolate, not just one of those simple cheapo horrid ones i.e. Mass produced ones. This is the real deal.

35 Novi
36 Gertrude Hawk
37 Valhrona Chocolate

The best chocolate you would ever taste in your life and has a great taste weither it is dark or light I love it

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38 Royce V 3 Comments
39 Pernigotti
40 Platter's

The best ever! Better than Hershey's! I love platters so very much

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